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SEO Tonic

SEO Tonic

About the Company

SEO Tonic was started in 2006. As a private limited company, SEO Tonic got most of their business through word of mouth and with which they started working for two clients who happened to be outsourcing partners.

Current Market Landscape

Now with time, people have started understanding the importance of digital marketing. Earlier it was not like that, but now after the inception of online website and portals every company wants to be on top of Google and internet search. So there are lots of things in the coming years, and they are witnessing a lot of income from India. So India has ample opportunities for scaling up economy in digital domain

Addressing the Challenges

The industry is all about the quality there are lots of areas like from finances, business and other areas where they come into play. It doesn’t matter if the company is old or new what matters is the quality and the service the company provides. If the company provides services without any quality then both company and client suffer. So one has to check if the company provides quality services or not. Quality is tested on what kind of technical audit companies are providing, are they solving issues or not, what kind of complaints are they servicing, so these are the most important factors to be tested in Finance quality check.


SEO Tonic is basically into digital marketing and provides various services such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, PPC Management, and Social Media Marketing, SMO and Web development.

Differentiating Factors

SEO Tonic provides quality support backed by 10 years of experience. Their services are 100 percent technical. They provide customized services as well. They have got customer service centres as well. Solving different issue with the websites, they have selective experience of more than 30 years. They also do extensive research before starting the campaigning.


SEO Tonic mainly works with outsourcing partners. Their main clients are from US, UK, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Bermuda.

Organisation Culture

They have a team of around 55 persons at office. They give complete luxury and do not promote hierarchy system. Their employees are free to come up with innovation and experimentation to provide structured solutions.

Harbour Innovation

SEO Tonic does a training session for the employees every 15 days in marketing and other sectors. They have a culture where they keep updating the team with every new innovation and information of digital world.

Global Strategy

SEO Tonic working for the client’s website so their services depend on the nature of the website. If the client is located in the local area then the strategy will be drawn catering to the local website.  So based on the nature of the website, programme and services they prepare the strategy for each and every client. They provide services in all the areas.