Economists hope U.S. recession will end in 2009
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Economists hope U.S. recession will end in 2009

Thursday, 28 May 2009, 02:43 Hrs   |    18 Comments
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Washington: A panel of top economists in the US forecast an end to the country's deep recession by late 2009, according to a survey released Wednesday.

The National Association of Business Economists (NABE), which surveyed 45 economists, said the US economy had shown some signs of stabilising but would still recover more slowly than in past downturns.

The panel still expected the US economy to contract 1.8 percent in the second quarter, after a massive 6.1-percent contraction in the first three months of the year. But the survey predicted growth of 1.2 percent in the second half of the year.

"The good news is that the NABE panel expects economic growth to turn positive in the second half of this year, with the pace of job losses narrowing sharply over the remainder of this year and employment turning up in early 2010," NABE's president Chris Varvares said in a statement.
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(18)
1: Hopeless Articles. World largest spending and none of the business pay tax properly. Every one is increasing their balances in Swiss bank. Unpatriotic Indians buy only Chinese toys in return we export infrastructure product where China build wall in Brhamaputra and port in Sri lanka. Is this prediction is based on Un patriotic Selfish Indians. They want their home inside clean but not the wall which common outside. All the cities having jobs which are stolen from Americans and Europeans How long that will continue. How long Narayana Moorthy and Premji will do bodyshoping and sell skills for cheep. can they invest money in to product/productivity instead of selling bodies and begging Americans and Europeans for $25 per body.
No Jai Ho....
Useless Home Minister is sitting in AC and saying no terror attacks without any basis
Useless President is there to give award to actors and actress
Useless Prime Minister who always looking to please that Italy family.
Karunanidhi, Mulayam, Mayavathi is there to save and increase their Bank Balance.
Advani is there to just talk and do nothing.
Congress Govt is always think to feed Chicken priyani for the Pak terrorist who is in Jail.

More than all UNPATRIOTIC Indians (this is more in south India in particular Tamil Nadu They vote for Rupees and priyani) China is going to give sleepless night from Sri Lanka port for them.

Incredible India where democracy failed and need a reform.
Posted by:Gane - 09 Jun, 2009
2: This is just another on-the-air prediction which can be evaporated when the scenario changes! Do not ever fall in those kind of survey results.

Has anybody viewed the scenario in India? Eventhough on the other parts of the world, all the commodity prices came down due to recession, in India its going up! There is no recession in India so to say. Even the fuel (petrol, diesel) prices are going to be up! Not to mention the common mans feelings.

All the MNC recruit Engg grads(those who are from streams other than IT/computer science or such) at the early year of 20-22 yrs and utilize them for around 5 yrs and then just packs them off. These MNC are always looking for ways to fire people, and these teenagers are the victims. As like all others they are after money and when the lose jobs they have nothing in their pockets, because they lived lavishly.

Now all are after government jobs, since private sector is dominated by those who want more money(the top level management of these firms). They fire juniors, saying they need cost cutting instead of taking a paycut in their salaries. Incredible India, right?
Posted by:Hari - 01 Jun, 2009
3: Another bull--- economist are predicting the upturn. where were they when the downturn started? It's another rumour running in the mill.These guys predict this
and that .and ultimately common people end up as a scapegoat.I woldnt have lost my job dammit.
Posted by:Sourav Chatterjee - 30 May, 2009
4: This is the bad New for Induatrialist because they take advantage by the name of recession. I agree with Rajesh in India where is recession nobody can knows. Only a humour can spread in nation.
Posted by:Vinod Tiwari - 29 May, 2009
5: recession! recession!
Where is recession in India. Have find any Product / Vegetables which cost reduced due to recession!
Recession is only in mind and is affected those who want to take the advantage. Under name of Recession Many companies fired those people who were not caliber to the job they assigned. Their wrong Judgment punished others too mentally.

Hope this news will help in near future
Posted by:Rajesh - 29 May, 2009
Its not only the caliber, there are other factors like politics... so on
James Replied to: Rajesh - 17 Jun, 2009
7: Hope the world and the people will be careful this time
Posted by:pavan - 28 May, 2009
Yes,It's 100 %, be carefull all world wide peopels and also countrys.
Vasanth Replied to: pavan - 28 May, 2009
9: Hope for the best!
Posted by:hemant - 28 May, 2009
we mas make a business like feed the all pupor pepol
miguel Replied to: hemant - 09 Jun, 2009
11: People will feel happy
Posted by:sailaja - 28 May, 2009
ang make new calss room
migue Replied to: sailaja - 09 Jun, 2009
13: Thank god....
Posted by:Ruchika - 27 May, 2009
The problem is not yet resolved....we have to spend 6 more months and econimists are always probably they forecasted little earlier...
ashwiin Replied to: Ruchika - 28 May, 2009
15: Yes, its a fantastic news for all employees and employers
Posted by:Puran - 27 May, 2009
16: its good sign for corporate world.
Posted by:Manish - 27 May, 2009
Hope the world and the people will be careful this time
pavan Replied to: Manish - 28 May, 2009
its gud news for person like me who want 2 starts the new career..but till now i didnt get joining date from top IT MNC as i got selected through campus interview..i have lost full 1 year by waiting for joining date
karthick Replied to: pavan - 17 Jun, 2009