Tips for Designing Your New Home

Tips for Designing Your New Home

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, November 27, 2014   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore : Once you have determined to build a home rather than buying, the foremost step to do after finding a right place is to design your fantasy home. This might be arduous as it reflects your taste and it is a budgetary matter as well. Proper planning will elucidate whether your custom made home will fulfill your dreams or not. The following are the designing tips which help to turn your new empty home into an inviting home.

Plan Home Work: When you see a home, which relieves your heart, find precisely which elements had caught your eye. Better make a note of it or make a rough sketch and file all your ideas together. Don’t bother about execution; this home design plan will help you to decide how best these will fit into your home.

Design within your budget: Once you have finished listing compare it to your budget and adjust them. Don’t spend beyond your budget; this may be a troublesome task for first time buyers, many buyers spend more in the opening and in the end they wind up without proper furniture and appliances. Handle your budget carefully from beginning while investing in home designing.

Don’t go beyond your plot: Every plot has its own challenges. First, you decide, your home style should be traditional or au courant. Work with your plot with open grades, instead of against this maintains your plot natural character.  While designing keep in mind, the ground level of bed room and bath room on the back of the home – away from design windows and foot traffic. This maximizes your home exquisiteness.

If you cannot afford to develop entire home, go for phases of construction. Set up your home design vigilantly. For instance, build up your home first and plan for extension in the coming years like garage, garden development and so forth.

Maintain Logical flow: When figuring out your floor plan, maintain a logical flow it means designing flow between garage and kitchen, placing all pipes in one area, reducing the pipe distance, placing doors and windows in a proper place where there is a flow of sunlight and fresh air, bedrooms in a place where there is less noise and more privacy, placing dryer and washer near to the wash room and many things.

Portrait Interior Design: Start with your bedroom where you will likely spend a third of your time, so don’t taut yourself in space. If you are on tight finances, opt for a new bigger bed which you can afford as it makes a huge difference. Small scale furniture only makes a small bedroom look smaller but this bigger bed with tall headboard will grow your bedroom.

Don’t forget all sides of your home: Whether your home is on the corner or in center, consider all the sides of your home while designing. The outlook of the home will help you to be proud if someone sees and admires your job. If you left with large open space add small design elements like stunning porches, patio and landscaping like gardens, flowers, shrubs. Create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.

Invest in storage and furniture: Your storage, shelves, and desks all should serve you. Before investing in furniture, consider space as closes organizing systems are worth your money and then look for beautiful and functional pieces. If you are not ready to buy furniture for storage you have a rod or shelf to cover the space on the top.

Buy latest and better-quality material: When designing your kitchen, look for stainless steel appliances of most recent and better quality to diminish smudges and stain resistant countertops. Before investing in kitchen appliances, consider your workflow and what stuff you need at your fingertips. Make use of beautiful and alluring bowls and open up, this simple transform can add architectural interest; kitchen should complement all other rooms in your home.

Paint walls with appropriate colors: Choose an appropriate color for bedroom walls which suits your new bedding. While painting door panels, keep in a mind the full door color because painting lighter color for door panels than full door creates a great definition to your place. On the off chance you have little penny in your pocket add a window treatment.

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