Approach Parliamentary panel for changes in Lokpal Bill: Sibal

Approach Parliamentary panel for changes in Lokpal Bill: Sibal

Friday, 29 July 2011, 11:17 Hrs
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NEW DELHI: Government has said that people who are not satisfied with the Lokpal Bill approved byCabinet can approach the Standing Committee of Parliament and persuade it to make changes.

HRD MinisterKapil Sibal, who was part of the joint committee to draft the Bill, said the government has already reconciled taking into account a number of provisions suggested by the civil society.

"People who want amendments to the Bill are free to go to the Standing Committee. The Standing Committee will ask for public comments. They can come and try and persuade the Standing Committee.

"The Standing Committee represents Parliament in every measure. We will then take into account whatever the suggestions are and give a recommendation to the government which in turn will in turn either accept or not accept or partly accept or partly reject or accept wholly and introduce it back for passing in Parliament," he told PTI.

The Union Cabinet yesterday cleared the Lokpal Bill keeping the office of the Prime Minister outside its purview notwithstanding incumbent Manmohan Singh's insistence on subjecting himself to its scrutiny.

The Bill, to be introduced in Parliament on August three, also keeps out the judiciary and the conduct of MPs in Parliament from its purview.
Source: PTI
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