10 days off for Honeywell employees without pay

10 days off for Honeywell employees without pay

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10 days off for Honeywell employees without pay
Bangalore: Honeywell has announced that its employees will have to take a mandatory 10 days off in the month of December-January without pay. Krishna Mikkilineni, President of Honeywell Technology Solutions, conveyed the decision at a public gathering in Bangalore recently, reports Economic Times.

On this matter, a Honeywell Spokesperson said, "Even as Honeywell continues to grow its businesses in India, our employees have agreed to participate in a voluntary and temporary reduced work schedule, in consonance with their colleagues elsewhere."

Honeywell, which makes products like aviation electronics, car turbochargers and temperature control systems for buildings, has been hit badly by the global recession in all of the key businesses it supports - aviation, auto and property. In the second quarter ended June 30, its profit plunged 38 percent and revenue dropped 22 percent.

In the quarterly report, the company said that it did not expect any recovery this year from the recession, as customers were expected to keep holding off on the purchase of Honeywell parts. Sales in the aerospace unit, which makes radar systems and other aviation equipment, dropped 17 percent, to $2.7 billion. The company said that many of its airline customers were choosing to use parts from their own idled planes for repairs rather than buying new parts from the company. One of the few growth areas is military sales, where Honeywell expects a three percent growth in sales. David M. Cote, Chief Executive, Honeywell said, "We are executing very well. Unfortunately, it is a very tough economic environment."

The company has taken a number of cost cutting measures. At least for some employees in the U.S., Friday is now a half-day without pay. In India, where it has 10,000 employees, benefits like cafeteria subsidies and vacation rewards at the end of five years of service with the company have been withdrawn.

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Reader's comments(31)
1: The decision is very good, Honeywell is very good. They are really transparent. But from your heart, you tell, all the honeywell employees, are you not afraid of what is happening? Are you really clear with the management policy? Do you think recently there is a bit inefficieny in honeywell employees recently? How about the policy cuts which happened recently, even though they have given the salary hike, they have in effect reduced your salary by cutting the policies, right, so honeywell is so smart that they are continuing to employ you without much difference in sal, may be little bit less sal, when every body claiming that they got hikes. Well, any way its all good, when there is no issue for our bread and butter.
Till then all the best.
Posted by:Nithin - 27 Aug, 2009
Hi Nithin,
Are you a Honeywell EE still, I need some information abt the company....Could you help me
siva Replied to: Nithin - 14 Jun, 2010
3: I appreciate the decision of the Honeywell's management team. In this way, the company supports its employees by not laying off them.
Employees should also welcomed this decision and should further help the company by enhacing their skill sets in these 10 days.
Posted by:Yatendra Goel - 25 Aug, 2009
I need some information about the joining procedure of the org. Can you please help me.
siva Replied to: Yatendra Goel - 14 Jun, 2010
5: I very my impressed the decision taken by the Honeywell.
Because instead of downsizing the employees and there existing talent. it is the best and good decision which Honeywell has taken.In this decision all employees of Honeywell has to be count even with the CEO and Executive which are having heavy pay.
Posted by:Sikandar Bangalore - 25 Aug, 2009
6: Honeywell Employees are the best. It shows the employees support to company in down times.

Njoy Vacation for 10 days.
Posted by:Naveen - 24 Aug, 2009
Applied Materials employees are taking it every month, do you think they are the best?

Its not employee's support , its management's decession
Saurabh Replied to: Naveen - 24 Aug, 2009
8: I appreciate Honeywell's Decision, People They can sped a annual vocation at their home towns instead going every week, its good.

Posted by:suresh - 24 Aug, 2009
Hi Suresh, do you mean some vocational training during those 10 days.
SRK Replied to: suresh - 24 Aug, 2009
10: it is time for employees to support organization instead of always looking for personal benifit.
We have to appreciate that HTS never fire any one due to recession. Hope this would be last step and nothing further
Posted by:guest - 24 Aug, 2009
11: I feel it is better to be on leave and relax at home rather than the companies who cut the salary also and expect you to work...
Posted by:Charan - 24 Aug, 2009
12: This is a good move. Hope things recover by 2010(2nd Quarter).
Posted by:karthik raja - 24 Aug, 2009
13: Why is every company doing like this. If you are send us one leave, pay for it.
Posted by:Tanya - 23 Aug, 2009
hello tell me abt photon infotech ...
rahul Replied to: Tanya - 24 Aug, 2009
Join Photon infotech, who given 10% hike to employees in this recession time
phton Replied to: Tanya - 24 Aug, 2009
Why are we balsting this poor girl yaar... I'm not even sure if she's a Honeywell employee. Had she been, she wud have known tht managers never called their team members for 'discussions' about the grim economic scenario and the uncertainity of projects, like it is happening in most companies acorss the globe. Abt suggestions like Photon and all, lets not get into all tht guys.... remember, u r working for a Fortune listed company. Try this: Google for 'Infosys firing' and then try 'Honeywell firing'. Worth a good laugh
Rajesh Replied to: phton - 24 Aug, 2009
Tanya, Please Google "Photon Infotech" and see for yourself how many complaints are charged against it! Are you comparing a company like Photon with mere 800 employees and just 3 years of existence to a company like Honeywell? I appreciate Honeywell's transparency and the idea of compulsory off. The employees get to spend time with their families and also contribute to the company.

Cmon' we've received so many goodies from the company till now and its time to give back a part and I dont think anybody should complain or run away to flashy offers.
John Replied to: phton - 24 Aug, 2009
Photon is a horrible place. I wonder how people compare Photon with Honeywell. We cannot compare pioneers with small time inferior output companies
Venkat Replied to: John - 25 May, 2010
Sentil Kumar Replied to: Venkat - 12 Jun, 2010
It is good that, they are just sending its employee on leave for 10 days rather than those unfortunate people who have been asked to proceed on leave for months without pay. So consider this option benefical rather than cribbing about it.
Tariq Replied to: Tanya - 23 Aug, 2009
i totally agree with u r point ..
Rashmi r Mehra Replied to: Tariq - 24 Aug, 2009
hey...we also got a decent 10% hike...
It is just to follow our colleagues else where that we are taking these 10 days off...
VGo Replied to: phton - 24 Aug, 2009
yes we should respect them that they are not fired us. they just gave us 10 days leave and to save someone 's job this is very little. Hats off to Krishna that he declared in open assembly to all his emplooyee about this situation.
adii Replied to: Tanya - 23 Aug, 2009
If u think its unfair.why dont u quit?
Papul Replied to: Tanya - 23 Aug, 2009
i am agree with papul
jay Replied to: Papul - 24 Aug, 2009
we should respect them as they declared it, instead of doing and hiding it.
alok Replied to: Tanya - 23 Aug, 2009
I agree wit Tanya, its good to rest for 10 days at home rather you are layed off. something is better than nothing
Ash Replied to: alok - 24 Aug, 2009
it seems tanya is new in honeywell that's why she feel so attached......ask me who is an old rookie
unknown Replied to: Ash - 24 Aug, 2009
No doubt Honeywell is very good company to work with & appriciate their transparency. But this cut off should applicable more to highr senior level employee whose expenses are more to the company and they can easily afford this kind of unpaid policy for some days. This should not applicable to down the line team who are really facing day to day challenges to keep company moving forward in this worst economic scenario. HR & Management should think on it.
sat Replied to: unknown - 29 Aug, 2009
I have an offer from Honeywell. How is the company. Is it the best place to work?
kad Replied to: sat - 30 Oct, 2009
Why do you want to dig your own graveyard bro?
I have lotsa frens there and I know the way they slog to get nothing in return
Saurabh Jha Replied to: kad - 24 Nov, 2009