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Top 5 Most Promising Agile Software Training Providers 2017
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Top 5 Most Promising Agile Software Training Providers 2017
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The past 25 to 30 years have greatly increased the success rates in software development, improved quality and speed to market, and boosted the motivation and productivity of IT teams. Adoption of agile methodology has revolutionalized information technology. Agile is an approach to projects that seek to provide an alternative methodology for the documentation-heavy, process-driven, and sequential approach of traditional methodologies. Agile approach focused on being incremental by breaking project work down into smaller, more manageable pieces, as well as being iterative by breaking the project timeline into repeated cycles. While it is an alternative to traditional methodologies, Agile is not a methodology itself but includes various methodologies that can be used to implement it.

Since Agile is not just about one methodology, training is extremely important. There is no single way to do Agile or predetermined set of processes. It is formally defined by little more than a statement of values and principles. The goal is to change the way people approach or think about projects which influences the way they actually manage projects. Agile is adaptable and evolves as people learn and find successes or failures. The shared practice of attempting to implement Agile provides the basis for training. Adopting Agile goes way beyond just learning some processes, ceremonies, and practices - it can be disruptive to the way an organization is managed and run.

Today, while the market is full of a lot of training institutes, finding the best amongst the lot can be very puzzling. Taking this into consideration, siliconindia identifies ‘Top 5 Most Promising Agile Software Training Providers – 2017’. A distinguished panel of the industry’s managers and industry analysts including siliconindia’s editorial board scrutinized this list of Agile Software Training Providers based on various industrial as well as business touch points.
Top 5 Most Promising Agile Software Training Providers - 2017
Top 5
Most Promising Agile Software Training Providers 2017
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