China Could Do Kargil on India, Warns IDSA
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China Could Do Kargil on India, Warns IDSA

Monday, 31 October 2011, 03:35 Hrs   |    11 Comments
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New Delhi: China could do a Kargil on India "to teach India a lesson", warned strategic affairs think-tank Insitute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), adding it could be a "limited war".

The limited hostilties could be confined to a specific section of the border, limited in duration
and amenable to a negotiated termination, IDSA said in its report.

Projecting conflict scenarios between the two Asian giants, a report titled A Consideration of Sino Indian Conflict by Ali Ahmed said, "The lower end of the conflict at this level could be a Kargil-like situation. China's aim could be to teach India a lesson so as to influence India's rise before its capacity building underway acquires traction."

The report warned this "could be a limited war confined to a specific section of the border or LAC, limited in duration and amenable to a negotiated termination".

The Kargil hostilities were triggered by infiltration of Pakistani soldiers and Kashmiri militants into positions on the Indian side of the Line of Control (LoC) in 1999.

Ahmed warns at a higher level, China could indulge in a "territorial grab" by entering an area such as Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

"At the next rung, it could be a more ambitious bid southwards up to its claim line. Lateral or horizontal expansion of conflict from one theatre to another is the next step, with the conflict engulfing one or more of the four possible theatres -- Ladakh, Central Sector, Sikkim and Arunachal," the report said.

The think-tank said in view of India becoming better prepared in future with its capability-development programmes, it could engage China's "hegemonic attention."

"Since India would be better prepared by then, China may instead wish to set India back now by a preventive war. This means current day preparedness is as essential as preparation for the future," it said.
Source: PTI
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Reader's comments(11)
1: india should renew the mutual defence treaty with russia or be a part of nato. china does not want indian competetion, and is surely going to annihilate india. there is no way india is going to match china either in resources or the political will, specially the latter. in absence of the political will, india has no choice but be a part of a coalition. remember, without white people indian army would not have existed to begin with. why not be realstic and save our skin?
Posted by:shilpy - 01 Nov, 2011
2: China thinks much ahead of India, because they are more practical than Indian politicians and voters.

Today China ranks as the world's leading nation while we still have beggars on the streets.

Indian voters who support democracy have destroyed their nation. Be it man or women, young or old. They were too afraid of sacrificing their comfort level. Rather, these fools will prefer watching Hindi movies and topping in board exams and saying, "mummy-daddy mein first aa gya", but as soon as they goto battlefield to face China all their CBSE board knowledge proves to be zero useful for them. All they can show in movies that like Rajnikanth a topper hero kills hundreds of people but they never show the same bravery in real life.

Only one movie was made in Bollywood after we got defeated by China in 1962. That too, Haqqeqat in 1964 just after 2 years of our defeat. After that, NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE MOVIE was released depicting our defeat but several movies relating to Pak's defeat in 1971 were released because these majority Indians do not want to face the reality of loss OR RATHER THEY DO NOT HAVE THE GUTS TO FACE THE REALITY OF LOSS and have LEARNT NOTHING FROM THE PAST!

Winston Churchill was right. Majority of the Indians are not fit for governing themselves. These fools can only vote for Congress or BJP (which is also a byproduct of Congress) and like cowards can show courage and manhood just for board exams and in Hindi movies while China in reality is becoming more and more powerful than us!
Posted by:Shailesh - 01 Nov, 2011
3: In all probabilities it could be the Northern Ladakh, towards Siachen, with a view to assist Pakistan, who is at a loss right now as regards Siachen and is unable to capture/retrieve what it needs. China doing all that it can to keep Pak happy to achieve its aim-route to Arabian Sea via Karachi and ofcourse the Karakoram Highway. Better to be prepared in Arunachal too
Posted by:Dhwarakhanathan - 31 Oct, 2011
4: China is a virus and our political leaders are not capable to handle the situation with China.Due to there inefficiency the Nation will suffer.
Posted by:Ashutosh Rajput - 31 Oct, 2011
5: This threat is always known, China is like a virus spreading, grabbing and destroying. The most calculative steps, I must say very intelligent. They waited for US to damage the relation with Pakistan, they very well knew it would happen.Immediately after Osama was killed, China started its activities more openly. They knew the best way to attack India is to make Pakistan the scape goat. One site Pakistan will attack and from the other side China occupies Arunachal. The infrastructure is already in place, so mobilize the armed forces would be matter of hours. And for India, by the time we wake up and mobilize our forces it would have been late. With our aging Migs and limited modernization of our weapons, it will be difficult, I m not saying its impossible. But we the people of great country have to be united and support our forces in whatever possible way. Jai Hind
Posted by:Tejas - 31 Oct, 2011
6: China is posing a huge risk to India and is capable of attacking India's borders. They are building up their forces and are eyeing Tawang hungrily. They have built railway lines all along the border, their activities are highly suspect and if India does not take punitive action to thwart their insurgency attempts, we will pay a huge price. China is a super power and extremely capable of overcoming an unprepared India. We do have one of the best forces, but Precaution is always better than Cure. India should send out a stern warning to China that they will not take things sitting down.
Posted by:K Deshpande - 31 Oct, 2011
7: No only China. Any of our neighbors can occupy or attack any part of our country. we are such a corrupt and incapable bunch of fools and idiots.
Posted by:Sharma Anil - 31 Oct, 2011
8: After annexing Tibet, China has got a direct contact with India. This is well thought out expansionism. Every Indian must carefully watch every move of the Chinese and take care to avoid any national loss.
Posted by:Dr Vachaspati Mishra - 31 Oct, 2011
9: Take something positive out of it get prepared well for any eventuality by any one just not by china. So they dare not to attack us. By the way corrupt people are more dangerous then the any other outside effects.
Posted by:rajeev - 31 Oct, 2011
10: These Seminarists belong to those think tanks who are funded by western think tanks who in turn are connected to western arms military industrial complex.These guys will be happy as long as India imports from west and not from Russia.Ofcourse they are horribly against Indian Self reliance.How is it a small country like Pakistan think of invading in Kargil or indulge in covert war like parliament attack or Mumbai attack? It is because India is now relatively wealthy and fears punishment.China is now relatively wealthier than India and does not want war which will set it back in competing with USA.It is G2 and not one of G20. It will teach India a lesson if we show weakness in our resolve in not using our Airforce or missiles as in 1962.We must deploy our air force and missiles and target mainland tibet if it does mischief in Arunachal.Indegenous defence production is our key to long range security.China has no match our Sukhoi 30's or Brahmos which we should mass produce.
Posted by:captainjohann - 30 Oct, 2011
Please remember our nuclear capability. I don’t think any nation even so called super powers dares to have a war with the nuclear capable nations. This doesn’t mean that we should neglect the threat from our enemies considering the fact that we are ruled more than 100 years by other people.
S Anand Replied to: captainjohann - 01 Nov, 2011