Bangalore Fresh Trend in Home Decor with Digital Tiles

Bangalore Fresh Trend in Home Decor with Digital Tiles

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, April 28, 2014
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Bangalore : It doesn't take much to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home. Beautifully done up interiors are no longer restricted to the living room; they pretty much extend to the entire house. Spaces reflect lifestyle and home decor plays a vital role in accentuating the appeal of any space - residential or commercial. Tiles have always been used as the highlight for specific parts of the house. Lately, tiles have been playing an increasingly important role in defining the look of homes and have a diverse use when it comes to home decor. They are staging a comeback in new avatar. Tiles are now used in unconventional places like living rooms, bedrooms, and also in restaurants,offices, as opposed to its regular use in the washroom or kitchen. Trends in home interior designing have been constantly evolving and people are open to reinventing old trends. Even tiles are evolving and the choice of tiles is as wide as the ends for which it is being used. One such trend is digitally printed tiles. With unlimited design possibilities, sharper finishes and high resolution printing, digital tiles are now becoming ceramic art for the walls. Digital ceramic tiles have set a new-fangled trend in the world of wall decor. Created based on principles and procedures similar to those used in graphic art work, digitally printed tiles offer photo-like high resolution impressions on ceramic tiles. The Trend : Digital tiles now come with greater definition, richer colours and almost inimitable designs. Today's consumer is more experimental and industry players are cashing in on that trend. Bright, vibrant and cheerful designs on digitally-printed tiles are now being used in living rooms, bedrooms and conference spaces as wall focal pieces, moving away from being used in the regular kitchen and bathroom area. Using digital designing software like Photoshop or Illustrator or similar software, images are digitally rendered and prepared and then are transferred under pressure and heat or high temperature kilns to input those digital images on the surface of the tiles. This gives way to the tiles that decorate the walls. Faces of persons, kids and photographs can be used for the tiles, and this is done with the transfer technology. The basic USP of the tiles are that they have high definition (HD) quality. Due to the three dimensional sides, it makes the picture or texture comes alive. Texture and Longevity : Mostly, the digital tiles are in naturally finished marble and also in wood. Some designs for tiles are metallic textures and pattern with gold, silver bronze, copper or steel. These are fundamentally for the luxury rooms specifically having an opulent look. These tiles are very affordable and long lasting and also anti-bacterial and odour free which provide better hygiene conditions. They do not get dirty easily as they can resist dirt and can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. The digital printed tiles can make a room look bigger and artistic. These tiles give an option to play around with different colours and designs, thus, combining strength along with style. Further, the high resolution printing of images gives any space a three dimensional look. In addition, these tiles are also stain proof, scratch resistant and easy to maintain. They can help to create a style statement with an alluring aesthetic appeal and an artifact depicting sophistication. Setting Them Up : The preferable rooms for using digitally printed tiles are living area, portico, patio, bedroom, drawing room and even in bathroom. They can even be placed on the walls which are plain. In a kid's room, these tiles can do wonders with the imprinted favorite cartoons of kids. Even the flooring of the kitchen and bathroom with matching accessories will bring a style quotient to a home. Due to its glossy texture, digitally printed tiles make the house looks unique and personal. The use of high definition printing on curves and edges capturing detailing on every molecule of the tile surface creates a virtually seamless digital canvas in almost any size or shape. The tiles can be customized according to user's choice. Few buyers want their faces on tiles or the impressions of their hand or feet. This can be done through transfer printing technology. Types of Digital Tiles To give the home interiors a realistic look and feel, digital wall tiles with sparkling textures and effects are the best pick. Tiles with natural finish of marble and wood are most preferred. Marble design tiles have a super glossy finish that gives a marble like feel to the surface. These marble finish digital tiles are very affordable and long lasting. For high-end luxury homes, tiles with metallic textures and patterns embossed in gold, silver, bronze, copper or steel are popular to add to the glam quotient. Digital tiles with metallic patterns and textures printed in silver, bronze, copper and gold are best suited for a glazy appearance while wooden and stone finished ceramic tiles are also quite sought after. The digital ceramic outdoor floor tiles are manufactured in recent times in a variety of complex shapes including square, uneven shapes, hexagon, circles, octagon, waves, rectangle, pentagon and many more. Another newer version of digitalization on ceramic tiles is nano-polishing, and this technology makes these wall tiles highly water and dust resistant; special nano particles are linked into a silicon matrix forming an invisible layer over the ceramic tiles. Digital wall tiles thereby are regarded amongst the best options for people who are pressed for time and have modern homes. Availability : Digital tiling is a fashionable and practical way to decorate many rooms of a house. It is great for walls and floors, digital tiles can add that individual and personal touch whilst at the same time providing a protective surface in a home. These creative digital tiles are not only becoming a major hit in the domestic market but in overseas market as well. In Bangalore, shops such as Orient Tiles near Muneshwar temple, Ambani Digital Wall Tiles at 60 Feet Rd, Dodda Nekkundi, Arihant Sales in Industrial Suburd, Ullas Theater Road, Yeshwanthpur, Favourite Tiles at Arekere Main Road, Kajaria Ceramics Limited at LalBagh Road near Urvashi Theatre are some of the good Digital tiles in bathroom can increase the style quotient options to buy digitally printed tiles to perk up a house.
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