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Ask Viswanathan Ganesan Iyer for Advice
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Viswanathan Ganesan Iyer
Viswanathan Ganesan Iyer

Viswanathan Ganesan Iyer

Marketing Consultant and Agriculturalist

Optima Homes Private Limited


Viswanathan Ganesan Iyer is a member of:

My strongest skill
A communicator with transnational expertise in Marketing products and services especially in rural Tamilnadu, through the combination of established and maverick mediums that is well received, understood and availed by consumers.
Initiative to develop a country
By not replacing real quality life for IT enabled digital life.

The real development is attaining self sufficiency in fundamental needs. Without good water, food and shelters, there is no charm in scaling greater peaks in the global competition for Power or Super Power. Ergo, professionals must widen their business operation to suburbs and rural destinations instead of thronging Metros. This in turn would create fresh economies across the nation and the same would strengthen scope for improvement in a balanced manner without any prejudice for location.
My role model
My role model is my father. Good people are like Potatos. Because they are always underground, beneath the surface of earth. He relocated the entire family from Chennai to a village. He helped us with an opportunity to avail the best of both worlds. He taught us to be street smart instead of 'wall-street smart'. The rest was magic and today I am perhaps the most happy man.
More about myself
It is our right to create wealth. One need not be modest and say I wish to serve for the society. In fact one can better serve the society through a business that can be a combination of Commerce and Chemistry. Any body can feel free to reach me to discuss in this regard, especially for spreading the base of operation to rural Tamilnadu.
Important decision
Be orthodox when there is a scope. Turnout a Maverick when cornered.
Ensuring success
Never get confined to cabins, that you might call a work station. Step out to meet people and visit places to get the best tips for growth.
Brief description about me
A family man in the midst of huge list of relatives and friends. Love driving, especially through the remote villages.
My achievements
I never had a foe in life and will never have one for ever.
Degree that I recommend
Yes. The degree is possible. But the class rooms are streets.
Couple of years from now
I really do not see my future self as a professional. But as a person I would be a mentor for more people to find fresh avenues for growth in the rural India.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
1. The person must be a good follower to transform in to a successful leader.
(By the way, there was a spelling mistake in your question. It should have been 'become a successful leader' instead of 'became a successful leader')
My family background
My family belongs to a happy middle income group. My father was a teacher who is no more physically, but live in our hearts for ever.

My mother is a composed women who taught us simplicity and actively becoming an Octogenarian.

My brothers are married and settled.

My wife is a good manager of the family. My son is a Scientist and looking forward to take up research. My daughter is completing school education this year.
Influenced by
My son because of his ability to analyze and learn systematically.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
To be short and direct, The system is mark / grade centered. It should be skill based.
Important lesson learned
1.Do not byte anything more than you can chew.
2.Know the priority and act
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