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Vishnu Auti
Vishnu Auti

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HR Strategies in Place in your Company
Currently working for Kolte Patil Developers Ltd (KPDL) at Pune as GM HR. The KPDL is into Real Estate business and operating in Pune, Bangalore. We have planned to expand our wings of business in other cities in coming years. We have currently 600 direct employees at various level, and touching the figure almost 1000 in next two years. KPDL believe in new innovation in business. We are always thirsty to give best to our customer. We have implemented various HR initiatives in our organization, like employee engagement through various activities, clearly defined roles of employees, setting the KRAs and time to time evaluation up to managerial level. We are developing the HR business strategy linked with Business plan. Here, business success means, continuous growth, returns to owner, career opportunity to employees, best work place for employees to breath and open culture, believe in group decisions etc.

Today trends seen in HR
Now a days HR plays very important role at company strategy level. The HR becomes now the business partner in the organization. HR is the driving forces towards achieving the set results. The head of the business (Owner) cannot meet all the employees due to multi location, time, business constrains, so the HR is the shadow of CEO of the company.
Difficulties in Planning Human
The expectation of employees has increased as compared to last two decades. Everybody believe in the fast upward growth in position, profile, package, benefits and career. The days has gone the employee continue more than 8-10 years with one employer. The HR has big challenge to retain the fast tracker and right talent in the organization. Secondly, dealing with functional head, understanding their expectation and act up on accordingly.
Resource in an ever changing business
The expectation of employees has increased as compared to last two decades. Everybody believe in the fast upward growth in position, profile, package, benefits and career. The days has gone the employee continue more than 8-10 years with one employer. The HR has big challenge to retain the fast tracker and right talent in the organization. Secondly, dealing with functional head, understanding their expectation and act up on accordingly.
HR Relationship with the CEO
As I told earlier, that HR is shadow of CEO, and he has to act as per the expectation. The culture of the organization is depend up on the culture of CEO and HR. The HR is third eye of CEO in business process. According to me if there is good involvement of HR at strategy level, then the people output is good enough in the business. I believe the HR person should not be victim of others.
Biggest Pain Point
Aligning the business process across the organization is the challenge. The PMS system have its own merits and demerits, you need to see you how it works for your organization, whenever the deviation are entertained by CEOs, then HR becomes helpless to bring the uniformity, and right justice to the employees.
Motivating Employees with Rewards
Again it is related to organization culture. In our organization, we motivate employees by empowering them with additional responsibility in their job profile, performance reward by way of decent increment, holidays, and perks as per the criticality of position.
Attract good people, retain the better people and advance the best people
All this will depend up on the culture and maturity of the organization. If you have good system in place like, Recruitment, PMS, MDP Programme, Star leaders, Business ethics, and continuous growth.
Different Qualities looking while hiring people
Of course the academic and experience is very important for any position coming in the organization. We normally focus on the attitude and behaviors of the person, how many times he changed the job in past, what was the reason, what is the likelihood of person continuing in the organization. At senior and middle level, we focus on whether the person will gel with the existing team, how he will work in groups, what are his leadership qualities, can he benefited to our organization, if yes, what are the benefits, if not what will be damages in long run etc.
Some of the leadership development programs being held & results obtained
In every function we have leader like sales, finance, construction, HR, Legal, and Liasoning. They are the masters in their own domain. Our CMD is having a rich experience in Real Estate Market. He always in touch with the good IIM, ISB friends in formal informal meet. There is no structured leadership development programme in our organization. We always believe on job training concept, and win our own battle through past experience. We are quite happy with the progress we did in past five years in the organization.

Identifying Leaders promoting them to the next level
In our kind of business, we need the action on the same day, and do not keep decision pending. Our CMD and ED are very much committed to work in this kind of environment. We believe in encouraging and promoting the people within the organization. The peoples are welcome to take the responsibility, and it is not difficult to perform them. The employees are promoted to next level according to their capability, and years with the organization.

Engaging Gen Y - Leadership and Organization Culture
The Gen Y employees expect very structured way of working, transparency in decision, fair appraisal, why approach. The time, technology and process will define the organization culture you need to bring in the organization, let us watch and see how we can do best for the organization.
Recruiting & retaining the diverse and ambitious Generation Y. Are they really ambitious
We do recruitment through employee reference, through consultant, and job posting. Our approach here is that we recruit only the persons who can fit in our culture, and immediate contribution in the business. As far as retention is concerned, we are not allowing easily to let the employee go except few integrity issues. The retention % is good in our organization.
Attrition Management: Retaining vs. fresh hiring
As I said earlier, we always retain the good talent in the organization, and that is the specialty of our CMD & HR. We do fresh hiring for back up few positions where we have doubt in long run. Fresh hiring is done only at the entry level in all functions for future manpower requirement.

Promotional techniques work best & reason behind it
The promotion is given only for the capable employee who is really contributing the company work, and can become future leaders. You encourage the employee and give responsibility, according to me it works and give result in long run.
Workplaces are changing. Cultures are evolving. The average employee today is different from his/her counterpart from a decade ago too? What is lacking and what does he/she need to keep in mind in todays working scenario
Yes the work places are changing according to speed, technology, and comfort. The 9 to 5 concept are changing, employees are believing in contributing best in shortest possible time, employers are also giving freedom, whenever required in few cases the employees are working hard beyond the normal working hrs. As compared to a decade ago the employees are more stressful in their work for archiving the target, they are struggling to balance the professional and personal life. The continuity is required with present employer for better result and respect to organization. It has seen that the employees are more towards getting high salaries, but they lack in peace, health, social touch, good sleep, and last good time with family.
Advice/ suggestions to fellow HRs
Be in touch with the employees at all levels, find time to speak to them understand their problem, give solutions. HR is for employee and not employee for HR. Bring new initiative for employees, respect their ideas, and try to reduce the gap between seniors and juniors. Fair treatment to all. Very important, contribute for business, be always updated in happening in HR Domain, around the industry, city, nation etc.
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