A Paradigm To Great Technology Leadership Epitome, Technopreneurship!

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Setting up an IT Testing Services venture during the challenging times made me search for the characteristic traits of successful leaders from history, which have been deployed successfully for centuries. I realized that the Leadership is all about "organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal". So, it became evident for me that the values of leadership is not intended towards increasing the wealth, prestige, power or scope of something. It is nothing but concentrating on achieving a “common goal”.


Transition from a Learner to Transformer:

Being in the IT services industry for more than a decade and as a techno-commercial enthusiast who witnessed the IT services businesses growing, I started adopting new methodologies and measurements developed after influential reviews that were ultimately reestablishing the viable approach to the act of leadership that was aimed at setting up a “common goal” than setting up an enterprise. The transition from an “Learner” to a “Practitioner” and then to a “Transformer” in the IT industry was a drastic shift and to etch a mark among the successful Technopreneur requires a diverse craftsmanship in the technology domain. Savvy leadership, is all about learning early in their careers that it is not about self-aggrandizement, rather it is more about enabling those around you and placing them into positions from which they can succeed. To succeed and possess favorable traits of Leadership, initially I will have to define the roles of actions against self and grooming your harbingers for every level makes the business sustainable. However, I would be glad to share a set of new methods and measurements developed after influential reviews that ultimately re-established the leadership roles internally.

The leadership traits are classified into Learner, Engager, Designer, Optimizer and Transformer. Each of them has distinctly defined roles to play such as learning from principles of knowledge, engaging the experience into the system, designing the processes, optimizing the resources and transforming opportunities to worthy businesses respectively. This enables the entire ecosystem, spanning both aspects of executive and governance, making the enterprise work as a metamorphosed unit towards achieving a “common goal”.


Right Approach Yields Success:

As the roles were defined, the approach to deploy them across the organization gained a momentum. Therefore, only a defined course of conduct was mandate for each role. The business was more into transforming the existing systems to reach new heights, and hence designing reinforcements rather than traditional approaches had to be done. As engaging the right set of practices at right time will give earnest outcomes on time, building the proper set of customary ways of operations in a similar way was needed; making it optimized to seize the opportunities before your competitors reach out. Once through, transforming opportunities at the enterprise degree gives a successful list of well-chosen clientele.

As entrepreneurship in technology domain, is vibrant & volatile, nourishing aspirations into same must be always backed by a rapid perk up. While the conventional view of leadership is rather satisfying to people who "want to be told what to do", critics say that one should question the rationale behind it.


Being a Unique Brand Values Most:

Exploring the uniqueness in a flat market is the key to be a successful Technopreneur (Technology Entrepreneur), so that your brand outshines those of its competitors. The art of Technopreneurship is something widely appreciated, by churning the Century’s most valued entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and many more yet to come.

Nevertheless, finding the factor of uniqueness is a part of worthy investments in innovations within the organization. As a leader in the technology domain, ones who aspire need to walk a step ahead, so that they become an inspiration for their successors.

Augmenting the value for your business by building a unique brand gives a sense of accomplishment. This gets appreciation from a senior leader for the expertise in mobilizing the team to action and achieving intended results. When organizations hit roadblocks, people issues can complicate productivity as well. This is where the leadership context rises to the fore, by binding your unique brand under one umbrella. Creating and managing the team requires that the leader apply appropriate attention; and when the team succeeds there is a great deal of satisfaction.

The article is authored by Thomas Jacob, Director, Qutesys.

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