Cooking Tips Every Women Should Know

Cooking Tips Every Women Should Know

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 25 October 2011, 09:20 Hrs   |    1 Comments
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Cooking Tips Every Women Should Know
Bangalore: Today's super women need some tricks, tips and pointers to meet the varied cuisine demands of her family members. There is little time left for her between working, picking up the kids, dropping off them, and cleaning stuffs.

Here are some simple cooking tips which every woman should know to make her kitchen task simple and healthy.

For Soft Chapatti's: You can use fresh yogurt or milk instead of water to make the batter. Once you finish kneading the batter, wet your hand with water and pat the batter once again. Cover the batter with a damp cloth for half an hour before using it.

Beware of ginger garlic ratio: Whenever you use ginger garlic paste keep the garlic ratio always higher than that of ginger. For example, if you use 60% of garlic keep ginger ratio as 40% or below. Otherwise your dish will become sharp and pungent.

Try Cabbage instead of Onion: If your child or guest does not like or want the pungent taste of onion, you can replace it with cabbage for the same taste and even better experience.

Always Boil potatoes in advance: Always boil the potatoes in advance and make sure that it is boiled well and cooled properly before using it. You can even refrigerate the boiled potatoes for a while before using them in your dishes. By doing this the potato starch will well settle in your tikkis and it will not be too thick.

Extra Salt? No tension!: Peel and cut a large boiled potato in half and add it to your curry. It will absorb the extra salt or else make a ball with cooked rice and put it in curry or dish you are making.

Get rid of turmeric Stain: Mix some cool water with one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and dip your stained cloths immediately in this mixture or rub few drops of glycerin onto the stain until it fades away.

Easy way to clean kitchen platform: You can use white distilled vinegar instead of using liquid chemicals to clean the kitchen platform. Take a cotton cloth and dip it in vinegar and clean the stained portion. The bacteria on the kitchen platform will get impassive in one wipe.

Bad smell from drainage: All you have to do is mix equal amount of baking soda and vinegar and pour it into the drainage, do not pour water or other substances for 15 minutes. Clean it after 15 minutes and you can feel the bad smell disappeared.

Use Aluminium to set ice-cream: You can go for aluminium containers instead of steel to set the ice-cream faster. And always keep a thick plastic sheet or salt under the pot to keep it from attaching to the base of the freezer.

How to Store curry leaves for many days afresh: Put the curry leaves along with some fenugreek seeds into an air tight container.

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