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16 Crores Spent in 3 Years on Ajmal Kasab

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 22 November 2011, 11:34 Hrs   |    41 Comments
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16 Crores Spent in 3 Years on Ajmal Kasab

Bangalore: As the memories of the deadliest day draws near, it's revealed that the government of Maharashtra has spent over 16 Crores in three years on Ajmal Kasab, India's most high-profile prisoner.

The lone Pakistani terrorist captured alive during the Mumbai terror attacks that killed 164 people is now accommodated at the Arthur Road jail. The state home department has spent over 16.17 crore on his accommodation which necessitated building a special cell and deployment of special forces from Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) apart from expenses on his food, safety and medical treatments.

It should also be noted that the expenditure doesn't include the fees paid to the special public prosecutor and his team. And it's reported that the state government is taking a stock of the huge money spent on this Pakistani national in the wake of the third anniversary of the 26/11 attacks.

The city of Mumbai had been in siege as a group of 10 terrorists from its immediate neighbor and archrival Pakistan, who went on a three-day killing spree leaving 164 people dead and 308 injured. Caught alive during the attacks, Kasab received a fair trial in a special court at the end of which sessions court judge M L Tahilyani sentenced him to death.

The legal expenditure alone was estimated to be around 12 Lakhs until the case was challenged in the apex court. Special public prosecutor Ujwal Nikam's fee has reportedly gone up ever since the case was taken to the Supreme Court and he is paid 50,000 a day for every hearing along with business class air travels and VIP suite in the state guesthouse. The state has paid Rs 10.87 crore up to July 2011 for the ITBP who provides 20 commandos equipped with highly sophisticated weaponry and communication devices to provide a round the clock guard to Kasab.

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Reader's comments(41)
1: The fools who run this country should also contribute a similar amount to the families of the victims
Posted by:Satinder - 26 Nov, 2011
2: How much of this money has gone into the pockets of our politicians, police, jail authorities, contractors etc. etc. etc.? I wonder.
Posted by:k d - 26 Nov, 2011
3: we didn't spend 16thousand rupees on helpless people but we spent 16 crore rupees on criminal kasab this is our foolishness. pluck the roots of ......... at the stage of beginning not to wait for more time. KILL HIM
Posted by:joshi - 25 Nov, 2011
4: Suvver kasab is not a muslim.Mumbai police shud feed him porks to destroy his belief.So we can xcommunicate him from Islam.
Posted by:Abdullah latif - 24 Nov, 2011
5: mehmman nawajee mee kam hii hai. isse jyada too ghotalla ho rahaa hai
Posted by:krishnakant - 24 Nov, 2011
6: The amount being expended for the notorious terrorists protection to be recovered from the people responsible for speedy execution of the sentence. Supreme court may take a priority hearing on the appeal, considering the expenses. Even Hon Supreme court confirm, the vote thristy politicians are not going to carryout execution.The expenses on Afzal Guru to be recovered from Uninion Home ministry officials and Delhi Government officials
Posted by:BALAKRISHNAN - 24 Nov, 2011
7: It is learnt from reliable sources that people in Pakistan are overwhelmed by the high profile and warm treat they get in India once they caught after killing Indians. Many youths are requesting the Govt. and ISI, and even they que up in front of these offices to get enrolled in special training for getting a better life in India. Thanks for the lone policeman who, even though succembed to bullets from respected Ajmal Kasab, caught him and get him arrested. Indian Govt. is making a special cell of well trained policement who can even die for catching such respected guests form Pakistan. Experts see this as a new and very exciting way to bridge the gap between the two warring nations. India Govt expects Pakistan to respect India's gesture in treaing their citizens far better than Indians.
Posted by: - 24 Nov, 2011
8: Why to spend too much money on FAKE PROJECTS?
Posted by:Padma R N - 23 Nov, 2011
9: hahahah...New candidate for BIGG BOSS season 6....
Posted by:Rajan Mehta - 23 Nov, 2011
10: Oh ho... India keep it up... pls keep on spending our hard earned tax paid money to the martyrs of Pakistan.... Poloiticians pls spend as much you can....because this money is not your black money
Posted by:Pulak Panja - 23 Nov, 2011
11: He should be hanged,its just a drama go get muslim vots by congress,they are corrupting the system,
Posted by:suresh - 23 Nov, 2011
12: i think that the government had some five year plants and all on this case
Posted by:Ajith K S - 23 Nov, 2011
13: Chuta govt hai ye shalle kasab ko marne se phale sonia Gandi ka kandan ko kathum karna chahiye.ek normal jeevan kane se baiter hai ki ekk terrorist hona achaa hai kuki terrorist ko hi india me bhahut izzet hour sape place hai.
Posted by:Anil - 23 Nov, 2011
14: Does the Govt. have a 5 year plan for him?
Posted by:Tathagat - 23 Nov, 2011
15: Oh, that is why intruders always seek aslum in India. Pakistan should have been jubilient at this expense met on its single citizen. He is not even a high cader diplomat. 16 Crores on one person in 3 years! Wow. Why go elsewhere when Indians are ready to give heavenly treat. Train for a pittance and push for heavens.
Posted by:elitevenkat.kashyap - 23 Nov, 2011
16: This is our Tax paid Money . We can only keep getting such ridicule news update . We all are so helpless . Pathetic.
Posted by:S R Das - 23 Nov, 2011
17: the expenses on security are not a waste. because the money does not go outside of our country.the only problem is the man hours of our personnel are used for no objective achievement
Posted by:chandrakant - 23 Nov, 2011
18: It seems like we had found out a new age business model for terrorism.
Posted by:Anish - 23 Nov, 2011
19: Seems like killing is very helpful & generates lot of fame.
Also we are so kind to pay for his Luxuries & expenses despite we at the other end are craving for basic things in life.
Wow what an IRONY.
Posted by:Jaffar - 22 Nov, 2011
20: Indian government should fine Pakistan and send a bill for this terrorist attack.
16 cr. is only the money spent for Kasabs security and Medication. what about the money spent by government to help the 308 injured they were paid Rs.1 lac per person ie.3.08 cr. and for 164 people who died government paid 5 lac per person ie 8.2 cr. to their relatives.
also dont forget that this terrorists have distroyed many Public and private places like Taj Hotel, Oberoi hotel etc what about the repair cost.
i am sure this 16 cr figure will go up to 160 cr. if we consider all the total losses.
indian government should not waste more time and hang this madar-----t.
Posted by:pankaj - 22 Nov, 2011
21: A foolish system led by corrupt and cunning people who never leave a chance to money via any channel. Those having vested interest are even minting money through the terrorist Kasab who should have been hanged long ago. Ujwal Nikam charging Rs. 50,000/day of hearing and likes are minting money in the name of Kasab as if the 1993 blast case was not enough for him. Poor Mr. Omble gave up his life for nothing. When Kasab has been sentenced to death by Justice Tahliyani why is SC taking such a long time to dispose off this flimsy case? They just have to uphold the sentence. 16 crores is a lot of money and such kind of money can be utilized for development of many things in City like Mumbai where many projects are lying idle due to paucity of funds. There are BMC managed schools literally begging for funds for repair of their schools where thousands of students are studying. Govt says it does not have money for schools then how come they spend 16 crores on a terrorist? It stinks of corruption.
Posted by:JB Padhi - 22 Nov, 2011
22: Its time to hang dumb and deaf Sonia and team alongwith Sharad Pawar to death in front of India Gate or Gateway of India. Farmers are dying like anything for the want of few thousand rupees on crops they bow with their efforts and these Congree rulers are wasting money.
It shud be Mr Narendra Modi as PM who wud have shot Kasab without wasting tax payers money.
All UPA minister and MPs shud contribute to those payments and not we poor taxpayer countrymen.
Posted by:Abhay Kulkarni - 22 Nov, 2011
23: Why is this Kasab being treated as such an important person? He killed 108 Indians. Aren't those lives more IMP than this useless person? Instead of spending so much on him, the money shud be used for welfare of the Indians.
Posted by:abhipune - 22 Nov, 2011
24: Its ridiculous spending such a huge amount on a person who is a killer.
Posted by:Raj - 22 Nov, 2011
25: I seriously feel its just waste of money and giving security & benefits to such a person.
Infact the government should use this money and put it in stock market which will bring down the dollar and reduce the inflation burden form the Citizens of the country
Posted by:Dilnawaz - 22 Nov, 2011
26: Such amount can be useful in developing small villages.Stupid government,Wasting the money like water
Posted by:Ram - 22 Nov, 2011
27: IndianGovt. is Waiting for another hijacking. So that kasab is released.
Posted by:skchanda - 22 Nov, 2011
28: Govt can spend that money on a good cause its simply wasting of money on a terroroist is nt sounding good...
Posted by:sudheer - 22 Nov, 2011
29: Sharam aani chahiye sarkar ko ek aadmi(anna hazare) jo janta ke liye ladraha hai usko todri hai sarkar, ek jo atank yaadi hai use protect kar rahe hai,
"16 Corores mai usko davat khi larahe hai jab ki 100-150 gooli aati hai mar nahi sakte!"
Posted by:Arvind Yadav - 22 Nov, 2011
30: Oh...Indian Govt your wasting our public money to spent for him to keep alive he must be hang or shoot immediately.this kind persons should not be alive....
Posted by:ubai - 22 Nov, 2011
31: What the hell Indian government trying to do keeping him alive.?
My humble request to Indian government is to assassin him and concentrate on the differently able citizens and on the citizens suffering from malnutrition.
I very well know that after few years of investigation with huge expenses on Kasab, he will be declared as mentally traumatic person and will be released unpunished.
Its just a waste of citizen's revenue.
Please stop this impotent deeds of government and make the decision to free or !@#$ Kasab right now.
Posted by:Nagarjun K - 22 Nov, 2011
32: Well the kind of comment i was reading surprises me a lot.
1. We need him to show the face of Pakistan to world.
2. We have just deployed the existing force not employed the new army men.
3. We have that kind of infrastructure to keep criminals to show the international community.
4. If he will be killed the chapter will be closed. its better to let him live and keep generating pressure on pakistan.
Posted by:Warrior - 22 Nov, 2011
33: This is one type of economic attack after mumbai attack.
For such a simple person the indian government spent more money. Just hang him..
Posted by:ramesh - 22 Nov, 2011
34: Shame on us the citizens of India to trust Congress this long years. Sonia Gandhi and her unworthy son along with the team will destroy this country. I bet. I remember, during the times of Anna Hazare's fast many of us were expecting Rahul Gandhi to speak for them. I just dont understand how people can be so dump.
If at all to be blamed, its you who are to be blamed. You dump people of India.
Posted by:Anup - 22 Nov, 2011
35: .... and hence Arvind Kejriwal made to pay 9 lakh for working on Right to Information Act? Congress... Organizers of a disorganized India
Posted by:Anand - 22 Nov, 2011
36: India is a temple of morality and accommodativeness. It is not to be construed as a sovereign weakness but an arm-stretch for friendship and co-living in peace and prosperity.
Posted by:Bhustalimath B M, Bangalore - 22 Nov, 2011
37: unbelievable...country don't have infrastructure to handle these kind of criminals so far ? or ajmal is the first ever criminal in history ? what they gained by leaving him alive till date ?
Posted by:Commonman - 22 Nov, 2011
38: We are all waste time & money
Posted by:Nandu - 22 Nov, 2011
39: We should bill Pakistan for this. Shame on the Congress govt and our impotent PM.
Posted by:Krish Mohan - 22 Nov, 2011
40: now we should think very seriously on these expenses.
Posted by:prabhu - 22 Nov, 2011
41: should kill this guy
Posted by:raju - 22 Nov, 2011