Climate change to cost $100 Billion per year
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Climate change to cost $100 Billion per year

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 30 September 2009, 02:27 Hrs   |    5 Comments
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Climate change to cost $100 Billion per year
Amsterdam: According to World Bank estimates, adjusting to the effects of climate change will cost developing nations $75-$100 billion per year till 2050. A study by the bank has found that the largest costs to developing nations will come as the result of intense rainfall and rising sea levels, which will increase costs for infrastructure projects such as roads and flood defenses.

Although agriculture is the industry most obviously affected by climate change, it will be relatively easier to adapt.

The report, released on Tuesday in Netherlands, was commissioned by the Dutch, British and Swiss governments to serve as a reference document during public debate on climate change, such as the global negotiations in Copenhagen this December.

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Reader's comments(5)
1: Climate change is a solar activity. Do some research on this topic and you will end up with the truth. It happens every few of hundred of years and it is no entirely related to the carbon emission, the carbon emission holds only a small part, the emphasis of America and the news you are seeing daily is just to get into peoples mind that it is because of the carbon Emissions. The conspiracy behind this is to tax people in america in every possible way and the money will end up in the federal reserves, seeing the Americas way of taxing and india will follow the suit and the poor people will end up getting poorer. before you comment on my above statements do some research and you'll get to know.(If laziness is your attitude the all the research is documented in this documentary "The OBAMA's Deception" )
We are very sensible citizens and we shouldn't let our government follow up with the taxing , rather we should submit an alternative to force citizens to grow at least one tree per year and that is the best way to keep our planet clean and not by taxing). Do not just follow the news on BBC quite a lot what you see is fabricated
Posted by:Voice of India - 29 Sep, 2009
Whoever you are Voice of India... continue thinking that way and keep saving your money from tax when the planet siezes to hold life. Simple common sense and simple knowledge of science shold teach you how carbon emissions hamper life processes. These are Man Made I repeat Man Made and not just solar processes... we are burning fossil fuel like mad, charcoal is burnt like mad, forest have depleted, where is all the carbon going?
Pradeep E Replied to: Voice of India - 30 Sep, 2009
Just google the facts of global warming and see the results for yourself. your lack of knowledge cannot be blamed as you follow the media blindly :-).
Just for your common sense can 0.0383% (current percentage) of CO2 gas cause your so called Global warming or Green house effect.
Just stress you mind a little bit and do some research about the % increase in CO2 emitted in the Environment and how much percentage is actually required to cause a green house effect.
and secondly i don't have a problem with paying a tax being a true INDIAN, I have a problem with where it is utilized and how it collective goes only to a few hands.
That is why before you comment on somebody's common sense try to figure out the facts and not fabricated stories to blind people from the Truth
Voice of India Replied to: Pradeep E - 03 Oct, 2009
4: This is sad. when will the world really wake up? i think like always - its waiting for a calamity to strike.
Posted by:shiny - 29 Sep, 2009
Thought and talk should have started 50 years ago. Now it is too late. Always human negligence make large disaster.
Mahalingam Replied to: shiny - 29 Sep, 2009