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Five Most Admired Women Entrepreneurs in India

By SiliconIndia   |    10 Comments
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Bangalore: Having overcome the controversial situations, today Indian women have ventured into various field and encountered great success. The Indian women entrepreneurs are making their presence globally. They not only are successful entrepreneurs, but are doing a wonderful job striking a balance between their home and career. Lets have a look on the most admired Indian Women Entrepreneur in Inida who are the source of inspiration for others.

Jessie Paul

With many awards and recognitions in her kitty, such as Chairman's Award, Infosys-1998, DataQuest's list of most powerful women in IT in India, 2005, Business Today's List of Women Achievers in India, 2007, IT People's Award for Women in Leadership-2008, Jessie Paul is currently the CEO of Paul Writer Strategic Advisory, which is a marketing advisory firm and the author of the book No Money Marketing. She has been part of Wipro for four and half years where she created the shared-marketing unit for Wipro Technologies and Wipro Infotech. Her own company, Paul Writer Strategic Advisory, is a marketing platform for B2B early-stage companies in the traditional and new media space like social blogging. She is considered as an expert in brand globalization.

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Reader's comments(10)
1: Dear He/She(?) SiliconIndia,
Quote, "Having overcome the controversial situations, ...", unquote.
In writing this article, you appear to have meant to embark upon the laudable mission of highlighting five, noticeably successful cases of enterprising women in India. The above opening observation in the article, was perhaps an attempt to project the fact of emancipation of the Indian woman from the age-old adversity of constraints and restraints upon her seeking the rightful place of honour and recognition in the traditionally male dominated societies in India - and there is substance in your implied contention. However, can you kindly clarify to the Indian public, the aspersion of what controversies these great ladies were involved in? It will be due justice to them. Again, you continue your observation with equally erroneous text and attitude, by saying, "... TODAY Indian women have VENTURED into various field(S) and ENCOUNTERED great success." Gentleman(woman?)!, you talk of 'today' and 'various fields', forgetting,
Rani Laxmibai, Razia Sultana, Sarojini Naidu, Indira Gandhi and their likes(not to go too far behind into the past). Anyone, who does outstandingly good work, has to be venturesome, besides having many other qualities of excellence. You talk of these ladies, 'venturing' into their missions, suggesting their unworthiness for the undertakings and hit-or-miss attempts on their part. One does not 'encounter' success; one, 'achieves' success - because, success is an ACHIEVEMENT. An encounter has a negative connotation and means, 'to come upon, as if by accident'. Perhaps, what you
meant to say in good faith was simply, ' Indian women have bravely entered into various fields and attained great success'. Journalistic earnestness
and brevity are not the same thing as stupidity. You need to do your homework, better! Regards.
N. B. Please display your publication identity as Mr or Mm SiliconIndia, since your expressions smack of chauvinism. I hope that the suggestion goes well with you.
Posted by:Ramesh - 10 Sep, 2012
2: Dear He/She SiliconIndia, You have been dabbling since long in Journalistic activities. I am surprised that you have been unable to say precisely in the title of this article, what you perhaps meant to say, namely,
"Five Most Admired enterprising Women in India".
The best course of mending action in this regard is to show humility in the face of humiliation and announce the fallacy as an inadvertent slip. All the best!
Posted by:Ramesh - 10 Sep, 2012
3: Who wrote this stupid article! Come on Silicon India, you need to make sure your editorial team knows what is going on... this is such a stupid and un-researched article!

You say entrepreneurs.... Indra Nooyi is not an entrepreneur, she's the head of Pepsico, she didn't found or start Pepsico! Same way Chanda Kochhar is an employee of ICICI, she did not start ICICI, she was working there and is now the CEO. Neelam Dhawan is also not an entrepreneur, just a fantastic rise in the corporate sector. Finally Jesse Paul.. are you serious, how the hell did some small time lame ass entrepreneur like Jesse Paul make it to this list? I can think of only one way, as she's a PR person, she probably would have paid to get on this list. What Jesse Paul has done (or should I say not done) is nothing compared to all the others you mentioned there. She did ok in the corporate world and now she's pretty much a FAILED entrepreneur, what's the big deal if you write some book... I've been to some of her speeches and listened to to them, its ok, nothing great... no way would I ever include her in the five most admired women entrepreneurs, please it's an insult to the list!

The only correct person that you have on the list is Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. She started biocon and built it to the level it is at now.

Dear SI team, I am a regular reader of your articles, and even subscribe to your print magazine, so please don't let your readers down with crappy, lame and misinformed article's like this.
Posted by:Suraj - 16 Jul, 2012
4: she iz not entrepreneur plzzzzzzzzzzz luk the meaninggggggg
Posted by:sadaf - 03 Mar, 2012
5: entrepreneurs are different from managers right?its not apt for top 5 women entrepreneurs.mayb leading managers and women in india
Posted by:rekha - 27 Aug, 2011
6: What idiot made up this list? Please check the meaning of the word "entrepreneur"!

Dictionary.com defines "entrepreneur" as: a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

Three of the five women in this list have not organized their businesses but come up through the management structure of existing companies.

This article is typical of SI's abysmal standards.
Posted by:Sameer - 21 Jul, 2011
Me too thinking of the same yaar.
BALAJI Replied to: Sameer - 23 Jul, 2011
8: hi guys why is Pepsi CO CEO, Chanda Kochhar on the list of Entrepreneurs. they are not. what do you think ?
Posted by:Prasant - 20 Jul, 2011
Dear Prasad, Chanda Kochar is CEO of ICICI bank......not Pepsi Co.
Praveen Replied to: Prasant - 20 Jul, 2011
Pepsi CO CEO Indra nui...
master Replied to: Praveen - 20 Jul, 2011