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Bangalore: has launched a customizable Intranet service, which allows users to create an intranet for their company by signing up. When other co-workers sign up, they are automatically added to the same company's intranet.

Once an intranet gets created, users can use their own company logos to brand their intranet. They can invite external people like clients, partners or freelancers into their intranet for collaboration. They can also claim a secure, customized URL for their company intranet as well.

Each intranet gets 3 GB of free storage space and also project collaboration tools like instant messenger, discussion threads, shared team calendars, milestones and task lists. Files of up to 200 MB each can be uploaded or attached to discussion threads. Since email cannot support files of this size, Remindo acts like an extranet by making it possible for teams to share such files with their clients. This proves valuable to designers and advertising agencies because they can now keep their intellectual property on their private intranet without having to rely on external transfer services.

To provide secured service, these intranets are ensured by VeriSign SSL certification and each intranet gets a secure, fully https web address. While anyone can sign up and start an intranet for their company, Remindo only accepts valid company email addresses. "Maintaining privacy is of paramount importance to any business so this permission based approach not only filters out unwanted people but also make intranets on Remindo, spam and malware free," said Rehan Yar Khan, Founder and CEO of Remindo.

Unlike traditional enterprise software that need expensive installations, it's a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution, which means businesses don't have to waste money and time on setting up their own intranets. Rehan said, "Remindo was built to help businesses and freelancers save time and make more money without creating yet another IT related headache or compromising on security or privacy."

Most such software fail to take off because they are too rigid and unfamiliar to most people, but Remindo promises to give people an environment that they are already familiar with.

The people behind this new innovation are Ashok Kurien (Founder & Director Zee TV) and Rehan Yar Khan (Founder and CEO of

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