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SEOFIED IT Services Pvt Ltd

SEOFIED IT Services Pvt Ltd

About the Company

SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd is a reputable SEO company in India that believes in delivering an industry best service with high level of integrity. The firm always strives hard to make the clients happy and satisfied by providing a cost-effective and strategically planned SEO campaign. This has made them popular as a competent SEO service provider among SMBs in India and all over the world.

Current Market Landscape

Today, small to medium businesses in India are aware about the importance of digital marketing. India is considered to be one of the largest online markets, which has a huge number of internet users. This has made all the SMBs in India, concerned about their online presence to gain profitable leads and experience higher conversion rate. In this case, digital marketing is gaining fast its popularity. In present scenario, digital marketing in India is thriving, which not only offers solutions for SMBs to gain a strong online presence or online brand awareness, but also creates great job opportunities.

Addressing the Challenges

Digital marketing is growing faster across all sectors today in India, which creates a plethora of opportunities as well as introduces some challenges. It is found that most of the companies or businesses in India are reactive then proactive; this makes it important to make them aware about how a reliable digital marketing firm will help them in gaining the best results. Apart from this lack of trust in terms of security and privacy are also found to be one of the biggest challenges, which a digital marketer or firm has to face in India.

 To get a strong hold on the challenges- SEOFIED IT Service Pvt. Ltd believes in:

• Educating the clients on digital marketing

• Thinking and applying out-of-the-box yet ethical ideas to achieve a successful SEO campaign

• Planning a nationwide campaign by keeping in mind the regional level, culture, interest and taste

• Engaging an integrated digital marketing or SEO campaign by considering both offline and online    promotion channels     

• Maintaining a transparency and interactive connection with clients while executing the SEO campaign


  •   Logo Design & Branding
  •   Responsive Website Development
  •   Ecommerce Website Design
  •   Search Engine Optimization
  •   Email Marketing
  •   Conversion Rate Optimization
  •   Portal Development

Differentiating Factors

As a truly valuable digital marketing service provider or SEO company in India, SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd outshines the competitors by delivering client work on time and within budget while exceeding client expectations and maintaining a strong working knowledge of client services / products.

• Good Track Record- Have a track record of meeting the deadlines to deliver the exact reports about the SEO campaign.

• Transparency- Maintains a good tandem between the client and the entire team of digital marketing experts.

• Flexibility- Flexible and budget friendly approach in tailoring an effective SEO campaign.

• Innovative Thinking- Give importance in building awareness for the clients with interactive and informative content.

• Top Quality Service- Believes in building up a strong customer relationship by providing an incomparable service.

• Multiple Talents- SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd is proud to have pool of multiple talents who have the expertise in different fields of digital marketing. 

Organizational Culture & Employee Programs

SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd believes that employees are one of the most valuable assets of a company. The company strives to maintain a comfortable, friendly yet competitive working environment, which allows the employees to enhance their potential. The employee program includes training classes, seminars and corporate parties, which help the employees to grow and prosper in both personal and professional fields.

Harboring Innovation

Creativity, innovation and patience are the important factors in a digital marketing field. For which, SEOFIED offers a dynamic and interactive platform to work. This helps the employees to get along with the seniors in group discussions or meetings, which results in a brainstorming session.

Global Strategy

SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is today proud to deliver industry best digital marketing services to SMBs from all over the world. They participate in conferences and meetings to learn and utilize what is new and happening in the field of digital marketing. This makes them able to face the global challenges and maintain a right approach for delivering exceptional results to the clients.

1) Year of founding: 2010

2) Funding information: Own Fund

3) Founding members: Dinesh Kumar Das , Deepak Kumar Das

4) Office locations: Flat No. 4D, Crystal Plaza, Laxmisagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

5) Company strength: 77 Employee

6) Website: