Do first-time managers ruin your career?

Do first-time managers ruin your career?

By Binu Paul, SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 27 June 2011, 15:51 Hrs   |    28 Comments
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Being a manager excites many - it gives the wings to dream big, but the language of responsibility and power injects nervousness to their nerves that might kill the careers of many subordinates. There are many reasons for the new managers failing to lead a team and the most important one is lack of training. It was revealed in a recent survey that more than 50 percent of managers received no training before starting the job. Most of the new managers get it wrong as they are not properly guided on their new roles and they recite the common myths and misperceptions that lead them to mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes by new managers that would ruin the career of many.

1. The Wrong Sense of Authority

Yes it's true that the chair of the manager is built of power and authority; however, many often forget that the chair is the citadel of respect to all - the subordinates, bosses, and friends. The other side of the coin is that many new managers feel very constrained in the new role as the load of responsibilities shrinks their freedom. Their expectation of wielding the designated power often vanishes once they climb into manager's chair. These wrong ideas of being a manager lead them to mistakes in dealing with the team members and the execution of plans often meets with troubles, which ultimately make the life of his subordinates miserable.

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Reader's comments(28)
1: Very nice article,everybody should keep this in mind.I have this experience with my manager who is young and lack of planning.
Posted by:Ranadheer - 13 Jul, 2011
2: I don't think so, became a first time manager in career started problem for the team member, which is under his command. May be they have focus on his aim, but they also support, as i feel .
Posted by:Amit Kumar - 05 Jul, 2011
3: an apt article and which is very appropiate in Indian Scenario---- I just wonder why it is so vivid in Indian scenario---is it our social culture and diversity having this negative impact? Politics are & will be there--- but to me its the leadership who controls the company processes and environment. So there is no leaders--- we indians are more factory made managers. Thats the reason---- OLQ( officer like qualities) is must for these managers----not by virtue of certificates and influence.
I fought in various environment established the right spirit but end of the day seniors were insecure in front of me and thus I resigned.
Posted by:kallol - 30 Jun, 2011
4: This one by Binu Paul on first timers as Managers and their impact on the team is befitting the situation as prevails in HDFC Bank. Any one from HDFC bank in India disagreeing?
Posted by:madhuvishwas - 29 Jun, 2011
5: Good Article, practical content. I too have experienced so called senior managers taking wrong decisions on project activities forgetting that his team members' are the blood of these activities and it should be flowing smooth!
Posted by:Sunil - 28 Jun, 2011
6: It all depends on the workculture of the organization. When the organization considers staff an asset, then managers tend to respond positively, On the other if the work culture is otherwise, nepotism, Cronyism, partialty steps in, the manager also does not mentor the subordinates instead of teaching and cultivating turns to work extraction without giving opportunity for the juniors leading to discontent and the feeling of being left out.
This I have seen exentsively in govt. institutions but also in private sector especially ones that are slowly losing their shine.

Posted by:Ila - 28 Jun, 2011
7: Most of the time the reason for wrong manager being selected 1, partiality, 2,lack of proper material for promotion, 3, an incompetent man on the top.
A properly trained manager always consider all the above points mentioned in the article.He knows what to communicate how to communicate and when to communicate. He realises the gaols set should motivate people to action and not demoralise them. He also helps achieve them by leadership by example and not just by athority. Bulldozing only results in people turn over rather increasing the company turn over.
Posted by:B.P. KamalKumar - 28 Jun, 2011
8: ok lets accept that.But we do have managers who fairly guides us n help us out to grow better too. I have experienced both. One thing that i have concluded(It may not be correct either) is that i have grown sharper and learnt more to tackle things very fast and smartly when I was under a so called " the manager who seemed to be born to ruin my career" . I was forced to stick on to my job - do or die situation. then i had to swim across. I think now am comf with almost any one above me. sometimes can we say a BOON IN DISGUISE. Never let ourselves down. As far as we are sincier and strong enaugh to convince, we dont have to worry!
Posted by:venu aalva - 28 Jun, 2011
9: Nice article..I have a real experience and I am the best example of this...I am a part of India manager dirty politics and plan and now sitting in home searching a job :(.
Posted by:Sumit - 28 Jun, 2011
Hi Sumit, It's SAD but TRUE in INDIA, Dirty Politics ruins most of the manager's careers. Senior Management is YES Man to the Top Management and Never let any credits passed to the Middle Tier. ALL WHAT YOU SEE IS THE PUPPET SHOW and NOTHING ELSE....EITHER YOU BOARD THE BUS or ELSE STAY On ROAD and BE LEFT...Professionally and Ethically of which we become VICTIM :(
I would be joining you too soon in few days....
Faiz Replied to: Sumit - 28 Jun, 2011
11: Its India guys, these stupid Managers are creators of politics and bureaucracy in the organizations, which overall leads to corruption. Thats what 'Anna Hazare' and Baba Ramdev wants to say and implement further in this country. We all should stand united to fight against this and improve our country for our future.
Posted by:Shan - 28 Jun, 2011
12: Doesn't make any difference whether new or old. I have seen sissy old managers making blunders in making project level decisions, new ones are puppets if they r not deserving.
Posted by:prashant - 27 Jun, 2011
I agree on this...
priya dubey Replied to: prashant - 28 Jun, 2011
14: Yes it is exactly the same thing happening all around..and many r victims of this...
Posted by:Abhrojyoti Roy - 27 Jun, 2011
Its absolutely true. I have the real experience from a bastard manager who was palnted by a senior manager (his relation). he has spoiled the whole team in just 1 and 1/2 years who were working for 7 years as a team and was a good team in entire India by company ratings. I had still the nightmares and one of our collegue left unmarried because of the trauma we felt during those 1 1/2 years. everybody go into tears when it is remembered! deal all half of our teams carees were ruined and unable to recover because of that. Pl, it shud be an eye opener to each and every such manager not to play with the lives and careers of their subordinates.
prashant Replied to: Abhrojyoti Roy - 28 Jun, 2011
Life can't go according to you every time you want, so be hopeful and try to tackle with uncomfortable situation.If you are good don't worry things will happen positively.
Pradeep Singh Replied to: prashant - 28 Jun, 2011
17: The exact the corporate world today.....Many of them fail to understand the humanitarian grounds, while they are busy showing their power and authority over their subordinates
Posted by:Sourav - 27 Jun, 2011
Anonymous Replied to: Sourav - 27 Jun, 2011
19: Very good article...given a brief idea abt how a mgr should be....Today most of the managers dont care abt their sub-ordinates It suits very well to my manager especially :) :) :) surely everyone must read and try to follow these things....Especially my manager
Posted by:Hellen - 27 Jun, 2011
Yes Hellen,
All "HARI SADOOS" should read this.
Chandok Replied to: Hellen - 27 Jun, 2011
If reading the articles can solve the problem then there will no issue everywhere, they will not change..............
But we can change the situation if we are becoming managers by helping & behaving properly with our sub - ordinates.
That's the only way.........
Arun Replied to: Chandok - 28 Jun, 2011
I would not say all of the are "HARI SADOOS" but It's the TOP Management who wants PUPPET SHOW to be run from the ARROGANT MANAGERS. And In case the Middle Tier deviates from this, Not only the lower ( most valuable ) resources lose the Job but the the Middle Managers too.....

Very Very Sad, Observing this in one of the renowned company too..
Fz2011 Replied to: Chandok - 28 Jun, 2011
23: Wonderful......But today we are seeing manager who beleives only excel chart........Man management and Crisis management are forgone concept....Let the new manager's read this article.
Posted by:Reggie Mathew - 27 Jun, 2011
24: You can't train today's stupid MBAs...they are too haughty and know nothing about management because their parents just spent lot of money for his / her certification.
Posted by:JB Padhi - 27 Jun, 2011
true said... these new generation graduates & MBA's are just completed their education on behalf of their parents & not by their own interest.. their work in office will be only chatting,joking & just they will try to expose their second hand knowledge in front of the management....
mandar Replied to: JB Padhi - 28 Jun, 2011
26: Nice article, not only first time manager but experinced managers also need training on emerging trends and working with new gen..Mostly experienced manager tend to focus on task not on people.
Posted by:Brajesh Soni - 27 Jun, 2011
27: I think many organizations don't do a great job of coaching first time managers. They are left on their own to figure out on how to manage. That leads to the chaos in the team and friction between new managers
Posted by:Kiran - 27 Jun, 2011
good article. A person should know the basic ethics of humanity. Politics and Management, both r different things.
Muktakesh Replied to: Kiran - 28 Jun, 2011