Children of immigrants outperform their American-born peers

Children of immigrants outperform their American-born peers

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 31 May 2011, 10:44 Hrs   |    12 Comments
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Children of immigrants outperform their American-born peers
Bangalore: It is good news for those professionals who are applying for H1B visas. All that you have to do is have a brain child who will outperform. in any Math and science competition in U.S. Yes the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), a non-profit and a research organization of Virginia says that 70 percent of the finalists at the Intel Science Talent Competition held in 2011 were children of immigrants. Out of the 70 percent, 60 percent of the finalists were kids of those who made a debut in America with their H1B visas.

At the Intel Science fair, the prime distinction was not among the children and their intelligence but was primary recognized by their parent's immigration status.

The results are evident in Silicon Valley classrooms as well. Children of immigrant parents, particularly those with skills-based H-1B visas, are abundant in the top tiers of academia.

"The benefit America derives from the children of immigrants in science and math is an additional advantage the country reaps from being open to talent from around the world," said author Stuart Anderson, director of the organization and a former head of policy at the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

The immigrant population in U.S. is less than 1 percent and this number is going to further go down with U.S. implementing new restrictions on legal immigration, both family and employment-based immigration. The numbers are warning for U.S. as they will be loosing on talented and eminent researchers and scientists will steer the next generation of America. Indians comprised only 0.8 percent of the U.S. population and Chinese made up only 1 percent, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

The NFAP also reveals that many immigrant parents place a heavy emphasis on education, particularly in math and science, viewing this as a path to success in America. Skilled professionals hired in America on H-1B visas represent a surprisingly important source of outstanding children in science. Many of these parents first came to the United States as international students, then were hired on H-1B visas (or its precursor H-1) and were sponsored for permanent residence (a green card) by an employer.

While researchers have documented achievements by immigrants in science, business and other fields, little research has been done on the contributions made by the children of immigrants. The benefit America derives from the children of immigrants in science and math is an additional advantage the country reaps from being open to talent from around the world. America needs to be open to individuals and their children who can succeed in the United States without regard to class or place of birth. Liberalizing the nation's immigration laws will likely yield even greater rewards for America in the future.

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Reader's comments(12)
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Posted by:phoebe123 - 30 Jun, 2011
2: More flakery and pseudoscience from NFAP, a fake organization.
Posted by:Bart - 31 May, 2011
i dont know much about statistics
but i am definitely sure Indians are traditionally or genetically more intelligent than americans
or in general the asians are w.r.t. the westerners.
the major benifit of westerners are they have system,infrastucture, and they have nurtured talent the way it should be done unlike in India where an masters in technology from IIT is also considered as someone who didnot prove himself competent enough to get a job after btech.
may be too much talent became harmfull for our country
I myself being a chemical engineer from NIT have seen some guys who have not even done thier btech in INdia and will strugle in INDIA if they continue here went to US for MS and are doing well there (may be due to easier system)
So the logic behind mtech s in INDIA is also not totally wrong.But the thing is an MS from US is considered better than MTECh from IIT due a foolish reason which i donno.
A student in India appears for an English test in INDIA(gre) to get into MS in USA, where as he appears in GATE(full fledged tech exam) in INDIA to study MTECH in INDIAin iits. Well believing on a simple theory tht "class is permanenent" i believe tht Indian mtech will be much better than the US MS.
In INDIA we lack Infrastructure,quality research,quaklity time.
an researcher can research well also wen his financials are correct which is not always the case in INDIA.
anyways for americans--you guys got to believe that asians are smarter there is no other way bcos youy guys cant clear IIT JEE thts a challenge from this INDIAN who also failed to clear mains of IITJEE.
Supnit Replied to: Bart - 31 May, 2011
Well...I believe so too...
Basu Replied to: Supnit - 01 Jun, 2011
Supnit Hats off to you man.
Atleast you tried, I knew if I try I will fail.
Never can a masters student from India can be compared with the one overseas.
I support your comment
Structural designer,
Southampton, U.K
Mr Brad Prabu Replied to: Supnit - 01 Jun, 2011
Your English shows that you have only mugged up concepts for the sake of passing exam. GATE is not a full fledged exam, you need to know formulas, have some memory power, that's it. Competition is unhealthy in India because of a Population that is like a nuclear chain reaction. So they make exams tougher because of rush, only those who can cram all the theory and vomit it at the time of exams will get into those premier institutes. Believe me, I have seen IIT mechanical engineers who didn't know to read engineering drawings just like i did when i passed out of college , fresh. Don't degrade yourself, IITJEE is not the ultimate exam on earth, only thing needed to pass this exam would be the ability to sit and study efficiently for at least 10 hours a day.
Americans or westerners are not stuck like us and have those infrastructure and systems because they have good ruling governments and no corruption in daily life, have a civic sense that is cultivated by adopting subjects in schools, that deals with civic sense and ethics. So people naturally don't get corrupted when grown up. But in India you know daily survival itself is a struggle, because of mindless dirty politicians who loot their own people. Why? Education and awareness among people! India lacks practical education in universities, where engineers are required to imagine everything rather than shown practically and mug things up from huge books and no wonder India is way behind in research! US or European MS from top universities are a lot better than an IIT MS, because the practical knowledge and lab facilities there are very good, no doubt at all.

You gotta improve your English!
Hrishikesh Replied to: Supnit - 01 Jun, 2011
Really fact well said India should improve.
ravi Replied to: Hrishikesh - 01 Jun, 2011
Abe thu konsa englishwa bol raha hai? dum hai to kar ke dikha...
G. gugi gupta Replied to: Hrishikesh - 01 Jun, 2011
Hello.... i am not an Englishwa or your typical rural bhaiswa. I wanted to tell the comment writer about his incoherent speech because i was puzzled by the way he made his point..Kar ke thume kya dikha na hai? I don't need to show people what i have done but i criticize people and tell them the correct way to do things ..just giving suggestions.
Hrishikesh Replied to: G. gugi gupta - 01 Jun, 2011
See Mr Hrishikesh, you are not supposed to comment/compare like "Typical Rural bhiswa". You should maintain your dignity while commenting something. Because of rural people only you are enjoying food at your home as well as outside.Infact clothes that you are wearing...
You also should realize that evry great person has roots in the village. The back bone of India is rural man.Never ever comment on rural things or compare with the rural things.
Venkata Bondu Replied to: Hrishikesh - 02 Jun, 2011
@Supnit --- ha ha ha truly said .... i liked ur last line ..
soumik Replied to: Supnit - 31 May, 2011
The -illegal words- thing happened to me several times recently, so I stopped from even trying to post a message here.

As an organization that has the interests of Indians at heart, I see nothing wrong in Silicon India posting articles about "immigrants are good", and "Outsourcing is helpful", as long as it doesn't falsify numbers or events.
Krishna Replied to: harit124 - 31 May, 2011