BPOs use attractive perks to lure rural women

BPOs use attractive perks to lure rural women

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BPOs use attractive perks to lure rural women
Bangalore: BPOs eye rural frontiers to expand their territories. For this they are tempting the women folk to join the BPO centers running there. The BPOs are offering hefty payments, often 10-15 percent more than mandatory minimum, along with other attractive perks, reports Goutam Das of The Financial Express.

The extra benefits on offer include relaxation in night shifts, paying guest accommodation for women near office premises, flexible work hours, pick-up and drop facilities and subsidized food.

Realizing that the families of these women would be hesitant in sending them to work, the BPOs are even arranging for 'touch and feel' sessions for the family members. These sessions incorporate dialogs with families of women, to make them understand the benefits of working there and thus add to the family's income. The families are also encouraged to visit the women workers at office premises.

The salaries can go well over 72,000 per annum. And if you are an engineering graduate you are sure to earn more.

Some of the firms that employ women in a large scale in the rural areas include NextWealth Entrepreneurs in Mallasamudram, Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh and Amargol near Hubli in Karnataka, British BPO firm Xchanging in Shimoga in Karnataka, Data Halli, run by JSW Foundation at Vijaynagar in Karnataka, Piramal Foundation's BPO 'Source for Change' in Bagar in Rajasthan.

Bigger BPOs are also exploring this option of 'hub (city) and spoke (villages)' model. Raj Patil, President, MphasiS' BPO division says the firm recently set up a 500-seat center at Raipur, where a quarter of the workforce is female.

Another trend that the BPOs are following is hiring elderly women aged 40 to 55. "Once they gain good experience working, they will go and spread the word. Their children are all in college and the strategy will eventually lead to more young people joining us," says Milind Godbole, President of Asia-Pacific operations at Minacs. Minacs recently hired elderly women at its latest center in Ranchi.

The BPOs are looking forward to start night shifts as well. Although there will be some resistance to this, the companies believe that with facilities like higher remuneration, better hygiene factors, insurance cover, pick-up and drop facilities, PF and other remunerations like subsidized food or meal vouchers for families will do the trick.

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Reader's comments(7)
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Posted by:san sandre live - 13 Aug, 2010
2: I really wonder why this article talks about only women NOT men, if they are really concern about the rural development. I strongly believe that all the BPO industries need only gullible employees and from this article it is unequivocal that they say Women’s are proved to be so. With many young people unemployed or frustrated in low-level positions I don’t why they are hiring oldies, Many modified referral scheme would benefit the youngster . The main goal behind hiring young people is to SUCK their blood and make them old @ 28.Many BPO industries takes profits by underpaying their employees .I don’t say women’s (Rural) should not be employed but they should not be underpaid. If they are really in a mood of benefiting rural women’s then NO WORRIES. But im sure they will make them GREEN WITH ENVY for all the things. Being envy will not benefit all the times.
Posted by:annaiannan - 09 Jul, 2010
I join with you annaiannan.
What you said is 200 % true and you produced a remarkably prophetic report on BPOs “attractive Perk”.
maxo Replied to: annaiannan - 28 Jul, 2010
4: It is very good sign to earn money and support your family in a better way. There are majority of people around us specially in rural areas who has not experienced or tasted the good part of the life as there income is very limited and they are forced to adjust within the small community. If given a chance to overcome these condition, I am sure tomorrow our country, not only urban also rural areas will be filled with smart and responsible people.
Posted by:Jaya - 29 Jun, 2010
5: very true ramachandra
Posted by:ravi - 29 Jun, 2010
6: this step will help the rural women in bettering their prospectives in future plus will add to their families' income.
Posted by:meghna - 29 Jun, 2010
At the same time, ONE NEEDS TO WATCH OUT THAT THE TRASHY WESTERN CULTURE OF BPOs don't spoil our rural lasses. Many of our urban girls esp Hindus have already gone down that rotten road. At least we can leave the rural women, esp Hindu women, free of this disease and not make these BPOs disrupt the rural fabric and ethos, which are the only remaining engines of our HIndu culture today.
Ramachandra Replied to: meghna - 29 Jun, 2010