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Zohdi Rizvi
Zohdi Rizvi

Zohdi Rizvi

CEO at TalentsIn


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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I belong from a family of Scholars. My Father is a renowned International Speaker and an English Lecturer since last 35 years. My Grand-father was an eminent Religious Scholar. My mother has been teaching Urdu since last 20 years. My Brother is a Visiting Faculty in English Literature at MNNIT,Alld.
Role Model:
My Role model is Steve Jobs of Apple Inc. He has inspired me since the beginning of my career. Like him, I am also not very excellent at studies( though I was never a failure) but I love to paint my vision through imaginations, natural discoveries and love to creatively give birth to innovations!
Other Thoughts:
I believe God has gifted everyone with a unique talent. Our goal in life must not be limited to just fulfilling the daily duties of life, instead try our best to transform the world into a better place through our unique gifted Talents. Life is very short but one can make it long through great works
Job Profile:
I do not want myself to be portrayed as "Boss" instead I always aspired and continuously trying to create an atmosphere where Innovation can flourish. I look at infusing Innovation and Creativity into the processes and simplify the life of others. Product Development, Team Building, etc are my works
Prized Accomplishment(s):
The biggest accomplishment till date I've achieved is that I have not succumbed to the myth that you need to follow the manual of success written by others i.e. I believe if you can bring practicality in your thoughts and actions, you can beat the seasoned players too. Focus & Determination is key!
Career Profile:
Engineering Significant Value Proposition in all the stages of "an Idea to a Multi-Billion Empire". My core responsibilities are (but not limited to):

A) Co-Innovating Product and Platform through Research
B) Building 881984 Hiring Super Charged Souls
C) Increasing the prosperity in everyone's life
Advice For New Professionals:
Do not enter the workforce just for getting Salary, instead join the team only if it can help you to bring nearer to your life's objective.

If you want to be an Entrepreneur, dream big but execute your plans from today. Build assets (Education, Friends and Money) and hit on bull's eye on time!
The Decisions That Matter
I've not restricted myself to any double quotes.

Even before the world has come to realize the significance of an e-business, I've specialized in e-business through amanagement programme BBA. But at the same time, I have equipped myself with all Web-Technologies on my own and that was my best move
Working Life Management:
Life has many dependencies but at the center of it lies your objective. My objective of life is to lead a life that can offer benefits to penultimate generations.

Work hard, devise a strategy for your whole life and get attached to stakeholders of your life, accordingly! Be happy in your endeavors!
Required Reading:
You must read the life of few Entrepreneurs - Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dhirubhai Ambani etc

Apart from that you must read Guy Kawasaki's all books especially the book Enchantment.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
The work-life is constantly changing. Around 20 years back, the world was treating humans as Machine but today Organizations are quickly realizing that they're billions dollars empire only because of humans or Talents. Hence there is a lot of improvement in acknowledging the essence of Human factor
Plans For The Future:
I am aspiring to enter in many world. I am not fascinated in the world of business only rather I want to produce significant results in Political scene of my country too, through my honest and creative works so as to change the landscape of my country.
Growth Strategy:
Learning Skills , Building Innovation , Measuring Impact and Improving through suggestions and feedback.
Done Differently:
I would have not done MBA straight away. I've got poor ROI from the college where still the learning dates back to 10 years old syllabus. I could have started my career in 2009 itself, if I was aware that it is only my skills, learning and ambition that will help me to create an impact.
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