Farmers to save Rs. 600 Crore courtesy mobile broadband

Farmers to save 600 Crore courtesy mobile broadband

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 30 August 2010, 10:19 Hrs   |    7 Comments
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Farmers to save Rs. 600 Crore courtesy mobile broadband
New Delhi: Farmers can save about $125 million over the next five years through mobile broadband based services that provide them quick information on market prices and vital crop inputs, according to report.

According to a report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), getting information quickly on best prices and cultivation practices, with special focus on areas like plant protection from diseases and weather-related damage, will help farmers take fast decisions, saving them about 600 crore by 2015.

Lack of information on effective practises is leading to huge losses in the agriculture sector, report titled 'Mobile Broadband-Outlook 2015'. The report pointed out that mobile telephony would be a more convenient means of communication, as penetration of wireline infrastructure remains low in rural India.

A vast majority of rural Indians are also involved in farming-related activities such as animal husbandry, agriculture, fishing and poultry farming. Therefore, access to information on prices, weather conditions and other productivity enhancement measures would drive the adoption of mobile broadband by rural India. PwC highlighted that better rollout economics of mobile broadband can enable the Indian government to reach out to many more villages with common service centres (CSC). CSCs are kiosks managed by entrepreneurs, who charge a nominal fee for their services. More than 60,000 CSCs have already been set up across the country.

The roll out of 3G cellular services and broadband wireless access (BWA) technologies, and better rollout economics, can enable CSCs to reach all 600,000 villages in the country. The access to mobile broadband telephony will help rural India to browse the net, access information, perform commercial transactions, get entertainment, and access tele medicine, tele education and government services, said the report.
Mobile broadband will also increase the penetration of rural internet kiosk services such as ITC's e-choupal, which are currently available over a limited geography mainly due to lack of wireline infrastructure, the report added.

Between 1991 and 2009, the share of agriculture in India's GDP declined by around 14 percent, whereas that of services rose by over 20 percent, shows the report.

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Posted by:gplvtxpevg - 31 Aug, 2011
2: Which type of thread that is , I thnk this is posted by some mobile company

Here In India farmers don't no to use mobile , how can we expect that they will use mobile for agriculture

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Posted by:mayank - 03 Sep, 2010
3: just for information : I found one good portal for agriculture and agriculture professionals :
Posted by:Vaishali - 31 Aug, 2010
4: Mera Bharath Mahan Price Waterhouse Coopers report.60, 000 CSCs details and roles with respect to timely information to farmers, weather related damages, pest controls forecast are all nice to read here in the article, yet can anyone stand in the shoe of farmer and make fast decisions with these information’s in real world. Who are the farmers, What resources they have ,What are the chances of their produce reaching consumer at the best price for both without intermediaries, what are the escalating cost of pesticides, weedicides in the market, can the average farmer venture to use the dosages prescribed by the advisors .All these are left to farmers thoughts. Electronic media like television, mobile phones are really worth if they are used, where as today its abuse and misuse are more. Few years back there was some news about centers with internet to provide such information’s as mentioned now, do we have any report on them. So far only the sellers were engaged in increasing its salability by spraying preservatives, waxing to most of commercial vegetables and fruits but now almost all the intermediaries and farmers too have become clever to use them, which are harmful for the consumers. See how fast such information spreads without CSC, ITC e choupal, AGRISNET efforts. Some where basics are lacking in our approaches. Hope our Honble Union Minister for Agriculture will find time from his busy ICC to give a thought over.
Posted by:RVGIYER - 30 Aug, 2010
5: who said agriculture is outdated?
Posted by:heena - 30 Aug, 2010
somebody has to teach them how to use it though..
chandra Replied to: heena - 30 Aug, 2010
Good One...
Its a good step by the Indian Government. Anywayz...
Praveen Kumar Replied to: chandra - 31 Aug, 2010