Bangalore Best Indian City to Live In: Global Survey
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Bangalore Best Indian City to Live In: Global Survey

Tuesday, 29 November 2011, 11:31 Hrs   |    30 Comments
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Bangalore Best Indian City to Live In: Global Survey

NEW DELHI: Pipping past the four metro cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, the southern technology hub Bangalore has emerged as the best city to live in India, a global survey said.

Despite its top Indian ranking, Bangalore's worldwide rank is very low at 141st position in a list of 221 cities globally in terms of standard of living, compiled by the 'Quality of Living Survey - Worldwide Rankings, 2011' by the global HR (human resources) consultancy major Mercer.

Vienna has been ranked as the world's best city to live in on the global list, which has five Indian cities -- Bangalore (141st), New Delhi (143rd), Mumbai (144th), Chennai (150th) and Kolkata (151st).

Globally, Vienna is followed by Zurich, Auckland, Munich, Dusseldorf, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Geneva, Copenhagen and Bern among the top-ranked cities in terms of quality of living, Mercer said.

In another list of the world's best cities in terms of personal safety standards, Luxembourg has been placed on the top, followed by Bern, Helsinki, Zurich, Vienna, Geneva and Stockholm.

On this list, Indian cities have been ranked a little better, as Bangalore has got 117th place, New Delhi and Kolkata shared the 127th position, Mumbai is at 142 and Chennai is placed at 108th.

Bangalore has been ranked as the best Indian city both in terms of quality of living and the personal safety standards.

The personal safety ranking has been on measures of internal stability, crime levels, law enforcement effectiveness and host-country's international relations.


Source: PTI
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Reader's comments(30)
1: Bangalore died it’s first death years ago….It’s second death is soon awaited.

I come from a city where you meet people from all walks of life ..i find that balance to be motivating and beautiful in itself ..i would not like to live in a city which has too many professionals of the same kind. So for a person like me I would say Bangalore was a boring experience to me, everybody I met is in I.T. Everywhere i have been I could hear the same I.T jargons and software innuendos from the so called techies or rather geekizens in their nerdish vernacular tone and most of whom either are talking about I.T stuff or desi movies or local politics. Sometimes I wonder if Bangalore is becoming a ready city to be inhabited by humanoids/Androids with no time for leisure, plus Bangalore has already become the city of Maximum male Bachelors watch out ! High male density areas with I.T jobs is an affirmative recipe for GAYISIM (don’t be surprised if Haryahna becomes the official GAY state of modern India –thanks to high female foeticide rate in North India ) same applies to I.T infested cities which has the potential to evolve into a gay economy as most of the restaurants had more of male (techies) than females and some only had males who were again found either discussing about appraisals and SDLC or were indulging in ‘boy-talks’ and every visiting card I got was from a JAVA professional or a CISCO specialist or a SAP analyst…as if there are no other professionals in Bangalore .But one niche feel good factor about Bangalore is that more than being a ‘software Mecca’, it is India’s only true Aerospace city and is a R&D base for several aerospace and related companies. I have been to all of them including the lesser known CABS and Nilakantan Wind Tunnel test facility the only one of it’s kind in India. So finally although Bangalore may have a different pub culture which is again a derivative of it’s I.T culture but for me what I like about Bangalore is the AEROSPACE punch the city has got, and is unique to Bangalore and it is it’s own …whereas I.T these days can be seen happening in every city having the same geeky culture evolving into a new religion called ‘Gayisim’ because I.T professionals can find time for fitness and exercise as they normally and easily work for minimum of 10-12 hours in the office so such a life does not empower the male majority to have the patience to at least not to think of a girlfriend as an ATM machine. Bangalore is a smart city but at what cost….India may become an I.T superpower …but it is also the diabetic capital of the world and is soon going to be the Cancer capital of the world –Thanks to cities like Bangalore for promoting a fast paced BPO and I.T culture …which makes India the most Unhealthy nation in spite of being a economic superpower….Don’t belive me ! then ask the earlier generation except for the GAY part the earlier generation will vouch for every word I have mentioned here.
Posted by:Hari - 04 Dec, 2011
2: I have been living in Bangalore for nearly 10 years now. If this had been published 8 years ago, I would have totally agreed, but not now. It used to have more pros than cons, but now it is the other way.

Firstly, the attitude of the people. There are a lot of people coming from different part of India and earn more than Kannadigas. This has increased secularism and hatred towards non-Kannada speaking people. The result you can see Karnataka flags in the top floor of the several IT companies, in fact, just to protect them from Kannada secularists. I have several Kannadiga friends who boasts that they could do anything, because they are Kannadigas, and if they could not, as Kannadigas, then no one can. I can give an example of people attitude here - students from my relative's college including my relative came to Bangalore for some paper presentation and wanted to roam around the city after the paper presentation. They lost their way when they were going somewhere and asked a policeman the way in their local language. The policeman started shouting "you are the one who spoils Bangalore. Why the hell you are here? Get lost!". Honestly, it was not something specific to Bangalore. It exists in other parts of India like Mumbai.

Secondly, Bangalore is the most corrupted city I have even seen in India. I believe there will be no disagreement, and no explanation required.

The beauty of the Bangalore is already lost. Now, I do not see anywhere any board like "Bangalore is garden city". Lot of trees had been already cut for widening of the road. When trees are cut, new trees can be laid in a new place nearer to them, but no one is bothered to do it, and no one is bothered to question also. I remember the older days when the roads were covered with shadows of the trees standing in the left and right sides of the roads. Now, we can count the number of such roads. I used to go to office from KR Puram extn to MG Road everyday by 2 wheeler, and it would take just 20 mins. Now, there are no trees on the sides of the Old Madras Road, and you cannot even reach Byappanahalli.

Without any second opinion, Bangalore was the best city to live, but it is losing its status, and someone has to do something to stop it. Unfortunately, neither politicians, government offices, nor local public are keen to make it the same old "Garden City" Bangalore, but Bengaluru.
Posted by:Ben - 01 Dec, 2011
3: Basically Bangalore has an English speaking background. Many years ago, some 40 years ago, Bombay was considered a golden city. People went there, became good in English and returned with glorious memories. Then the huge crowd of vernacular language speaking persons, living stiffled lives in their own areas, barged in. Now, look at Bombay. It is a living nightmare, yet, quite enjoyable for the anonymity it lends.

A similar fate is there ahead for Bangalore, as it turns a nightmare areas with all Indian feudal vernaculars, including Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and the rest try to place their footing there, and spoil the place.

It is may also be said that all good nations and cities all round the world also have a similar fate ahead for them as similar languages start infecting them also.

A goodness of a place is not connected to anything other than the quality of the people who live there. Good quality comes from non-feudal communication systems.
Posted by:Ved from Victoria Institutions - 30 Nov, 2011
4: Good News! Bangalore is really good, but as somebody down the line said cost of living is becoming high which one day may create imbalance in the society which may lead to wrong practices. As for my understanding we have high auto fuel rates, high bus fares compared to other southern cites. Autos rarely come on meter and never come to the place we want.when i came to hyderabad i used to give hyderabad auto drivers the example of Bangalore auto drivers for their honesty. Bangaloreans should really safeguard the pride of the world best city to live status both in terms of development and ease of living. Hope in the next survey we shall move much up below 100
Posted by:chandrashekar - 30 Nov, 2011
5: Dear friends, be loyal to the place from where you are filling your stomach, it can be any place in the world. Do not play with the emotions of localites. Instead of complaining on the City, give suggestion or try finding out solution for it alongwith the localites. You are here in Bangalore because you did not find Heaven even at your place. Still, if you have complaints nobody is forcing you to stay here.
Posted by:Shiva - 30 Nov, 2011
6: Dear Sir,
Posted by:hari sharma - 30 Nov, 2011
7: I think Pune is another upcoming and Best City in India. If we compare climate of Pune and Banagalore it almost same. In addition to that Pune is just 3 hours from Mumbai and Pune is surrounded by Hill Areas like Mahabaleshwar, Singhad , Khandala which is unique in India. So, I think we should add Pune in Rank list now.
Posted by:Surendra - 30 Nov, 2011
8: If they would have done this survey before 1993 then it would be in top 10 in the world.Still miss those trees,those climate,rich culture,no pollution,wider roads in areas like Malleshwaram,Basaveshwar nagar,Yeshwanthpur,Indiranagar,Part of Koramangala,MG Road,Brigade road,Lalbagh,Cubbon Park,Sankey tank and all.The main reason of deteriotion is locals going outside India and other peoplre from India coming and staying in Bangalore.There was no ppl with Gutka culture now u see spitting in every walls.There were proper places before to urinate,now if u see he will be singing and releasing in the walls.If u catch him he will be a non Bangalorean.Before Autorickshaw guy used to take as per meter and use to come evrywhere,now who spoilt them?
Outsiders can speak a lott imagining, if such a case. Why will they come here and settle. It is like cursing a place where u stay. If it is really bad, why dont they leave Bangalore. Bangalore is the only place where you can speak any language and still tolerated for that matter. Forget about Chennai and Kolkata .Ive seen Mumbai also off late even there I cannot live without speaking Marathi. But as a bangalorean and as a Kannadiga I can say I can speak Telugu,Tamil,English,Hindi and even little Malayalam for that matter. And thats what 80% localites are like. You cannot consider Bus drivers/conductors/Auto drivers as locals as they have come here like outsiders from smaller villages in Karnataka. So they have not seen Money. If you give him 100 Rs instead of 90 Rs and never bother to ask, he feels that it is 100 and he has rights for it next time. After IT induction, where then Chief Minister thought as an employment for the state has completely fired back to the city. You have emerging ppl from here settling in Foreign countries as initial deputation and never turning back. So all support staff like security and others are where poor could have been employed. But there the influx were more from other poor states and now if you see most North and North eastern Indians are in places where the city was not extended before 1993.And that is still a worst place compared to old Bangalore. And people who want to comment about Bangalore please let me know from which city you are? Just dont keep LA picture in mind and comment here.
Posted by:ChuooMantharrr - 30 Nov, 2011
9: Keertana,pls pack your bags this is nt a city for u ..ur just giving sm stupid reasons which r nt acceptable ... either ur nt frm Karnataka or must be jealous to accept the fact that Bangalure is the best city . u r writng only bad thgs y cannot u share a good thgs that Blore has given u .. try nt to show fingers on others look into ur self wht contribution hv u done to change this
Posted by:Blrboy - 30 Nov, 2011
10: Mr.Kurup, dont you even know when you go to the new unknown city, you need to do a homework. Have a city map with you and know the distance between the places you travel, instead of blaming the auto drivers and saying the city is not the best. What did you do on your part to get to the unknown place without being cheated? We are well educated and when we go to new places its common sense that we have a map to atleast know the distance where we wana travel. Auto drivers work is to earn money as much as they can. So u mean to say in delhi, chennai, mumbai and kolkata or in other places people never get cheated by auto drivers and taxi drivers. Oh wow are they so humble to take you places around without charging you extra penny. ha ha ha...
Posted by:Beens - 30 Nov, 2011
11: Me.Deepak, which place are you from? We can prove easily what your city is? Blore has ranked best among the so called metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.. Mumbai and Delhi being the National Capital and Financial capitals what security can you expect. Women just get picked and gang raped. I see so many outsiders settled here with jobs and buying property here. Many from north India, sown south Chennai and AP have brought houses here to get settled. They just say Blore is not the best city, but when it comes to the family security, education, and good jobs all outsiders like to settle down in Blore. Respect the city you are living and contribute for its growth. This city is not just the Auto drivers traffic you crib about.
Posted by:Been - 30 Nov, 2011
12: I completely agree with Mr.Beens simple as it is "Those who feel this is not the good city to live please leave this city and get settled in your places"
Posted by:Suresh - 30 Nov, 2011
13: Even if Bangalore is not the Best City ,it has the all potetilas to be so.Main problem I see is public transporation .The metro service should be available all over City . Public should not use open area for natural calls..
Posted by:Arvind - 30 Nov, 2011
14: People should try to know why Bangalore got this fame and not other cities. Outside people who are settled in Bangalore dont know the real Bangalore essence. They just see the IT Corridor lifestyle and decide this is what Bangalore is. Stay in older parts of Bangalore and then tell why Bangalore isnt good. They havent seen Malleswaram, basavanagudi, Jayanagar, Sadashivanagar, Cubbon Park, Lal Bagh, IISc, RMV, Sahakarnagar, Indiranagar. What they see is only party spots, Shopping Malls, Traffic, IT Parks. And then they come and comment here that Bangalore is not best. Hell with them. Bangalore is spoilt by outsiders who comment such things in these forums. Go to your city and earn the salary you are earning here if you are not happy here.
Posted by:Usha - 30 Nov, 2011
15: People who are commenting against this news are just jeolous. They cant digest the fact that Bangalore has grown to this level overtaking other metros. Yes, I agree there are lot of problems here. But tell me, which other Indian city doesnt have. People want to earn and eat in Bangalore and also they dont want Bangalore to get good name. Bangalore is cosmopolitan and has given food to lot of outsiders. The locals have become minorities. Yet Bangalore is being targeted by outsiders as not a good city to live in. You people will know the value of Bangalore only when you live in so called other Metros like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkatta.
Posted by:Santhu - 30 Nov, 2011
16: I don't know what the intention of the author is to publish such articles.But it is true and can be proved very easily that Bangalore cannot be the best indian city to live.The biggest evidence is majority of people have commented about the fact that the city can's be the best.Silicon India should keep an eye for such BLUFFS ,because no one will read this blog if there are such super hyped BLUFFS
Posted by:deepak - 29 Nov, 2011
17: I do not agree fully that Blore is best city to live in.Though I am a Bangalorean and also worked in other places across India, the question is best city for what purpose?is it for working class or retired people or for students?Travelling is not a easy job in bangalore and also the helping nature of people now is not satisfactory.for education mysore/Mangalore is ok and for retired Mysore/vadodara is ok.Bit hot in vadodara,that should be adjusted.Bangalore is just a stand by arrangement.for Companies it is good since one enters rest all follows like a follower.For career bangalore is good in that sense.
Posted by:Prashanth - 29 Nov, 2011
18: Who cares what the report says? If you have friends, any place is a good place irrespective to the data. In fact there is no place which is perfect as long as your heart agrees.
Posted by:Chinmay - 29 Nov, 2011
19: I dont agree. The other day I hired an autorickshaw to go from Majestic to Le Meridian, he charged me Rs.160. While I inquired later, they said it is 15-min walkable distance. There is no discipline or system, it is pathetic. I am always afraid of transport system at, BTW, it is Bengaluru.
Posted by:Kurup - 29 Nov, 2011
20: Excepting the first one most of the others have a polarised comment. Has the survey went deep into the infrastructure of the city, be it Electricity, road, transport, sanitation facilities, drinking water. It pales in comparison with other Indian cities one one count or other.
OKAY: IT and ITES had made a lot of difference to Bangalore both for better and worse.
One thing I cannot condone the Kannadiga's Hate campaign on some of the other state people and Kannada centric attitude. The attitude of Shops giving a discount, if you purchase the goods speaking in Kannada. Very good Nationalistic attitude
Posted by:krishna - 29 Nov, 2011
21: Those who all are saying that this data is wrong, blore cannot be the best place to live in..blah..blah.. are the ones from other metro cities and wanted their cities to top the list. Blore is the best. Other metro cities in India sucks.. horrible traffic in Mumbai and Delhi(These are ,No safety for women, Kolkata the dirtiest of all, Horrible public transport, Rash people, taxi and auto drivers outside blore suck. Blore is the best planned city in terms of roads, drainage systems. In a small amount of time blore has seen rapid growth, hence the infrastructure is still developing. Women are more safe here and can walk out without fear even at midnights.
Those who feel this is not the good city to live please leave this city and get settled in your places. We ll have good relief. lol...
Posted by:Beens - 29 Nov, 2011
22: This is probably old data. How can we even consider it as one of the best cities in India. The standard of living is pathetic. I would currently rate Bangalore as the most unplanned city in India in terms of bad living conditions, sanitation. Before the Govt actually gave approvals to IT Parks to start funtioning or operating they should first planned and considered infrastructure in the city, especially knowing when one single IT park houses a minimum of 20K people and considering a minimum of 10% of them would have their own transportation so can you imagine the number of private vehicles on the road. Moreover i had visited a small slum near whitefield and was shocked to see their living conditions inspite of whitefield housing so many IT parks and luxurious apartments. I personally rate Hyderabad a better place than Bangalore to live in. Even the people are very freindly and welcoming there unlike Bangalore.
Posted by:DSJ - 29 Nov, 2011
23: Well I have some other opinion. I dont think b'lore is the best city to live. I think it other wise. I am not flustrated by the trafic of bangalore but attitude of banglorian public towards it and any problem they face in there life. They accept situations helplessly that this will happen and we can't do anything for it.
Trafic problem can be solved easlily if people play active role. Daily we see that if any vehicle break down the people leave the vehicle there only or start repairing it in middle of the road. How any one can allow this to haapen.
The way BMTC drivers drive the vehicle is horrible.
In bangalore you can not plan and reach anywhere in time.
Life is so slow that you can do one work in whole day due to worst trafic condition and even worst attitude of the people towards it.

There sre so many beatiful lake around and in the city but what they have made it a drainage.
Not a single lake is developed beatifully where people can enjoy.
Posted by:Mahesh - 29 Nov, 2011
24: East or West, Bangalore is the Best
Posted by:Suresh - 29 Nov, 2011
25: With the influx of people from north the city has lost its charm. With the settling of Agarwals having lot of money but no discipline/manners the city is very costly and chaotic. They can buy the police and get away with any traffic offence or crime.
Posted by:A.s.Ram - 29 Nov, 2011
26: Bangalore was the best city but not now.. Because of outside people it has become worst and cost of living has become more too..!
Posted by:Jaishi - 29 Nov, 2011
27: What best city ? It only used to be so, not anymore. Too many people, too costlier, slow development of infrastructure, bad roads, pollution and many other things. Number of suicides has increased in the city.
Posted by:Bratboy - 29 Nov, 2011
28: Bangalore just cannot be the best Indian city.It should be B'bay.There's no power, there's no water,horrible roads, no parking facilities, no train services in the entire city.You have only colleges & schools with no good teachers. That's Bangalore.
Posted by: Raheem - 29 Nov, 2011
29: Who told that bangalore is best city in india even roads,septic nothing is good cost of living is huge compare to other cities in india.even auto drivers won't go on meeter at any time ....bus drivers also won't give tickets they will take money fro manythings i observed here nothing i felt good about this city other than IT opportunities. i want to suggest the survey people that by seeing on top will not tell truth.
Posted by:Keertana - 29 Nov, 2011
BLADY OUTSIDERS;;MALAYALIS,TAMILIANS,TELUGU,NORTH INDIANS SPOILS BANGALORE..WHENEVER I SEE NON KANNADIGA I OFTENLY FEEL THEY ARE BEGGERS..!! Dont market this issue,enough enough too much outsider.because of THESE OUTSIDE F***RS kannada is loosing its essence.why all Malayalis,Tamilians dying to get a job and to do business in Bangalore.?because it is bangalore.tamil and malayalis are blood sucking leeches.KANNADIGAS ALWAYS KANNADIGAS.
KANNADA LAND Replied to: Keertana - 16 Apr, 2012