Is it Right Time to Buy a Property in Bangalore?

Is it Right Time to Buy a Property in Bangalore?

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, December 8, 2014   |    11 Comments
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Buy a Property in BangaloreBangalore : Buying a residential/commercial property is a dream of every individual, even if it is a single room or 1000 sq ft of investment property.  It is a biggest purchase in every one’s life, that’s why property buying obliges a lot of apprehension whether it is for living or for investment purpose. For the majority of peoples, it never seems to be the right time to buy. If you are planning to buy a property in Bangalore, this article will explain you that whether it is right time to buy a property and what sort of property will give good returns in Bangalore.

Right time to buy a property in Bangalore?

Yes, this is the right time to buy a property. Bangalore city is turning out to be the hottest destination for real estate investors as the city offers significant returns among cities across Asia. Bangalore has always been end-users market and it houses many multinational companies and offering many job opportunities. This is the main reason behind why end users investing from all over the country.
there is another reason that as the festival season begins many developers’ offers discounts and freebies which seems to be attractive. As Bangalore city is considered as a best place for living, the demand for premium homes have increased from HNI’s and NRI’s and since the demand will continue for housing. Today, most of the demand for housing comes from NRI’s; hence, the Bangalore market will not face any changes. Further, there will be an increase in prices due to soaring cost. So this is the right time to buy a property.
What type of property will give high returns?

As the Bangalore city known for IT/ITES and multinational companies witnesses a high demand for apartments/flats in the premium and middle level category which are equipped with all amenities for IT professionals.

Many experts say that the various infrastructural developments, establishment of IT parks and increase in income levels would be the major drivers for real estate demand in Bangalore city.
They also added that the aspiring buyers who are waiting to own a dream house or investment property have a sign of relief because this might be the right time to make an investment.

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Reader's comments(11)
1: As we all know, Bangalore is always ahead in news for its job opportunities. There are many multinational companies here and a property near to these companies is always in demand.Hence, its always a right time to buy a property in Bangalore. Thanks for sharing this article.
Posted by:Priyanka Desai - 30 May, 2016
2: Thanks for sharing this article.
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Posted by:Priyanka - 31 Dec, 2015
3: Thank you for sharing..Very Useful information
Posted by:Malli - 31 Dec, 2015
4: Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. It was very useful.
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Posted by:Dimple - 31 Dec, 2015
Posted by:ronit arora - 15 Dec, 2015
6: Hi,

I totally agree with you.For more details look at Drop mail on:
Posted by:Vanita - 02 Nov, 2015
7: Government should control this real estate Mafia.Especially without any basic they are rising price with some stupid and non practiacal ideas.I think the real culprit is intermediater between buyer and seller
Posted by:biju - 05 Jul, 2015
8: The write up appears more like an advertisement from the builders / Developers. No facts
Posted by:Rao - 05 May, 2015
9: I agree with brijesh, worst article nothing clear.
Posted by:Parthi - 02 Jan, 2015
10: This is the dumbest article I have ever read. Where is the content? You are only assuming things...

Here is what I see in Bangalore market:
- The growth of the property market in bangalore in last to years is less than FD rates. (< 10%)
- Bangalore growth is hampered by bad infrastructure, traffic keos, and political unstability in last 5 years. The government(both bjp and congress) are clueless about the corruption. PWD departmant has spent 1800Crore rupees building pot-wholes.
- The average home prices have already gone out of middle class offordability. Meaning, the prices will not rise unless, there are resales.
- Bangalore growth has slowed down.(7 % increase last year)
- There is construction all over bangalore, with really small demand. The rates didn't dip because real-estate guys are rich enough to hold the rates creating artificial lack of supply. But this can't be forever. May be 2-3 years.

I have purchased a house in 2013 Jan from Prestige(Big name hunh). Bangalore traffic forced me to leave Bangalore. In last 2 years, increase in rates = (4%) that is less than FD rates. Considering construction in bangalore, it won't be easy to sell the house. And the cost and energy of liquidating a house will actually make losses.

The Glory days of real-estate investment are gone. Apart from Mumbai, all other indian cities are seeing slow-down or depression.
Advice: Don't buy property in bangalore unless you buy at real value and not inflated one. Right now, the prices are inflated.
1000sq should not cost more than 50l. If you don't get one, stay away from market.
Posted by:brijesh - 09 Dec, 2014
11: Unaffordable prices, too greedy real estate mafia(credai) are going to doom the industry by march 2015. Many defaulters of housing loans due to slump in world economy. The prices in india are more than California. Chaina is realing under slowing economy, next is india to follow. 1995 situation is going to repeat as the inventories are piling up for major real estate companies. No takers of these inventory for past one year. The black money they invested has already became half and has to face bankers pressure for paying the loan amount and interest. Wise people are those staying away from this situation.
Posted by:reddy - 08 Dec, 2014

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