Every 30th Indian has a computer
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Every 30th Indian has a computer

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 27 May 2009, 11:11 Hrs   |    16 Comments
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Every 30th Indian has a computer
Bangalore: In spite of the annual dip in growth rate of personal computers (PCs) in India, the country now boasts of one PC for every 30 of its citizens. PC shipment in India has surpassed 36 million units mark, representing a significant improvement over March 2007 when the country had boasted of one computer for every 50 Indians.

Indian PC market has grown by seven percent in first quarter of 2009 as compared to the fourth quarter of 2008, according to IDC's Asia/Pacific quarterly PC tracker. "Though the Year-on-Year growth rate of India Client PC shipments dropped by 19 percent (First quarter 2009 versus first quarter 2008), this is an improvement over the previous quarter, indicating that the market has perhaps already bottomed out," said Sumanta Mukherjee, Lead Analyst, Computing Products Research, IDC India.

A total of 1.67 million units of Client PCs were shipped during the first quarter of this year. Overall PC shipments to the commercial segment were maintained by demand from the Government, Education and Banking (nationalized banks) segments. The Government sector expects some more spending to happen after the formation of a new government. "With a number of significant government-funded education and e-Governance projects lined up in the coming quarters, a lot will hinge on how quickly the new government settles down to business," says Mukherjee.

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Reader's comments(16)
1: all bullshit accept the fact here..i m an indian too.. but i take it as a slur for slavery and poorness.. yu can have 10 pc in ur home like me.. but the country still remains a shithole...
Posted by:mahatma - 28 May, 2009
You want to say that this country will never be a developed country then I think that you are right. The country in which the people like you are living that country will never grow who even don't know that they are also the part of the same country and listen to me carefully if you can't change the situation then do not try to spoil it and if you don't know that how to respect your country then better to keep your mouth shut and try to understand that you are also the part of the same country. Second if you think that India is not growing as you are expecting then Pls help India to grow but do not put up any blame if you can't help.
Ansh Replied to: mahatma - 29 May, 2009
So it hurts develop it then. i pay lakhs. per month towards the taxes. show me the improvement. yu people charge me lacs for potholes,poverty and durgery. and the worst infrastructres. being an employer i employ 97 employees like u. wrkn for me. and they say it will develop. i say no. bcz i knw the big picture. help a big joke. i m helping this in every way.
mahatma Replied to: Ansh - 01 Jun, 2009
its a shithole..bcz of sicks like u..not me..u are the slave..i mm the king..
mahatma Replied to: mahatma - 01 Jun, 2009
5: Is our growth balanced?
How is this compared to the fact we still live in the times when not every Indian gets two square meals a day!
Posted by:amit - 28 May, 2009
You are correct that the growth is not balanced.
But, remember if every body will get food
easily , there will be no growth.
Take the examples of all communist countries in Europe.
They have now worst condition than India.
KESHAV Replied to: amit - 31 May, 2009
7: India is emerging very strong and stable than any other country. India will become number one in the world in IT capabilities.
Posted by:Nag - 28 May, 2009
8: stupid indians..every single american has a pc..and u still remain the world's most pooorest country lol//...
Posted by:mahatma - 27 May, 2009
and u damn americans even with having pc for everyone ...caused havoc on this world disturbing the whole economy... and now u all are on the road to become the poorest country in the world
p.s.: n u americans do typo errors as in "most poorest" lol
big english(ur mother tongue) error :D
hero Replied to: mahatma - 28 May, 2009
Sorry but I think that you are not an Indian. You should feel good that now a days India is becoming more advance as compare to early years where more and more peoples are getting educated and using computers. If you can't appriciate them then you don't have any rights to blame them also.
Anshul Singhal Replied to: mahatma - 28 May, 2009
11: Well it shows we are becoming developed country where as see our politicians who beg votes on the basis of religions and caste.....we should get them hell out of this country...
Posted by:Maneesh Thareja - 27 May, 2009
I am agree with you that now a days India is growing very fast but if you are talking about the politicians then it is our mistakes coz we used to nominate those peoples. If we want that our country should grow then first of all we should get change. If a politician is begging the votes on the basis of religions and casts then its our mistake that we are not able to identify it. We should choose the person who is well educated and having a good background then definaitely out ountry will grow and then you will not have any problem with these politicians.
Anshul Singhal Replied to: Maneesh Thareja - 28 May, 2009
13: India is growing very fast,very nice
Posted by:Hirenk - 27 May, 2009
14: Thats really Amazing... India is really emerging as a very strong tech country with more and more people getting educated.
Posted by:Raman - 27 May, 2009
India will sure to make mark in the world with its IT capabilites.
Ranjan Singh Replied to: Raman - 27 May, 2009
Hey guys.. Please dont reply on stupid comments... Few ppl dont understand ...what mean by .. MY COUNTRY/My Nation .. whatever it is .. if you are indian..you should love India ..Else leave india and go to your dream places... when you leave india ..then only you will understand your value... our govt ..security..culture is so nice to us. If govt would have been strict like other growing countries..you will understand how life is testless.
shi Replied to: Ranjan Singh - 31 May, 2009