Are Tech Savvy Entrepreneurs Creating More Impact On Youngsters?

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Are Tech Savvy Entrepreneurs Creating More Impact On Youngsters?
Fremont: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Farmville, and Mafia wars are known by more youngsters than the President, Prime-minister, cabinet Minister of the state. What is with the tech savvy entrepreneurs that make an impact on youngsters than those people who should really be known?

With more and more people joining various social networking sites, the time they used to spend to educate themselves about the who's who has reduced to who has the maximum land on Farmville, when is the next Twilight movie releasing, who has the maximum followers on Twitter.

The tech savvy entrepreneurs are witnessing the impact social media has on the youngsters today, and have jumped the bandwagon, to keep in touch with their followers, and keep them updated about their views on various topics.

The tech savvy entrepreneurs are gaining more popularity than the traditional leaders, owing to their reach. Take the case of India's youth icon, Rahul Gandhi, belonging to the Gandhi family might have helped him gain some popularity, but it is mainly due to his working with the common man, which have helped him gain the position of the youth icon. He is creating an impression by shedding his family inhibitions and vocalizing his opinions on the hot topics. He created news by travelling in local trains in Mumbai, and praising the anti-corruption movement by Anna Hazare.

Shashi Tharoor for example has 1,125,226 followers, Mark Zuckerberg has 101,466 followers, Omar Abdullah has47,882 followers. The social network has not left Pope Benedict XVI alone, who has 162 followers and growing.

Steve Jobs, started Apple in 1976and revolutionized the computer by making it in a small futuristic format compared to the old bulky hardware used before. Apple's iPod has revolutionized the way the world listens to music.

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook started a revolution by launching Facebook, which had some really good products which helped people and change the way they connect with people online, and making it easy for people to set up their own groups.

Technology has changed the way the world lives, so it time for another revolution? With celebrities and politicians joining the social networks, it seems so. The Pope was in news after he joined Twitter, Obama joining Fourquare (using it in a slightly less tradition way thou) to leave a tip describing what he did at the location after he's left.

The tech savvy entrepreneurs are making a wise use of the latest the technology has to offer--mobile apps, blogs, and social networking sites--enabling them to create more impact on the youngsters. They are always connected to their followers, giving them a real-time insight into their lives, as a result gaining popularity.

In today's global environment of a vast network of seamlessly connected devices, 2 billion people are connected to Internet, four billion have mobile phones with data capable smartphones now providing over 50 percent of new phone sales, and more than four million people are sharing billions of pieces if content and experiences each week via online exchanges.

Technology gains popularity via peers, so why not cash in on this pattern to make people aware of current events? Companies are already using the new wave in technological advancements to spread social awareness. The social media can be used in a similar mode to make the current generation aware of the important who's who also. With the social media gaining popularity, the politicians and other influential personalities have to join the social media in order to create an impact on today's generation.

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