NRIs Can Now Protect Their Indian Property from Illegal Ownership

NRIs Can Now Protect Their Indian Property from Illegal Ownership

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, October 31, 2012   |    8 Comments
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Bangalore: Real estate property of an NRI is an easy target for illegal ownership. Property is a good option for investment and house left unattended for longer period of time do attract unlawful occupancy.Sometimes managing real estate properties in India could turn into a nightmare mainly for people who have been living abroad for a long time. Although NRIs (Non-resident Indian) are now investing on properties in India, keeping it safe from illegal possession could be tough and tedious, especially if they are unaware of the procedure in detail. Below listed are few steps which can help NRIs to shield their property in India, reports Deepa Venkatraghvan of Economic Times.

Firstly, how Illegal possession occurs in India

Illegal possession can occur in two ways. According to P Sunder, Managing Director of, "First is when squatters prepare forged documents and threaten you that you do not have legal rights to the property. Generally these are thugs or people with connections who resort to these kinds of tactics to force someone to pay a cost for redeeming their property and enjoying peaceful possession or to force them to make a sale at a distressed value. Sometimes, this has even happened with the connivance of the local revenue authorities. The second is where a tenant forcefully overstays and illegally occupies your property in the face of inadequate checks and balances as well as poorly drafted contracts.”

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