Does the Media deliberately divide People?
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Does the Media deliberately divide People?

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 31 October 2011, 10:22 Hrs   |    35 Comments
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Bangalore: Is the Media misusing the freedom of press? Should it be made more accountable? The careless behavior by some of our television news channels has necessitated some kind of a control by a regulatory body. Poor quality journalism is something this country has been facing since the advent of electronic media. Any exaggeration without verifications and proper investigations seem to become news that gives a wrong picture or partial facts. In other words, media has become the creator of a false world that the people of this country seem to be living in. Media has also been dividing the people of this country through careless reporting. This view was shared by none other than the newly appointed Chairman of Press Council of India, Markandey Katju. In a Democracy, everybody is accountable, and it is high time media is also made more responsible, he felt.

Off late, some of the deliberate blunders by the media are aimed at dividing people on communal lines. Speaking to CNN IBN, Justice Katju said, "Whenever a bomb blast takes place, in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, within a few hours almost every channels starts showing that an e-mail or an SMS has come that Indian Mujahideen have claimed responsibility or Jaish-e-Mohammad or Harkat-ul-Jihad, some Muslim name." This has created an impression that every Muslim is a terrorist, when 99 percent of the religious community is good people.

Another mistake that our media frequently makes is targeting the majority community in the name of secularism and provoking them against the minority. Secularism includes all communities, including the majority community. Some of the dirty political games seem to have crept into media as well. In short, there seems to be a deliberate attempt on the part of the media to divide people on religious lines, which is contrary to national interests.

Markandey Katju feels the only solution to the problem is to bring Electronic News Media also under Press Council of India.

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Reader's comments(35)
1: Media and NGOs are biggest medium of corruption in India. Media not only divides but also takes them away from the reality behind any issue. It never tells the other side of any issue which can be against its interest.
Posted by:TrueIndian - 19 Nov, 2011
2: Indian media misleads people, is anti-India, anti-people. It is controlled by firangs - such as sonia mafia, catholic church, corporations, and politicians. Where is place of journalism. Why are they anti-Hindu? As Hinduism is the only approach that gives power back to the people. That is why they must spread organized relions that make people dumb, sick - physically and mentally. Remember dark ages in EU. Current dark age in Middle East? India China Japan were peaceful and enlightened. Only recently did China become aggressive - as the are following west blindly. just like India.
Hope people realize this and follow Anna's ways get rid of mafia queen and gandhi family and gives power back to people. Finally make India free.
Posted by:ads - 07 Nov, 2011
3: The media is playing an important role in a vast movement which is not seen completely by Most people in India. Firstly,Some major Political parties get immense fundings from Arab nations.These fundings are not accountable for and are Tax free.Part of this money goes for running the political agendas of this political parties, Majority of which is to control the Media.The by now very obvious everyday bombardment on the indian mindset about being communal is the strategy by which India is to be converted into a Islamic Republic. The Signs are very much visible.For Every terror Act we go soft on Pakistan, it is not to please the US but to please the Arab financiers. A Major National News paper has announced its new identity As one using Islamic colors and symbols .News are politically corrected to show only atrocities on so called Minorities. Iran and other islamic nations are hailed as progressive,while news from the US and Israel are those focusing on Gays.Use of words like Saffron Terror to take the focus away from sinister plots like more terrorists involved in Mumbai terror attacks of 26/11.Pakistan voted into the UN.Palestine voted for as a nation.Al-Hind model presented to Muslim brotherhood as a way to adjust to multicultural populance in Turkey.Almost daily images of muslim populance in various activities to soften the stance of their regressive mind set.No mention of genocide in history by any major islamic ruler(showuing them as progressive).Use of the words Mughal to describe ambitious writers or literature scholars.Promoting the removal of the aremd forces from J&K, even as China is making inroads along with Pakistan at all the frontiers. This is not aboutthe media 'JUST' dividing a population, it is about completely numbing the majority populations ability to react and make decisions pertaining to any threat to its culture. "A field looks well not from the field within...".These facts stated above are from a report given by US think tanks about the Islamification of India and its role as a Positive catalyst amongst the Islamic nations.Are Indians ready to inherit Sharia for coming generations?
Posted by:Aryaman - 07 Nov, 2011
4: Media has created an impression that every Muslim is a terrorist, Because Every Muslim Need not be a terrorist BUT 90% of terrorist activities world over are conducted by THOSE of VERY LOW childish Intellectuals who can BUT only Take up the Commandment of dos and don'ts as in the ISLAMIC muslim ORDER.pramodkaimalgmail
Posted by:pramodkaimalgmail - 05 Nov, 2011
5: I think a few media/journalists have made the whole profession look bad. Channels like India TV are a joke. However, it would not be fair to say all the media are tainted or illiterate. That's just insane!
And the idiots here who think the media is anti-Hindu or pro minority, you're probably the types who should stick to reading Saamna and watching India TV. Also you are the real enemies of the country!
Posted by:Reshma Kumar - 03 Nov, 2011
6: The media is a commercial venture controlled by all sorts of vested interests, some of them inimical to the country's progress bent upon making only money and nothing but money. Have very little interest , care or concern for the really suffering millions unlike in olden days when their objective was very much focused on freedom of the country, and had indeed suffered at the hands of the then foreign rulers. The few scandals which had came out now and then, in some cases because of them and in some cases despite them are only incidental and there is nothing much to write home about.It is distressing to see standard and reputed print media also tow the lines of others ,playing to the galleries sacrificing their principles and sense of fair play for which they are well known, appreciated and admired. For want of equally good papers, if not better one has to reluctantly continue the patronage. They have become necessary evil, almost. The answer to the question raised unfortunately and undoubtedly has necessarily to be an emphatic YES.
Posted by:srkuppuswamy - 02 Nov, 2011
7: Only one word is enough "YES"
Posted by:tripathi - 02 Nov, 2011
8: This is a fact, entire media - print, tv channels, online, etc are pro-congress and anti- Hindu majority. They try to pretend secular by being too soft towards minority and pampering them. this is sick. come elections, they are wooed by every rogue party at the cost of majority people who are silent, but blamed for all nonsense. if the hindus were not soft and tolerant, then the minority and secular pro-congress media couldnt have wagged their tongues so loong. if secularism is equality of all religions, then minorities must be treated normal. but here our temples are often meddled by the secular bastards, can they interfere in church affairs or in mosques where money flows from abroad for all illegal activities, anti-national speeches are given from their places of workship, child abuses in churches, but still they are pampered, finally one day will come when congress and other secular bastards will announce total freedom for minorities like- they will not be arrested for crimes (already muslims enjoy this in the name of shariat for marriages to marry dozen and produce hundreds of criminals, then there will be special loans for them, which need not be repayed, but we majority will pay from our sweat and blood, and so on.
Posted by:Krish - 02 Nov, 2011
9: it is interesting to know what the foreigne media think of india. just look at the bbc website on "south asia". this web page is littered with that darn thing, the curse of india, called cricket. of course, bbc revels in it because it massages their pride of colonial raj and wants to show to indians that they have nothing good of their own worth a mention. the american media usually gets its thrills by reporting on caste and anything that could be used to run down indian culture, specailly hinduism. the day the indian people learn enough and project themselves appropriately for these media to get out of their notion of south asia is the day india turns around, for that day the indians will have learned thay they are a people worth a respectable identity, ie the identity that can not be called south asian.
Posted by:shilpy - 01 Nov, 2011
10: The newly appointed chairman of the Press Council of India Mr Markandey Katju is an abnormal person and rose to this level only because of his ancestral Kashmiri connections with Nehru-Gandhi family. Nobody should take him seriously. I don't keep him in the category of upright judges or advocates.

I had one occasion to witness him arguing as an Advocate while he appeared for the owners of Northern India Patrika Group in the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court in the closure matter of Amrit Prabhat and Northern India Patrika before Justice S. Sagir Ahmed. Relying on an overruled ruling of Karnataka High Court in Stumpp Schuele and Somappa Ltd he advanced his arguments that when an Industry has a right to start business it has a right to close it down without any prior permission. The counsel for the employees Mr Pradeep Kant (Now Senior High Court Judge) demolished his arguments by bringing the fact on records of proceedings that the ruling relied by Mr Katju stood overruled by a division bench of the same very High Court in an appeal (Union of India vs. Stumpp Schuele and Somappa Ltd. 1989(59) F.L.R.-38(DB).

It is matter of records that when Justice Katju became High Court Judge he delivered judgement in Indian Oxygen Limited, Kanpur vs. State of U.P. and others 1992(2) UPLBEC-1139 relying the same single judge's ruling of Stumpp Scheule and Somappa Ltd. vs. State of Karnataka 1986 (52) FLR-229 though he fully knew that ruling was not holding the field. This ruling given by Justice Katju in the matter of Indian Oxygen Ltd too was overruled by Division Bench of Justice SHA Raza and Justice RD Shukla in the matter of Janasevak Karjyalaya Ltd Vs State of Up and others (WP NO 6197/SB of 1993 4189 MB of 1993). Surprisingly when Civil Appeal of Janasevak Karjyalaya Ltd came before Justice Katju in the Supreme Court wherein a ruling given by him was overruled he not only heard the matter but gave relief to petitioner by quashing High Court’s judgement and remanded the matter back to High Court (CA 7202-7203 of 2001).
I fail to understand what type of judicial propriety- honesty he practiced that showed such abilities and fair conscience?
Now he wants powers to nail media, a power that may restrict free flow of information in a democracy. But first he must educate himself on the rich traditions of Indian journalism that led to freedom of this nation. His understanding about journalism and journalists of this country is very poor. He thinks only he is intellectually enlightened whereas journalists are lagging behind in the field of knowledge. Sorry to say that he has totally misconceived perceptions. He must read the debates of Pundit Nehru and Feroze Gandhi in the Parliament of India on freedom of the press in our democracy. He should also acquire knowledge of the Press Commission Reports and its implementation. The Press media itself regulate its freedom and never allow any outside interference to curtail its freedom. Even imposition of the emergency failed to kill its freedom. Mr. Katju has not spared even judiciary. I believe he remarked after his retirement that “presently there is no corrupt judge in the Supreme Court,” must be outburst of truth from the core of his heart after relinquishing apex court.
Posted by:MUDIT MATHUR - 01 Nov, 2011
regardless of katju's credentials, the fact remains that the indian media are immature. katju is verifiably right here that the indian tv channels need to get out of incessant movie gossips and that sport thingy called cricket. there is so much corruption in the country, in the govts, the legislatures and parliament, the judiciary and the political parties. the media can easily devote more time on that.
shilpy Replied to: MUDIT MATHUR - 01 Nov, 2011
12: I could not agree more with the views of Justice Markandey Katju. Media today is totally commercialised and sells itself for money. It is yellow journalism that finds acceptance on TV shows to increase their TRPs.

Media has great responsibility towards the nation. It must be responsive to Country's needs.

But people also want to see such news and events!
Posted by:Madan Gopal Kapoor - 01 Nov, 2011
13: One must understand the basic issues:
Sonia - the mafia queen rules on India. She is uneducated and catholic. She enrourages media to do exactly what you see. The brown angrej - likes of Kapil, chiddu, mms are all half educated western programmed people. They have no clue what Hinduism is or what our sanskriti has to offer.
The media is owned by western interests and church.
No governing body is needed or helpful. It is misguided thought. What is needed is that the ownership must be changed. Congress leaders should be hanged on charges of desh-droh along with Nehru dynasty that has destroyed India.
Posted by:abc - 01 Nov, 2011
14: Media has to be controlled.Most of it is negative,as if every thing happening or happened is bad for India.
There are lot of good and positive things are happening.
Let us hope they start focusing on these also.
Col Dharma
Posted by:Col K R Dharmadhikary(retd) - 01 Nov, 2011
15: Media does not avoid discussions prone to divide people by caste, language and religion. Castes are dead or on the verge of dying, but DMK and ADMK speak a lot on castes and media provides coverage. Similar is a case about Rama though he is historical character as much as Mohammed, he is taken as a religious and fictitious character only. Though Narendra Modi wins elections from Muslims prominent areas, every so-called secular media political analysts never fails to link him with a riots of 2002. It is a fashion of many columnists and anchors to take RSS and BJP as untouchable on the issues taken up by Anna and Baba Ramdev. Subrahmanian Swami if speaks on Hinduism and its secular aspect the same will not get any coverage. Narendra Modi’s Sadbhavana movement was also viewed as absolutely political. Anti-Modi statements and propaganda gets wide coverage. If some body discards the Aryan Invasion Theory he is termed as saffron. Saffron is a bad adjective as taken by media
Posted by:shirish dave - 01 Nov, 2011
16: With the revelations in Nira Radia case about Veer Sanghvi, Barkha Dutt etal, we need to also investigate the corruption in the media world, and how money power twists even news not to talk of the soaps
Posted by:mamtora - 01 Nov, 2011
17: The very first thing is that journalists should have accountability which means a GoI identity card. The reasons are obvious and I see no point in justifying the same. The journalist come from various background hence their English with or without commas and full stops does mislead people. When the journalists are recruited, are they tested on English proficiency, grammar, presentation of article and it's impact on people, how an article reported should look so that it should be unbiased from media point of view, etc. I am sure they are not tested. There was time when people could point out spelling mistakes to the editor and get rewarded. Today the leave aside the editors, the journalists live like Kings or emperors ACTUALLY having no identity. Why is there is a general view that certain newspaper or TV news channel are pro so and so party? In the case of TV obviously, the so called talk shows are anchored by people incapable of controlling the participants so x or y gets less time and z keeps harping on a single liner and those watching the show feel frustrated and jump to unwanted conclusions. The participants also don't realize that they have limited time. Reminds me of Karamveer movie dialogue delivered superbly by Nana Patekar - woh deen gaye jab log akhbar to top (cannon) samajhte the, abhi to ye dhada ban gaya hai....
I was very fortunate to have met Mr TN Ninan and RK Laxman in my early twenties and they shared their telephone numbers! Later on in mid nineties I carried out video conference for NDTV reporters like Monideep Bannerjee, Sudeshna Basu of BI TV now called Aajtak and so on. They all looked fine. But when the news was broadcast by Mr Roy of NDTV it sounded biased with voice over. Finally, I would say most of the journalists are illiterate from mass communication point of view and people reading the news are judgmental and can't tolerate another person's view and this is due to their lack of proper education, lifestyle, and frustrated or skewed attitude.
Posted by:JB Padhi - 01 Nov, 2011
18: It is absolutely right that electronic media most of the time behaves like courts and the anchors like judiciary. India needs such system to control.
Posted by:Padmanabanad - 01 Nov, 2011
19: It's true that electronic media became worst in this country. They're showing all exposing scenes when the program is about a movie or something related to film industry. Mid night special shows, what not... Worst electronic media is forgetting cause for it's existence. More over, in Andhra Pradesh, they played a bad role in pushing the state back to 1980s by raising regional feelings between Andhra and Telangana. I know they eat lots of money from the corrupts by blackmailing them. If they don't pay, they'll reveal their sins by making a beautiful program.

Worst electronic media.
Posted by:Siva - 01 Nov, 2011
20: The Press Council of India has mainly to do with the newspapers. They have no authority over the electronic media.If necessary, a new authority should be set us for the electronic media, to rein them in.
Mr. Katju is just echoing the voice of the government as the government came out second best in the tussle with Anna Hazare, because of the support the media gave to Anna.
The way the media high lighted the action being taken by our commandos on 26/11 was highly objectionable as it alerted the terrorists. So also the descriptive details the media gives of action taken by our police force in tracking down criminals warns future criminals to take precautions.The "Breaking News" gory crime details repeatedly telecast by the TV media too is boring and objectionable.
However, this can be controlled by laying down rules and imposing quick massive fines and if necessary stopping telecast.
Government just wants to control the electronic media like it does the CBI and the print media by stopping ads to papers who report against the government.
Posted by:Radheshyam Sharma - 01 Nov, 2011
21: In India nowdays most of the politician, media applying the same rule to rule...
i.e divide and rule
Posted by:Mahesh - 01 Nov, 2011
The obious inference is that political parties and media cannot co-exist without mutual dependence binding them through corrupt money.Paid media may be doing havoc with the people of this country.
Jayaprakash S Replied to: Mahesh - 01 Nov, 2011
23: yesterday i was watching neo cricket...In that chetan sharma is deliberately dividing India bringing North and south divide.Saying Ashwin was only selected because he is from selectors home state. These kinda speech does make people hurt and hatred grow.So yes India is dividing. India was never one country. It is not meant to be until the British brought everything together for their good. Now we have to live with it. But its not bad its a good thing only people should take the good things from it and leave the bad...
Posted by:Arulprakash Ravindran - 31 Oct, 2011
24: The article very good. media is working rigrously to divide people of indai.
Posted by:rahul - 31 Oct, 2011
India is not a thing made of clay so that it shall break by such news. All worries are not having any base.
Chitra Replied to: rahul - 02 Nov, 2011
26: Once Press Council of India (PCI) brings all electronic media under it's control, unbiased, unchecked news will gradually reduce & expect original news.

Welcome this initiative....
Posted by:Mohan - 31 Oct, 2011
27: I welcome this intiative , all the points mentioned are valid.It is high time we need to bring regulation.
Posted by:murthy - 31 Oct, 2011
28: This initiative is long over due, please put some leashe on Media, especially English Media. through them Bharat looks more like United States of India.
Posted by:Dev - 31 Oct, 2011
29: it not only divide but also the most corrupt
The reporters can be easily purchased to print
your stories and I have been privy to this

Also one must find out who are the real owners
of the media both print and TV to understand
the true facts
Posted by:andeeluv - 31 Oct, 2011
Journalists are supposed to be unbiased and impartial of truth and facts and should depict the actual stories not what the crooks and corrupts want them to show. This makes the country brittle and fragile.
Wilson Replied to: andeeluv - 31 Oct, 2011
puduserry varghese thomas Replied to: Wilson - 31 Oct, 2011
Mandid Replied to: Wilson - 31 Oct, 2011
Absolutely must be accountable
G. K GHOSH Replied to: Mandid - 01 Nov, 2011
Media exercise lot of power in shaping peoples perception .
This power neesds to be exercised with a sense of responsibility. Media as a reponsible organ of the civil society will do good to develop a Code of Ethics and Conduct for them. It should be volentarily adopted and implimented by them. If they don't do it then state needs to fulfill its responsibilty and bring them unde thambit of regulatory body.
Anwar Hashmi Replied to: G. K GHOSH - 01 Nov, 2011
35: yes media does...........
Posted by:MAKS - 31 Oct, 2011