80,000-page charge sheet against Raja

80,000-page charge sheet against Raja

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 30 March 2011, 06:20 Hrs   |    30 Comments
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80,000-page charge sheet against Raja
New Delhi: To end the long saga of the 2G scam, the CBI and the government legal advocates have decided to file the charge sheet on April 2nd. An 80,000 page charge sheet will be filed against former Communications Minister A. Raja, four former telecom officials and two telecom companies to the Supreme Court on April 2nd. The documents carry the complete details of the parties involved, politicians who were involved, the Bureaucrats who were involved, the corporates companies who were involved, corporate personalities, Media persons and lobbyists and the Petitioners who brought the scam to the lime light. The 60-day deadline for filing the charge sheet expires on April 3.

Earlier the charge sheet was to be submitted on March 31st but the government legal advisor K.K. Venugopal told a Bench of Justices G.S. Singhvi and A.K. Ganguly that the agency was still in the process of readying the charge-sheet. When asked for the reason of the postpone, he said that the persons involved in the case were high profile personalities who vouch for a good defense by raising technical objections at every stage. He said the only way to avoid road blocks from the defense is to have a strong case built on them which has no loop holes.

Venugopal also played safe when Justice Singhvi expressed a desire to peruse the draft charge sheet before it was filed in the special court. He said that if they filed the draft charge sheet to the court then the accused would then claim that the Supreme Court has examined the charge sheet and we do not have the option of seeking discharge.

The accused will be charged under Sections 420 (cheating), 467 and 471 (forgery and passing off forged documents as original) of the Indian Penal Code, and several charges under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act and the Prevention of Corruption Act. The legal advisor has also listed them under conspiracy to defraud, using the first come first serve policy and forgery of official documents.

The charge sheet also lists the Swan telecom company and said that the Swan telecom takeover was against the Reserve Bank of India norms. The penalty under the Foreign Exchange Management Act would be five times the loss caused to the government and the company property can also be confiscated.

However, the probe into the scam has still not seen a complete end with CBI arresting fresh people to add on to their pages. Two more persons Asif Balwa and Rajeev B Agarwal or alleged involvement in money transfer to DMK's Kalaingar TV channel in connection with the 2-G spectrum case. Asif is the younger brother of former Managing Director of DB-Etislat group Shahid Balwa, who has already been arrested by the CBI. Shahid's association with the underworld is being probed by the agency separately.

Further on the current scenario Justice Singhvi has made it very clear that no interference from any quarter would be tolerated. If there was any interference, the CBI could bring it to the court's notice immediately.

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Reader's comments(30)
1: Anna Hazare the person more than 70s in age is standing against corruption to pass Lok Pal bill Then why cannot the young hot blood of our nation We see a huge patriotism at the time of cricket but where does this patriotism go at the time of fighting for the good cause of nation Let us come together and support ANNA HAZARE to abolish corruption and uproot the corrupt people from our motherland If you can not do anything you can at least call at 02261550789 give a full ring nobody will pick your phone you will get the sms in reply This would be a your bit support towards this revolutionary patriotic movement towards the nation JAI HIND
Posted by:Shashi Dev Pandey - 07 Apr, 2011
Posted by:Am s - 03 Apr, 2011
3: IT deptt. is doing but, we are not sure that these miscreants "desh drohis" will be punished. Hoping for thie corruption free Bharat...
Posted by:Shashi Dev Pandey - 02 Apr, 2011
4: All mob psychology exhibited in these comments. No fair trial can take place in this atmosphere. Our judiciary is supreme and knows its lakshman Rekha and its limitations. A charge sheet has filed . Let us not become spokesmen for the prosecution. Let law take its own course.An accused is innocent until proved guilty. We are not a Banana republic nor is our Judiciary a lame duck. We must learn to respect the judicial process. We are playing to a gallery.
Posted by:Sankar Aiyer - 02 Apr, 2011
5: All traitors A.Raja, Karunanidhi, Kanimozhi, Raajaathi Karunanidhi, Dhayaalu Karunanidhi and others should made lie on hot tar road and a road engine should be driven on them.
Posted by:Karim Khan - 01 Apr, 2011
6: Irrespective of age and status all individuals involved in@G scam should paraded nakedly and nailed on wooden plank. Imagine in that line about Karunanidhi, Kanimozhi together, A.Raja and Rajaathi together, Dhayaalu and all bureaucrats together - all getting nailed naked.
Posted by:Sundar - 01 Apr, 2011
7: The first thing BEFORE the case ends should be to bring our country's hard-earned money BACK from whichever bank they have kept it in. I sincerely appeal to the Supreme Court - I really don't care whether the culprits live in jail or die - I care about the money which can be used constructively to build a better country. So the first probe should be made to TRACE the money-trail and BRING the money back. I hope the 80,000 page charge-sheet contains something about this.
Posted by:Sanjay Gulabani - 01 Apr, 2011
8: Poor cops. CBI is assigned the job of accountant for A Raja. All the days, when Raja was minting this much of countries money, surely he wont be keeping an account of it. Now, CBI is doing. After, all the hard work of CBI and court proceedings, Raja will die. Money will be safe in swiss bank accounts for his family. Poor cops will be assigned new accountant job.
Posted by:vijay - 31 Mar, 2011
9: These people has to be punished very severly. They are utilizing the government resources for their personal aspect and njoying government foods too. Better these people can eat something else instead of food. Shoot him and hang him in the center of Parliment Road instead of filing a case and putting him in Jail & dragging the case for 10 years wasting the time and money of Indian Officials and Government
Posted by:SKP - 31 Mar, 2011
10: its been highly shameful,making such untolerable corruptionist as our leader of telecom industry,my only wish is that the supreme court should entitile these corruptionist
with penality,confiscation of property,and life imprisonment as well,the punishment should be heavier for money laundering even the history and future of Indian politics should remember this.....
we dont have proper plans for
*technology in gov officials
*no proper irrigation and canals to increase food production
*no enough proper place to store food grains
*no fireful enforcement directorate and detective civil system to monitor before scams happen
we have
*no limitation to spend money for election
*easy way of scams from 2lakh crore to infinity
India is a powerful nation .... its in the hands of supreme court to make it more powerful or a hanicapped poor nation
where the judgement of 2g scam will decide the future of INCREDIBLE INDIA

Posted by:DINESH MURUGAVEL - 31 Mar, 2011
11: i just complete the sentence "mera bharat mahan 100 me se 99 baimaan"
if we had 99 baimaan persons among 100 persons in the system then how can we get the justice, we have to change the system and through out the persons like A.Raja from the system
Posted by:Abdul Musawwir - 31 Mar, 2011
hahahahahahahaha, First change yourself system will automaticaly changed
Ajay Replied to: Abdul Musawwir - 31 Mar, 2011
What change do you expect in individual in present environment.Face the music of corrupt political, judicial and law enforcement scenario. Day and night in news we see the land grabbing by political leaders , threats to the ownders if they do not yield, no small scale business can be run in any part of India with out bribes, no exports of goods and services can pass through the Government channel with out corruption, Neki kar, aur sooli pe chad ja. Every one can not become phoolan devi or a naxalite to raise even a slight voice against one and all of the corrupt men, leaders around. What change do you exactly refer, PCMAN public.commonman@gmail.com
pcman Replied to: Ajay - 31 Mar, 2011
14: I firmly believe in our judicial system. Though a little late but the culprits will be brought to justice. And its our duty to support those officials who are working day and night to bring these corrupt beaurocrats to justice. Rather than challanging their efficiency and demotivating them we should appriciate their work.
Posted by:Moiz ali - 31 Mar, 2011
CJ BALAKRISHNA and kith and kin benefits,His office staff allotted housing in chennai by DMK.The present pending cases will take 350 years to dispose in Indian courts. I do agree and believe in Judicial stystem , not in this world but In God's dharbar where the punishments go along the next births PCMan public.commonman@gmail.com
pcman Replied to: Moiz ali - 31 Mar, 2011
16: Mera Bharath Mahan Be it Kalmadi, Raja, Hasan Ali the final note will be to bang ED that no proper proof and all will enjoy liberation and freedom at poor common public cost and making the Politicians wealthier and richer. Coming to 40 years case , do not worry read this Transparency International, the Global Corruption Watchdog organization said in February 2006, In India 26 Supreme Court judges faced a backlog of more than 30,000 pending cases over three million cases were pending in the high court’s 350 years of work for the countrys 670 judges at the current rate of resolution.PCMAN public.commonman@gmail.com
Posted by:pcman - 30 Mar, 2011
17: Judges will read this charge sheet for next 40 years.
Posted by:3211 - 30 Mar, 2011
Ha! Haa! He will never read the chargesheet I think.
Shankar Replied to: 3211 - 31 Mar, 2011
by that time raja' son becomes CM of Tamilnadu
Jerry Replied to: 3211 - 30 Mar, 2011
No. No. Say PM of India. Dirty politician.
Vijay Replied to: Jerry - 31 Mar, 2011
That is sure and Raja will be elected as MP in the next Election also.
Mahesh Replied to: 3211 - 30 Mar, 2011
Then he will say that the people of India have given the mandate and he can not be accused. That is what happening with the present Parliament
S Thiruvengadam Replied to: Mahesh - 31 Mar, 2011
CBI close this case stating "THIS CASE IS HEADING NOWHERE".
3211 Replied to: Mahesh - 30 Mar, 2011
Why people wasting government money and time in this case. Shoot Raja, seal all his property.
Rohit Replied to: 3211 - 30 Mar, 2011
Will u shoot?
Praveen Replied to: Rohit - 04 Apr, 2011
Shooting is not enough. He must be totally striped off his dress in public platform along with Kanimozhi, Karunanidhi, his wife Rajaathi and Dhayaalu. All totally naked in public and flogged severly until theyall die. Strictly no sympathy.
Sundar Replied to: Rohit - 01 Apr, 2011
this is only the way to stop this kind SCAM, if it happne once than other person will think twice before dong this kind SCAM.
Anil Sharma Replied to: Rohit - 31 Mar, 2011
That is the sure way of arresting spiralling cases of corruption in this Mahan Bharath.But can anybody bell the cat? None. So the drama of wasting public money will continue for ever and ever.
Nalinaksha Mutsuddi Replied to: Rohit - 31 Mar, 2011
u r absolutely right Mr.
seal his property before shoot..
karunakaran Replied to: Rohit - 30 Mar, 2011
No one can save this country..it is totally became a habit of all fellow who ever doing this.we can just read & comment on this no power to general public.is any law in India which can take the decision to give punishment by the vote of public?
Mahesh Replied to: karunakaran - 31 Mar, 2011