5 Myths managers believe

By Kukil Bora, SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 01 February 2011, 01:09 Hrs   |    20 Comments
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Bangalore: How should a manager behave? When you ask this question to a team member, he'll probably first describe how his manager is and what the traits he lacks are. Then he will go on and create a character much flexible and easy going then his actual manager. The qualities that the team member expects in his manager may not be the ideal ones, but the fact that he wants some change in his manager's behavior indicates that there is something that the manager is holding on to, which he should avoid. Very often managers try to live by some seeming expectations of business and simply play out roles, which turns out to be harmful for the team performing for them. This is something which results from some traditional beliefs or myths of management. Let's discuss a few. 1. Managing is about controlling and telling people what to do
From a typical manager's point of view, yes it is. But when it comes to manage a team and leading it to an end goal in its true sense, he who follows this is not in the right track. A conscientious manager tries to create excitement about a common goal in the minds of the team members and then influence their ingenuity to achieve that. Simply dictating things and creating a must-do situation often leads to lack of productivity.

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