Ayodhya verdict makes IT cos to close, work half day
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Ayodhya verdict makes IT cos to close, work half day

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 30 September 2010, 10:44 Hrs   |    1 Comments
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Ayodhya verdict makes IT cos to close, work half day
Banaglore: Ahead of the Allahabad High Court verdict on Ayodhya issue, some IT companies have decided to remain closed or work half day. During 9/11 people in California remained in the office and worked hard. Today, the empty offices in India have open up a hot topic for discussion. Did we forget the fact that 'man is not only the maker of destiny but also the destroyer of destiny'?

"The huge amount of money that is being lost today should be a learning for all Indians. The verdict will come only after 4 o'clock and the organizations that remained close today should be criticized strongly for their over precautions. Issues will happen but running away from them is not a solution," said Poornima B.S. a Homemaker.

Infosys has already decided to remain closed today. Wipro said that "We will be working half day today." Symphony Services has made some change working hours for today like starting early and closing early. Majority of the U.S. based IT firms has already announced off or work from home option to their employees. Whereas some of the Indian companies like Mindtree and Cognizant said that all their centres would be open and working as usual.

Some of the worried employees compared there organizations with the others and criticized firms for not paying heed to their security. "I have a family, when my wife and kids remain at home how they expect me to work here peacefully. I had enough experience during the time of Rajkumar's death and don't want the same again," opined an employee on demand of anonymity.

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Reader's comments(1)
1: Dear Editor
Out of all Bribes i)Political Bribe (free electricity,,free gold coin etc)ii)Religious Bribes iii)Violence Bribes(Maoists)

1.Out of all three types of bribes,,Religious bribe(conversion from one religion to another religion) is more dangerous.Political Bribes can get over by selecting a better political candidate.Maoists also can be defeated by implementing development based projects.

2.But Religious Tensions and Conversions ,,they can create permanent divisions across the society and can result in permanent damage with deep scars.

3.We have already seen mascares In Iraq ,,Pakistan even between different sects within the same religion .Religious divisions are not between rich vs poor but more deeper.

4.A society that is charged and polarized can have devastating effect ,,Afghanistan(Taliban )proved it.

5.Indian political Parties,,media ,,intellectuals should debate religious freedom vs Religious exploitation.I strongly feel targeting the masses at the bottom who are uneduacted and deprived of Social services and are in poverty to convert to a particular religion is defintely an exploitation using religion.

6.Indian should enact a law ,,that a person who is uneduacted ,,and struck in poverty cannot be religiously exloited.

7.This Religious exploitation can manifest over a period of time ,,and all it will take is one person from a religion A to get in fight with a person Religion B ,,in an atmosphere charged with social unrest will unleash a violence that can devstate a society and can potentially keep India from becoming a developed country.

8.There are ample examples ,,Armenians vs Turks,,Different sects within the same religion(Iraq,,Pakistan) etc.

9.I urge all youth of India,,Indian intellectuals,,Political elite to debate Religious Freedom Vs Religious Exploitation and then define the term Religious Exploitation and then come up with laws that prohibit targeting the marginalized with a religious conversion.

10.Yes ,,people are free to choose a faith ,,but that has to be natural way ,,not an implanted way ,,for that choice of religion or faith to be a natural way ,,one has to be above poverty and educated atleast upto year 12.

11.That is why indias middle class is not so vulnerable to religious conversions ,,as the bottom of the masses is.

12.i forsee ,,if religious conversion go unchecked ,,over the period of time ,,those people still at the bottom ,,but already converted can take a fight with a different religion ,,thus resulting in a devastating effect on Indian society.

13.So I urge India ,,to debate this silent ticking bomb now(Religios Exploitations) ,,and take corrective measures

14.Already the state of Andhra Pradesh ,,has been systematically expolited on such lines ,,and there is a young political turk ,,whose political ambition is to capture power knows very well ,,and he will not hesitate unleash the same ,,that gentleman will be a big blow Indian democracy and religious freedom ,,Harmony and peace
Posted by:rama anne - 30 Sep, 2010