E-birth certificates likely - with Nilekani's help
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E-birth certificates likely - with Nilekani's help

Friday, 28 August 2009, 01:45 Hrs   |    13 Comments
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New Delhi: A birth certificate at the click of a mouse? It's quite likely. The health ministry has started brainstorming with Nandan Nilekani - the man tasked with India's unique identification project - to produce e-health cards and birth certificates for newborns.

"We were discussing it yesterday (Wednesday) over dinner. I proposed it to him," Dinesh Trivedi, Minister of State for Health, said Thursday while inaugurating the Life Science Conclave here.

He said the birth certificate is an important document and it should be available to people anytime, anywhere. "People should be able to go to a cyber cafe and get a printout of their birth certificate," the minister added.

About the e-health certificate, Trivedi said this document will have the entire history of the newborn - weight, vaccination, any birth problem and other related information - and all these will be available on the net.

"I told Nandan, 'you have to start from somewhere. Why are you not thinking about it?' We are brainstorming it," the minister told IANS after the inaugural session of the conclave.

Nilekani, a co-founder of software giant Infosys, has joined the central government as chairperson of the Unique Identification Database Authority of India. It is a new agency set up to provide unique identification numbers to all citizens for accessing various government services.
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(13)
1: Good step taken, for a progressing nation.
Posted by:Pavan K Shanbhag - 31 Aug, 2009
2: It is certainly a revolutionary idea...
Posted by:Nupura GUne - 30 Aug, 2009
3: E-Birth certificate is really revolutionary idea....

This will stop people trying to make fake birth certi. As soon as child arrives in this world..he should be handed over E-ticket( Birth certificate)..entrace to internet world certificate.... Also, with E-Birth certi., UIN(Unique identification Number) should also be provided.

As soon as the person is eligible for voting, automatically VIC(Voter ID card) should also be available online. But yes, address of person definately needs to be updated, in order to avail VIC.
The whole point is linking all these E-birth certi, UIN, VIC and even PAN together linked to one database, so that tracking and issuing becomes easier...
Posted by:Ankit Dudeja - 29 Aug, 2009
4: Its a great move, Please do not forget NRI's in any aspects
Posted by:Abdulhaq Syed - 29 Aug, 2009
5: Life is not so easy as everyone feels like. But thinking strategically has been the innovation of my respected friend Nandan. It is encouraging to see our ministers who have turned new pages in their lives to come up with innovative thinking. Yes, it is true for those of you who should start realising that it is essential to have leaders in our government with strategic thinking.

Dinesh Trivedi, MoH, I honestly am pleased to note that you and likewise ministers of our government start thinking strategically since nations are built on leaders like you.

Some day soon before I turn aged, I am sure such initiatives will turn this country into one super power. Besides, all Indians should remember we are over a billion people and that is the strength of our country.
Posted by:Rolando G - 28 Aug, 2009
6: i think we indian should coridally have this identification system like the passport which should be renewed every 2 years at the small fee where the person carries this can be indentfied and check spot of his active involvement in the indian system the rules and regulation and the rights i think this can clear the mess of migrating from one state to another becuase to pay this fees he has to go back to his state this validate the document where ever he travels in india for the security peson to check of his validation
Posted by:alson - 28 Aug, 2009
7: what our honorable minister is doing by calling a press conference is a. getting cheap popularity of having initiated a new thought process b. staking claim as the Originator of the idea of issuing e-birth certificates

e-Birth certificate is a great idea and if linked with a Unique identification number like the "Social Security Number" in the US, this can be a differentiator.
Posted by:Prasad Iyengar - 28 Aug, 2009
8: More than 70% birth certificate has got false date of birth especially the people born till 80's-90's. These all were done by parents just to gain some benefits in government jobs. I guess still many parents are doing the same thing whoever are living in small or mid size town. These sections of people are almost 60% of the whole population of India. I am not sure how these people will be E-birth certificates. In case it is given then I guess it's just failure of the system and government agencies.
Posted by:Sanjeev Singh - 28 Aug, 2009
9: but how they are going to get information about people born earlier. bcos our municapilities databse is not so strong.
Posted by:shishir - 28 Aug, 2009
10: What i see from the above article is that the Health Minister is stressing that "Birth certificate on a single click" is his idea. I am not sure what kind of support Mr. Nilekani is receiving from all our politicians, i am sure he will do a fantastic job for the country if the gets the proper support.
Posted by:Ramesh - 28 Aug, 2009
11: its really nice to know that our honourable prime minister invited Nilekany to work for goverment. And finally coming up with nice program which benefit all indians eventually.
Posted by:vijoy - 28 Aug, 2009
12: Unique Identification Database Authority of India can start the revolutionary step by formulating the e-birth certificates, which forms the basis all documents in a person's life. It can gradually be extended to others areas like PAN CARDS and EPIC.
Posted by:ANOOPAM MODAK - 27 Aug, 2009
Its a great idea....nd if government gives him full support,then one day it would become possible
Keshab Replied to: ANOOPAM MODAK - 28 Aug, 2009