• Top 10 Immigration Attorney Firms - 2023

    In an era marked by unprecedented human movement and cross-cultural encounters, the world finds itself at the intersection of migration and integration. Within this complex landscape, immigration attorneys emerge as the champions of justice, embodying a unique blend of expertise, empathy, and unyielding commitment. Their indispensable role transcends the realms of legal paperwork and courtroom proceedings as they assume the mantle of cultural translators, bridging the gap between diverse backgrounds and unfamiliar legal systems. With an eye toward innovation, immigration attorneys today harness technology's power to streamline their offerings and foster effective client communication. Gone are the days of drowning in paperwork and enduring cumbersome processes. Adopting cutting-edge tools, such as secure online platforms for document sharing and communication, and advanced case tracking systems, these forward-thinking attorneys empower themselves and their clients with remarkable efficiency and convenience. To spotlight critical developments in the industry, SiliconIndia illustrates how immigration attorney firms, through their services and solutions, are transforming the sector by providing strategic guidance to maximize the chances of a successful immigration process. This edition also features thought leadership articles from subject matter experts. Some of the exclusive insights are authored by Partho Banerjee, Director, Head of Application Security Architecture at Chubb (NYSE: CB), and Misha Ghosh, Senior Vice President, Financial Health Data and Analytics Leader at Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC). We hope the valuable insights from industry thought leaders and the cutting-edge offerings from the featured companies in this edition help you make informed decisions. Let us know your thoughts or write to us about how you are leveraging immigration law solutions and services.

Top 10 Immigration Attorney Firms - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Dubey Law Office, PLLC Prashant Dubey, Attorney at Law and Founder Dubey Law Office, PLLC offers industry-leading legal services and helps businesses and individuals adapt to the dynamic landscape of US immigration. The firm focuses on personalizing the litigations of individuals in accordance with their requirements. It delivers curated responses to its clients at every stage of their journeys.
BBI Law Group Bhanu B. Ilindra, Attorney-At-Law BBI Law Group prides itself in providing prompt, courteous, and professional service to its clients. The firm has developed a reputation that it is one of the most caring places to work with.
Dutta Law Firm Neena Dutta, Principal Dutta Law Firm is an immigration law firm that offers solutions and guidance to people, who wish to work and contribute to the economic development of the United States.
Gehi & Associates Naresh M. Gehi, Founder Gehi & Associates is a distinguished international law firm based in New York City with over 80 professionals across three locations in New York and one affiliate office in Mumbai. The firm has helped over 15,000 clients in various legal matters, including immigration, labor law, personal injury law, matrimony and family law, bankruptcy, insurance, and more.
Goel & Anderson Vic Goel, Managing Partner Goel & Anderson is an award-winning corporate immigration law firm, focused on the essential business role that immigrants can play in innovation, job growth, and economic progress.
Inderjit Ahluwalia Principal Immigration Attorney, Immigration Attorney The Ahluwalia Firm is a boutique law firm in Immigration and Nationality Law. The firm offers a wide range of immigration services to corporations, businesses, and families.
Law Office Of Afsha Rangwala The Ahluwalia Firm, Afsha Rangwala The Law Office of Afsha Rangwala primarily focuses on U.S. immigration law. The firm provides unique solutions to both corporate as well as individual clients regarding complex and routine immigration law matters.
Madan & Saigal Neal Madan, Founding Attorney, Suishta Saigal, Founding Attorney Madan & Saigal, LLC (M&S) is a U.S. law firm representing innovative and creative businesses, investors, and individuals in high-growth spaces. The firm specializes in business, investor, and skills-based immigration matters, consular and cross-border services (including U.S./India), transactional matters, and intellectual property law. M&S also provides alternate billing models and affordable legal services to start-ups.
Ovenue Ram Shanmugam, CEO Ovenue is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that helps asset owners and businesses value, tokenize and monetize their real-world assets through a no-code and customisable AI and Blockchain platform.
Shah & Kishore Devang Shah, Managing Partner Shah & Kishore was established in 1995 by partners that have known each other since middle school with the goal of forming a client centric firm utilizing the latest technology. The firm is staffed with professionals dedicated to ensuring that each of its clients achieves the American Dream.