5 things not to say at a job interview
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5 things not to say at a job interview

By SiliconIndia   |   Saturday, 12 June 2010, 06:54 Hrs   |    56 Comments
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5 things not to say at a job interview
Bangalore: Interview success in today's job market is bit difficult. But if we prepare well it is not a Herculean task to attract the interviewers. The importance of creating a good impression within the allotted time is so important in an interview.

To make a good impression, it is important to know what the interviewer is look for and what they are testing you on, according to a report by Sanjeev Sinha of EconomicTimes.com.

According to Arindam Lahiri, Director- Academics, Career Launcher India, there are five things that should be avoided while attending an interview. Rude replies, bluffing, being defensive, unprepared responses and lack of interview strategy can end up portraying a person?s personality in an unappealing manner.

Rude replies

Short, curt, arrogant or confrontational comments and replies are of course a strict no-no. You might want to pay attention to peer review about whether you come across as a genuinely friendly, amicable person or otherwise. Besides the obvious fact that the interviewer is all powerful when it comes to deciding your fate regarding the job, also keep in mind that they are not sitting there with the sole purpose of antagonizing you.

"The objective of putting you in a spot is usually to observe your behavior under pressure. Getting agitated easily would betray a lack of coping skills. On the other hand, dealing with such 'tests' with grace not only saves you trouble but also immediately scores you points," said Lahiri.


If you hesitate to admit something that you don't know, you will be forced to continue bluffing until you either get caught, or are forced to do what you were supposed to do in the first place - say "I don't know."

This statement can help you move away from topics you don't know much about and possibly salvage the interview by starting a new conversation thread. Of course, using this statement too often would lead to the interviewer assuming you don't know much.

Getting defensive

If you happened to make a mistake and were rightly corrected, then make sure that you gracefully admit your error and allow for the discussion to be carried on in a polite tone. Leave the 'offense is the best defence' theory outside the door along with excess ego that could seriously hamper your chances of success.

It is also necessary to clarify the interviewer as they can also be wrong about something. Maybe the mistake on their part is actually deliberate conducted, to test your knowledge or relevant social skills.

"In such a scenario, wherein you are absolutely sure of your view, stick to your guns, but (again) gracefully. Be polite but firm while presenting your case, and after a while, you might want to agree to disagree and free up the conversation to on to the next topic," informs Lahiri.

Unprepared responses

There are certain questions that are taken as granted to appear in any interview - questions related to your goals, about yourself, your reason for applying to the particular job, your interest in that company and so on.

To earn a favourable impression, the answer to these should be thoroughly prepared, clear and precise, leaving no ambiguity in the interviewer's mind.

"This does not mean you have to have a rigid 10-year plan for life or be aware of exactly what you are going to do when. Rather, your thinking process and general direction should be organized and clearly presented to the interviewers. Doing your homework early on can guarantee you a certain number of points even before you walk in the interview room," said Lahiri.

Lack of interview strategy

In a selection process, the interviewer is required to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. For this, he/she has to steer the conversation and investigate various aspects of the candidate's personality.

If instead, you learn how to steer the interview on your own, by giving open ended answers that lead to more question in those specific fields that interest you and in which you command decent amount of knowledge, you would make the interview a smoother process for the interviewer and a more rewarding one for yourself.

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Reader's comments(56)
1: this is very useful for me during d interview bz i strt bluffing n also confused by the Q's asked by the interviewd. i think this will help me a lot thanks.
Posted by:Prerna - 22 Jun, 2010
2: No matter you succeed or not. But this is all expected from a candidate.
Posted by:Yogesh Gautam - 21 Jun, 2010
3: Dear friend,
I work in private engineering college.The suggestions given above are applicable to all except private engineering colleges.where it does not matter what you know but whom you know.

Posted by:Hari Shankar Sharma - 20 Jun, 2010
4: this is very nice articles, it will definite help the candidate who r seeking for job. kindly post more articles related to this subject.
Posted by:Harry - 19 Jun, 2010
5: good
Posted by:bhagavathi perumal - 14 Jun, 2010
6: Good Artile, People should keep in mind, these kind of advice.
Posted by:Ramesh Muniswamy - 14 Jun, 2010
7: Thanks Nice Article..... This is not only true for interview but equally true for daytoday life.

Posted by:jakkas - 13 Jun, 2010
8: its really a great article which is very benefit to all the unemployed people thanks......
Posted by:mithu dutta - 13 Jun, 2010
9: good article... thank you
Posted by:MAGESHWARAN.M - 13 Jun, 2010
10: lot of articles are there on this topic.... its not so informatic. I hv seen many good guys getting dropped by the HRs. So wht an interviwer is looking for is not clear in HRs mind itself. There are lot of guys working in my organizatin who should not be there. its all luck and HRs wish. so just play your own game , record will be set. be positive, look smart, be polite with an attitude.
Posted by:Mritunjaya - 13 Jun, 2010
Hi Mritunjay.
U r perfactly true, generally HR has no concern for the talent or capability of the person, for them it is only a number game to complete there recruitment targets. nevertheless one has to be positive, polite and confident in what he speaks.
Sabhash Replied to: Mritunjaya - 20 Jun, 2010
i totally agree with u , the success of an interview totally depends upon how hard u bang a hammer on the nail. you just need to be sure of what u r saying . indian hr just want loud yet polite and commanding person .....wht ever the job may be. . .
shanal Replied to: Mritunjaya - 19 Jun, 2010
Inidan Hr's are the worst they do not have a clue about the requirement or what they are looking for HR do not have performance goals ike the techies and most of the time need to sit around like ducks so when it comes to a HR round they think it is like a park and they are meeting a girl friend and act in a stupid way which irritates the techies and the good guys want to get away from this bullshit. Best thing to do today earn and save some money and start your own company because large companies need useless people and moreover need more ass lickers than talent.
dennis Replied to: Mritunjaya - 13 Jun, 2010
Partly it may be true for one or the other reason but i think by and large it is the attitute and the subject that matters while dealing with such situations.

Kranti Replied to: dennis - 14 Jun, 2010
15: Thanks
Posted by:Tarun Kapoor - 13 Jun, 2010
16: It's a good article that would definitely help people, accepting that you are not aware of something is very important when facing the interview.
Posted by:Sanjay Valson Hubert - 13 Jun, 2010
It is really very great answer for knowledge all person who going first time interview appear or who not under stand how to appear in interview.
I really thanks full.
Riyaz Replied to: Sanjay Valson Hubert - 13 Jun, 2010
18: Really nice article, it is very most useful information for the people who are going to build their career in future. I highly appreciate for providing such a nice tips.....
thank u very much
Posted by:syed muzaffar - 13 Jun, 2010
19: Good information.
Posted by:M.Anand - 13 Jun, 2010
20: good
Posted by:prakash - 13 Jun, 2010
21: Seems general BUT really great article.... It perfectly makes sense and it is applicable for all level of interviews.... I have tried these with me and it works and also when i interveiw people it helps me over there.... Thanks a billion for putting across all points ...
Posted by:Ravindra Singh - 13 Jun, 2010
Could u be more elaborative on the selection criteria at different levels of interviewing and the lucrative answers.

Kranti Replied to: Ravindra Singh - 14 Jun, 2010
23: A really informative article, will help a lot of people
Posted by:Ashwina Sharma - 13 Jun, 2010
24: The article is really nice and very helpful who are oftenly attending the unterviews.
Posted by:Inayat pasha - 13 Jun, 2010
25: its a good and informative for those who are preparing for there first shot. great stuff.
Posted by:ashish - 13 Jun, 2010
26: It's Really a great article i have ever read about preparation of an interview. Thanks silicon india!
Posted by:Surya Raj Tripathi - 13 Jun, 2010
Lots of valuable information. Thank you
Vikram kulkarni Replied to: Surya Raj Tripathi - 13 Jun, 2010
28: Nice article
Posted by:Rahul - 12 Jun, 2010
achiving matter.
Ashish Replied to: Rahul - 13 Jun, 2010
ya its really nice .... it could help us to improve myself...
Ranjith kumar Replied to: Rahul - 13 Jun, 2010
31: very helpful
Posted by:Aditya Neurgaonkar - 12 Jun, 2010
32: good points
Posted by:srinivasa.s.v - 12 Jun, 2010
33: its very helpful for every unemployed person,
Posted by:shailendra bhadoria - 12 Jun, 2010
34: we will always remember these valuable points.
Posted by:saurabh - 12 Jun, 2010
35: article is very informative and most of the job seekers know these point .... but the problem is with "to know what the interviewer is look for and what they are testing you on".... It will be very helpful if u tell the way how to know the interviewers mind.
Posted by:Naushadali - 12 Jun, 2010
36: u have only given 5 ways 2 do well in interview. but whr r those 5 things which should not b spoken during interview? n pls add some more points. thnx
Posted by:rohit - 12 Jun, 2010
37: In an interview never ask

Sir, When we will get our call letter.
Interviewers get angry on hearing such kind of questions
Posted by:Arpit - 12 Jun, 2010
38: informative article.. expect more lik dis
Posted by:Aruna Rajaram - 12 Jun, 2010
39: yes it is the key to get success in any interview
Posted by:ravikant agarwal - 12 Jun, 2010
40: Yea. Its suggestion to job seekers.
Posted by:Firos shah - 12 Jun, 2010
41: Youngsters seeking jobs,follow the suggestions carefully to be successful.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP)
Posted by:Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 12 Jun, 2010
42: Really very useful article.
It can also be Elaborated.
But a great move ...

Thanks SiliconIndia..
Posted by:Shishir Asati - 12 Jun, 2010
43: what a rubbish things
Posted by:Mandeep - 12 Jun, 2010
44: very informative and usefull.... interesting to read because the display s short & sweet
Posted by:kiruthiga - 12 Jun, 2010
Posted by:AYNA - 12 Jun, 2010
46: very informative to the freashers. thank you.
Posted by:chaitra k.p. - 12 Jun, 2010
47: Good points, one has to remember to come out successfully!
Posted by:Narendra Singh - 12 Jun, 2010
48: indeed very useful
Posted by:Manish - 12 Jun, 2010
49: Very useful article.
Posted by:Gopi - 12 Jun, 2010
General but very crucial point people tend to forget....thanks!
leela Replied to: Gopi - 12 Jun, 2010
Good & valid points for any level of interview.
Ganesh M. Replied to: leela - 12 Jun, 2010
really a gud article for those who are prepairing for any job. these points are very crucial point...so these points should be kept in mind while going through any type of interview...it doesn't matter weather you are fresher or experienced bcz everyone should be prepared accordingly.....
shalu Replied to: Ganesh M. - 12 Jun, 2010
good article in plain simple english which can be easily understood and remembered especially when under stress while attending interviews mostly for freshers.i really ike it.personally i love giving interviews as well as taking them.i just be myself n enjoy the process.
thanks for the tips.awaiting more
kirtee Replied to: shalu - 13 Jun, 2010
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roshan Replied to: kirtee - 14 Jun, 2010
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