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63rd Republic Day- 63 Things to Admire About India

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 25 January 2012, 13:54 Hrs   |    13 Comments
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The Big Fat Indian Wedding: In the splendor and show, there is nothing more dramatized than an Indian wedding. Something you can’t afford to miss is the Indian wedding with its diverse rituals and customs. It is the occasion that calls for the big splurge and display. It gives us Indians a great excuse to get together with our zillion relatives and do what we do best, have some fun!

Festivals: Be it Diwali, Holi, Id or Christmas, Indians celebrate all the festivals with equal zest and enthusiasm. India is known for its diverse culture and showcases its unity in its diversity.

Wagah Retreat Ceremony: The 'lowering of the flags' ceremony at an official land crossing between India and Pakistan is one of the most beautiful ceremonies. The fascinating, intense show of pomp, war cries and aggression is a must watch.

The Metro: The new Indian era has changed commuting habits. The Metro has finally made travel easy for commuters in the big cities. Led by the visionary leadership, it has set benchmarks in transparency, keeping to schedules and in developing civic infrastructure.

The Indian Attire: Be it sarees, kurta or salwar kameez the Indian attire is definitely a thumbs up. The Indian attire is an attraction for most of the foreign tourists.

Gold: This is rather evident that wherever there's an Indian, there is Gold. Our fascination for the yellow metal makes us the largest consumers in the world, maybe it explains why we didn't sink too badly during recession.

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Reader's comments(13)
1: Everybody has his or her own likings and dislikings. And that is not bad. But the problem with most of we Indians is, just criticism and doing nothing. Criticism has become a way of life of the Indians. I have been travelling the world for the last over 35 years and have had been to over 60 countries of this globe several times. I have seen that no system is perfect. The word perfect is in fact, a fantasy. Because perfection cant be achieved but is a continutous process. I have written a 7 page article on the British society and politics named What is great in great Britain today, which highlights how this so-called rich country is living in poverty and corruption. And never forget world's those 52 countries are most corrupt which were ruled by the British. Also take the example of the US, is there anybody who could just count the one third of the states of the US? No, because except 8 - 10 states which have been doing good, nobody on this earth knows about the rest as they are the poorest of the poor. Do the readers know that 80 per cent of chinese live below the poverty line?

Self criticism is bad, not 'self-introspection'. We should self-introspect what we have achieved and what we should strive to. This article is not based on the economic reports but simply to remind every single Indian that what we have with us, makes us different from others. And we should be proud of it. The day we Indians will start looking at our own actions, stop pissing by the roadsides, start caring for the road-signals, start loving the neighbours and become tolerant and considerate to others, I think we will be more proud.

We have a lot to be proud still , but let us make ourselves worthy of it, let us try to be human beings, let us stop comparing ourselves with others. Others are others and can never be us. Stop thinking that bahu should be gori and stop being racial to our brothers and sisters from other states. Let be proud of ourselves and the whole country. No problem if our leaders were wrong and corrupt, at least we the people, try to be honest, stop being hipocrates and still there is a lot which we can do as I have already said, it is a continuous process. I am sorry, these are my own views and I never mean to hurt the feelings of others. (And never think that I dont know what bad things we have, but I simply mean, let us recognize our strengths, shun our weaknesses, be positive and change the self and not expect from others. Thanks. Dr. A. Kumar
Posted by:Dr. A. Kumar - 28 Jan, 2012
Kudos....Happy with your words for being Indian.

pras Replied to: Dr. A. Kumar - 29 Jan, 2012
Thanx Pras, I am glad that there is another Indian like you also who understands the meaning of being an Indian. Thanx and take care. Dr. A. Kumar
Dr. A. Kumar Replied to: pras - 31 Jan, 2012
4: i counted,it is 62 nos.
Posted by:AYAS KUMAR DAS - 28 Jan, 2012
5: 63rd Republic day, 63 Laurels to India. Article is good and I like reading fake articles, because I am an Indian and I love my country. Thanks to our Brave Politicians who could manage to bring in few Call centres & IT farms. With our work force & talent, wish these guys had the spine to do more, so that our actual India (Villages) could have benefitted. Meanwhile lets be happy reading this article and wait for 26 January 2013. Cheers......
Posted by:Tapan - 26 Jan, 2012
6: This Article Doesnt show what we achived in 63 years of being Repiblic, the old hospitality and namste thing going down from ages. even the song is like "Hum hoge Kamyab ek din" But in last 63 years that "ek din" has never arrived...
Posted by:saumil shah - 26 Jan, 2012
7: I'm an indian and proud of my country.
THis artical could have been better.Not all 63 make me interesting like the metro's this is nothing to be proud of. If you start to compare india with other countries forget Europe at least with south east Asia like Singapore with no own resource we lose the battle in seconds.Who wants to take credit for it! Bull
Posted by:Sandeep - 26 Jan, 2012
It is no doubt a summation of things that are really good about india and make us proud despite all the nagging worries.However one major problem with our country seems to be the growing tendancy to keep on dividing! Thanks to various factors especially political,we tend to divide and subdivide with the result even smallest differences are enough to create a divide. No longer are we considering ourselves as indians but as members of various groups based on regions,languages ,religions,castes, colour and creed .It will not be a surprise if in the near future it becomes more difficult for people and goods to move accross staes than it is in the different countries of Europe!Neighbouring States are prepared to go to 'war' on various parochial issues therby imperriling the lives ,liberties and properties of migrants from other states.
While celebrating our 63rd Republic day I sincerely hope and pray that better sense will prevail and we will learn to reject such negative tendencies and live as true indians helping the nation to reach better standards of understanding and tolerance. It is the bounden duty of the seniors and elders to inculcate this in the young minds of our nation if we have avoid a dangerous future! Jai Hind!
xavier v l Replied to: Sandeep - 26 Jan, 2012
Thanks Xavier. Wish we get some more Anna's, Nitishe's,Narayan Murty's and Ratan Tata's to take care of our democracy & Parliament. South Asia is galloping. Look at Inonesia, Malyasia, Singapore, south Korea and the fastest China. We pledge to gallop on Rajpath every Independence day. Wish this year our leaders truely honour their pledges.
Tapan Replied to: xavier v l - 26 Jan, 2012
Posted by:S M GHOSH - 26 Jan, 2012
11: India is on the move, despite the noises of doom and gloom. Our nation is getting stronger and it is a proud moment to see the strength on such occasion. What needed is to live the experience of being an India that recognises that
the nation is for all and all of the citizens
are for a one nation. The nation needs to
be conformable within itself for learning to
respect and celebrate diversity in our political
believes as much as social, cultural and
religious differences to strengthen the pillars
of democracy.
Posted by:Buddhdev Pandya - 26 Jan, 2012
12: I attended the Republic day celebrations at the Indian Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Reading the 63 compilation is very interesting and brought memories back fresh and great feeling. Unity in diversity is definitely a very unique aspect to our country.
Posted by:Ramesh Babu - 26 Jan, 2012
Posted by:Lt Gen Dr Mohan Bhandari - 26 Jan, 2012