Vastu: The Secret Key To Attract Health And Wealth At Home

Vastu: The Secret Key To Attract Health And Wealth At Home

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, July 25, 2013   |    1 Comments
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South-west corner is the corner of wealth:

Southwest corner of the home plays an important role in creating the wealth and so it is called the corner of wealth. If there is any kinds of modification in the south-west corner like construction of sump, bore well, well or any kind of construction that is below the ground, it can bring financial trouble at home.

Almirah need to be positioned very cautiously at home, according to vastu guidelines. Therefore, almirah with jewelry and valuables should be placed in southwest of the room leaving southwest corner and the room needs to be opened towards North. Also, you can place the almirah in west-side wall facing the east direction to bring in wealth. It needs to be open towards the north direction as north is the direction of ‘Kuber,’ the God of wealth.

Besides, safety locker should not be placed under any kind of beam as it creates extreme pressure on financial stability.

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1: Thank you.Good information for day to day life.
Posted by:dilip - 31 Jul, 2013

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