Do you have the Startup Adrenaline?
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Do you have the Startup Adrenaline?

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Do you have the Startup Adrenaline?
Fremont: Intention, invention and believe in oneself are the three essential requirements to start a business. Although time, energy and resources are other constraints to starting a business, an interesting phenomenon occurs when a person starts a new business, thus manifesting itself both mentally and physically.

During the initial phase of starting a business, there are certain positive gears happening to the first-time-entrepreneur. His energy level rises, endurance increases, become increasingly motivated, gain focus, but as every event has a negative effect too, he loses his appetite, sleep less, lose weight and is not able to keep off his mind of the work. And are known as the "startup adrenaline".

This adrenaline rush is more during the time when the person starts a business for which he is more passionate about and it kicks in the instant that the decision is made to actually start the business. Startup adrenaline can be felt only if a person decides on starting a business rather than research, explore and think about starting a business. A person with startup adrenaline will follow his heart rather than the brain.

However, this adrenaline rushes many-a-times harm the health of the person, thus decreasing his enthusiasm and motivational factors. This will make him unable to concentrate on anything else, lose sleep, as you will not be able to wait to get up and start working on the business in the morning. The loss of appetite and sleep will result in unhealthy mind and brain, thus leading to confusing situations and statements. This also affects the person's personal life where he is not able to focus on his family issues and spend enough and healthy time with his spouse and kids. And the worst is that, the talk starts with business and ends with arguments.

To avoid such situations, it is necessary to know who your people are and what their method of working is. Also, understanding the co-flow model and your core team that will help you found the business. Balancing these affects will help you create a better business with a sound mental and physical health, as all is not needed just to start it, but this positive energy is also needed to carry on the business by taking solid decisions and finding the brightest starts and bringing them to your business floor.

This will help you to get a positive feedback from respected sources that will renew your startup adrenaline. Further more, this will help to grab the best opportunities and keep an eye on the efforts that you make so that you can recreate the wrong steps. However, if a person just thinks of starting a business, then he may never feel this rush. Startup adrenaline provides with positive energy and endurance than one could ever think of, and this can happen only when one follows his heart. The more you follow your heart, the more startup adrenaline rush you will experience.

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