1.13 lakh applications for 220 posts at DRDO
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1.13 lakh applications for 220 posts at DRDO

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 28 September 2009, 09:15 Hrs   |    38 Comments
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 1.13 lakh applications for 220 posts at DRDO
Bangalore: Recession seems to have turned the tide for employers and employees alike. With the ongoing job losses, the Defence Research and Development Organization is turning out to be a much sought after destination for job seekers. The premier defence organization received a whooping 1.13 lakh applications for the scientist entry test held recently.

The applications were received in response to an advertisement in May for 220 posts in the Defence, the R&D wing of the ministry of defence, a release said here today. More than 70 percent of the applicants appeared for the examination conducted on September 6 this month at 139 centres in 31 cities. For the test held in September last year to induct 500 scientists, only 43,215 had applied.

The organization is attracting more talent, because of the opportunities it provides to work on challenging technologies, in excellent working environment of laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, improved compensation, career growth prospects and performance oriented complementing scheme.

The DRDO has 52 laboratories spread across the country, engaged in developing wide range of military system.

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Reader's comments(38)
1: This is good sine from Indian youth. They realize our nation is the highest talent to develop any kind private sector of working hard for gating some devident... But sitauation is got changed because of slow down of market... This is good thing for INDIA... Youth's Mind changed looking about to invest them talent developing them country...Time change, People change, mind change.
Posted by:Prashant M. Bargale - 30 Sep, 2009
I dont think it is a good sign anyhow or it is going to help in development of the system.All are interested because of market and once market will come to its form again they will flew away without spending any time.It would have better if only working would have filled the form.BUt here the situation is of unemployment that one of the most unwanted job also have this much of applicants
R Ranjan Replied to: Prashant M. Bargale - 03 Oct, 2009
3: I was very glad when Private sector started booming - because first it will reduce the govt job dependency and unncessary bribing politicians and sr officers to get a job. And second that in private sector though the work is high but at the end I feel good that I worked hard and got my salary.

Posted by:trip - 30 Sep, 2009
Who said Private sectors are ITBs (Immune to Bribery) ?

Besides that...A Govt. Employee takes homes his earning too( though a bit less).
Psychadelic.DE Replied to: trip - 01 Oct, 2009
thanks sir
i know that but i not understand what is this logic?
so pl z ex plane
shivam sethiya Replied to: trip - 30 Sep, 2009
6: I am working in a software farm.when i ,saw this article,it got my attention suddenly.what?1.3 lakh applications for 220 DRDO posts.Please save the unemployment problem in our country.but it,s also good sign that so many applicant are preparing themselves for government job for what they had lost their interest for the govt. job due to private sector booming.This is really a bottleneck position for the youth and dangerous traffic jam .India is one of the world,s best performing economies in recent years,but now it is beginning to slow down just a little ,because of the global crisis.The highlighting thing is that what should be taken to solve the problem.what should be the step for Indian government ?In every year more than lakhs of student getting certificates from studies from different private and govt. college ,IIMs,MBAs institutes and find themselves in the line for job.There is so many questions coming to everybody,s mind would India be able to solve the country first growing problem that is unemployment. Will we get the country through this period in every way we can?Will we stabilize and bring the economy and unemployment back to health.Now the questions that if w have capability to solve our own problem,then how to start and what to do ?if we think the time just fifteen years back,the private sector in our country was that much up to the mark.people preferred government sector job.But with boom of world and financial condition there is a huge opening for private sector.but time has changed a little bit upside down.now youth prefers govt. job rather than private jobs for security reason that private sector is unable to give that due to financial crisis.It is a pleasant time that youth have faith on the govt. sector.For 1.3 lakhs applications for the 220 DRDO posts,all over the country good talent are coming for this job.It does not mean that best talented applicant will qualify for these posts.For these posts huge applicants are applying ,some people will get their name in the shortlisted list and some people will not get their name but applicants should not be harassed for not getting through.There so many government sectors like the banking ,power,pharmacy,biotechnology,health care,R and D,army,Indian navy,marketing,telecoms are now best option for applicant.
Posted by:Rakesh - 29 Sep, 2009
7: The huge number of applicants do not ensure that DRDO will be able to acquire the best talent of the country.

Actually what is happening with most of the students is that all unemployed students are applying for the available vacancies independent of their interests in that particular sector. Immediate college pass out students just want a job. They dont even care about reading the form for which they are applying. I am not blaming them but this is the hard core fact. In fact, i also applied for the same. But since i got my joining of the company i was placed in through campus, I dint sit for the exam. It is actually happening these days because of the panicky of the situation.
Posted by:Mohit Dhingra - 29 Sep, 2009
8: This is a very encouraging sign...The Govt sectors which was hitherto the last choice/destination for young and talented has begun to reverse....the challenge in assignment, a conducive working environment and of course, the JOB SECURITY are the collective factiors for such turnaround....And the Government is liberal in perks and pay package besides promotional avenues...And as a patriotic ciizen, I personally get overwhelmed to see the surge..We need talent, sincereity and energetic nationalist who can take on with our neighbours who are frightening us on defence front...therefore, we may see more craze the coming days in the DRDO..Long live India and its securuity
Posted by:bidhu burman - 29 Sep, 2009
9: Such a large no of applications for DRDO jobs is height of absurdity regarding lakhs of graduates passing out from factories of private colleges. Now concept of post dated degree has already come up even in Govt systems colleges and also in IITs.and IIMs. Pl.look the way Mr Buta Singh questions the IIT Delhi Director regarding failure of a few SC/ST students. Thus only entry is a bar otherwise degree is cake walk.
Regarding DRDO their Scientific prowess is well established as Elephant without Leg and eye. Can they honestly claim which of the ebst technology they have developed. Most of their Missiles start at Chandipur and falls at Chandipur.
Critical components are made out of technical support recieved from Russia or other nation. This is my belief that without sound and credible Military research about advanced Technology pertaining to warfare, weapon system,and Missiles we can not survive as nation with some worth. Our no one enemy China is dangerously expanding its capability and honest confession of our air wing Chief is proof of the claim that we have to do alot in short time to match the Devils and certainly DRDO has to work overnight to buildup the esential and credible research capability to produce top class highly eficient Military warfare equipment.
Sellimg Spices and Jhhola Chhap softwares for bank, or running call centres may generate employment but certainly they can not empower the nation Militarily. It needs strong DRDO, BARC, ISRO and they have to give hefty package and respect comparable to civil servants to attract top quality people in these organisations.
I pray to the GOd for a strong and empowered DRDO to be headed by top class dedicated scientists and enginners not by those who believs in Vision 20, vision 60 without any credible achievement.
Posted by:Mani Pandey - 29 Sep, 2009
10: The figure only indicates unemployment in the country. Most unfortunately, no one in concerned with the increasing population and all other associated problems of providing proper food, water, shelter (in an optimum environment) and finally, a job for sustaining life.

Today, we are living over millions of tonnes of garbage including human-waste and duts spread over roads, streets, rivers and around our own houses. Only a few move in AC cars surrounded by security people so that they do not see the actual situation around.
Posted by:Dr H N Dutta - 28 Sep, 2009
very apt comment but, surely filled with pessimism...We have to live with the problems, although we lack sincereity to address the problems and at the same time the enormity of the problem also a deterrent...But, you have undoubtedly opened the can
bidhu burman Replied to: Dr H N Dutta - 29 Sep, 2009
12: Many engineering colleges and business schools in the country are without quality education. how many have the knowledge of the subject theoritically atleast and there can be no practical experience for the students which is Zero. These institutions are for money making and not for eduction and the faculties who teach are not fit to teach since many cant even clarify the doubts of the students and they only tell students they should follow what they say not ask questions. Better ban publishing Guides. The teaching staff should be very clear of what they teach and not vomit the book in the class which is prevailing toady in teaching.
Posted by:sankaran - 28 Sep, 2009
mr sankaran ,i am abhay ,reading you comment i came to the conclusion that what you are satying is true , i am a graduate from goverement engineering college sagar ,what the hell it is,in four years of education teachers were not in the condition to clear even a single topi to their student i was one of the , i am happy that u unders tand the pain of student ,in interview students cant say that ,ye mujhe nahi samjhaya gaya ,kuch bi kahen ,hum college main seekhne jate hain ,it is engineering not 10 or 12 or some thing like that hume sikhane k liye teachers hote hain par sikahana to apni jagah jo student apni mehnat se number lata hai use bi nahi padne dete ,knowledge de na to door, lab asistants aise behave karte hai jaise hume ma k pet se seekh k aana chaiye tha par humne aisa nahi kiya,darooo k saath kakdi bhi lab main hi lete hain,from 2008 i am unable to get job uptill now 29-9-2009
can contact me on :abhaychandel99@gmail.com
abhay chandel Replied to: sankaran - 28 Sep, 2009
I suspect u completed ur engineering with this english..no wonder India's engineering degress have lost the quality..
ExperiencedEngg Replied to: abhay chandel - 29 Sep, 2009
Hello Mr. ExperiencedEngg, I am utterly frustated with your sarcastic remark over the usage of hindi by Abay Chandel. Abay is just providing his views and not writing any technical article, hence its legitimate to use hindi. Seems you carry no respect to our mother tonque and mother land. You must cross atlantic or english channel and try to settle there.
vverma01 Replied to: ExperiencedEngg - 29 Sep, 2009
16: First of all, May I request the AICTE or UGC to please control the rapid increase in no. of engineering colleges day by day in india.This is simply diminishing the professional education standard.This can be resembled as lowering down of currency value when there is a sudden increase in the quantity of currency may it be orignal or fake.Quality has always been an inverse factor of quantity. IITs,IIMs restriction to few has still kept their values & standard high, but this has been not the case with other engineering colleges now because of their rapid increase in nos. only not the quality.Professional colleges have now emerged as a new wealthy buisness. AICTE & UGC should infact reinspect already licensed institutes.
Concerning DRDO,this type of competitive figures is really pitiable & obvious w.r.t. todays conditions,but this is going to result well refined professionals for R&D if done very fairly. Thats another context that majority of these competitors are simply trying their luck.
Posted by:Shrikant - 28 Sep, 2009
Mr.Shrikant, requesting AICTE & UGC to reduce the no. of engg colleges is not the matter.First of all money plays a vital role.Now it has become like pay and get what ever you want.Education has become business.The only way is institution them self must come forward to put an end to such an act, so that the professional education standard is maintained.
I thank Mr.Sankaran for letting others know about the situation of students in their college and also while facing interviews.
Prathusha Replied to: Shrikant - 29 Sep, 2009
18: Well. This is not something to feel happy about for two reasons. First all these "whooping" 1.13 lakh applicants will walk out of DRDO at the first available opportunity. Second "whooping" numbers of unemployed technical grads is not a good sign for the country. There are a lot of means to gainfully utilise them in nation building. Or is it just quantity but not quality?
Posted by:Chandrasekhar Mulam - 28 Sep, 2009
You are right dear...now we have become Nation of quantity only...Since last many years this is the situation, and there is no chance in future that it can even improve...! So Better luck next birth...
Bond Replied to: Chandrasekhar Mulam - 28 Sep, 2009
20: The main point is volume of unemployment in India and availability of talent, a big gap between demand and
supply. Mr Sibal needs to think seriously about it.
Posted by:AKA - 28 Sep, 2009
21: ' The premier defence organization received a whooping 1.13 lakh applications for the scientist entry test held recently.'

I suspect that there were only 'a WHOPPING 1.13 lakh applications' rather than the stated 'a WHOOPING 1.13 lakh applications'. Even the thought of 1.13 lakh whooping scientists makes me cough. :)
Posted by:Probal Sanyal - 28 Sep, 2009
why is that Probal- how many people attempt for CAT/MAT or if not see the number of applicants in a convent school- you would get the answer. We have over 123 crores Indians and out of that over 87 crores are unemployed or placed with private companies or self employed. Every year we produce over 1.5 lakh no alone in Engineering, over 1.8 lakh in Medical and so on.

It should be not a pittance to the applicant or AICTE who regulates the system of Education- the route cause is population and our government system which is so complicated and unclear that we need to introduce a "Right to Information" act for getting whats the status of your file in a government institution. Its a pittance on over 123 crores of Indians who are suffering with it but are satisfied at the end of an assembly polls by replacing the existing party or introducing a new candidate who flaunts u or just takes "vows" during election campaigns and forget it thereafter. AICTE is just a dept like your RTO or any tax office but look above the AICTE- thats where the control or regulation mechanism is modulated.
Basant Sanwal Replied to: Probal Sanyal - 28 Sep, 2009
gaurav Replied to: Probal Sanyal - 28 Sep, 2009
24: Thanks to recession.Its a good move that young professionals are attracted towards public sector rather hitting the routine service industry. Also it helps India in getting stronger at its core.
Posted by:Vamsi - 28 Sep, 2009
25: I wish good luck for those candidates who are going to join DRDO. I don't agree with the way DRDO conduct the exam.. They call for written exam (at least when I was student) to only those students who have minimum 75% marks, which is absolutely non sense. Students from C and B grade universities usually secure more marks compare to the A grade university, such as IIT, JNU, HYD, Kolkata, Jhadavpur and all central universities. That was bit unfortunate to say that students from these universities are not smart compare to those who get more than 75% in exam.. They should in fact conduct the written exam and then call for an interview.. But just screening the students on the marks basis is ridiculous and hopeless.
Posted by:Ratnesh - 28 Sep, 2009
shrikant, you are correct ,it is merely increase of un professional engi9neer s by aicte and rgpv ,in the open market these engineers are of no value ,to get in to apsu they have to increase their level up to level of iit\'s ,whic is not avery easy job after completion of degree,aicte is making the condition only verse and verse , we have to do some thing
abhay chandel Replied to: Ratnesh - 29 Sep, 2009
i am totally agreed with you. I am a Engg Graduate from U.P. Technical Univ first batch and 90% of our batchmates got only 60% marks.
I am working as group leader R&D with a global auto comp but not able to sit in such exams.
Rohit Singh Replied to: Ratnesh - 28 Sep, 2009
This is not true......... DRDO has different policy for IITs and NITs. They go for direct interview in these universities for recruitment so if those 'smart' persons want to join this institute they have to apper in interview only......... and I myself is an IIT graduate so I think getting 75% in even IITs is not that tough.
Deepak Bihani Replied to: Ratnesh - 28 Sep, 2009
IITian's first choice is always US,secondly to EU . I know Many IITian never attend these campus interview from DRDO and Less payign company's, they want Mckenzie etc They are physicssist chmist but happily work for financial company's just for money
IITian Replied to: Deepak Bihani - 01 Oct, 2009
you might be intelligent and maggu person to get that marks even in IIT or JNU OR other good uni especially in Physics. I am telling you because I also graduated from IIT. Ok, in Chemi and Engg this is quiet easy compare to the Physics. I never came across any physicist who told me that he got that high marks. May be I am wrong.
Ratnesh Replied to: Deepak Bihani - 29 Sep, 2009
no Ritesh. This is not true for everyone. It doesn't mean that if a person couldn't make to IIT or JNU, (s)he will not be able to compete an IITian. Think over it
Ankur mehta Replied to: Ratnesh - 28 Sep, 2009
No Ankur, I didn't mean that. Every student should get an equal opportunity either he is from elite uni or not. What I was trying to say that DRDO should invite to all the students for the written exam not just couple of students. It hurts man, if you wanna become a scientist and cudnt get there because of that reason
Ratnesh Replied to: Ankur mehta - 29 Sep, 2009
100% corerct
bidhu burman Replied to: Ankur mehta - 29 Sep, 2009
I totally agree with Ratnesh.
Satakarni Replied to: Ratnesh - 28 Sep, 2009
35: This is good. The defence organizations should get the best talent of the country.
Posted by:hamida - 28 Sep, 2009
But the huge number of applicants do not ensure that DRDO will be able to acquire the best talent of the country.

Actually what is happening with most of the students is that all unemployed students are applying for the available vacancies independent of their interests in that particular sector. Immediate college pass out students just want a job. They dont even care about reading the form for which they are applying. I am not blaming them but this is the hard core fact. In fact, i also applied for the same. But since i got my joining of the company i was placed in through campus, I dint sit for the exam. It is actually happening these days because of the panicky of the situation.
Mohit Replied to: hamida - 29 Sep, 2009
Im working IN SIEMENS ltd last 2 year at igi airport t2. (as electrical engr).
rahulsital Replied to: Mohit - 29 Sep, 2009
will you please give me details of the job?
B.N. Sarkar Replied to: Abhilash - 04 Oct, 2009