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Ask Vineet Maheshwari for Advice
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Advice Request
Vineet Maheshwari
Vineet Maheshwari

Vineet Maheshwari

Company secretary and Bachelor of Commerce (Honors)

Vineet Maheshwari & Associates, Company Secretaries (Delhi)

Initiative to develop a country
Make entry of new blood into the system easy, motivate teens to take up challenges by pursuing a Professional course.
It might give them lots and lots of pain and they will have to sacrifice a good chunk of leisure activities for the same but try to make them understand that today's pain is Tomorrow's Gain.
Professionals who have already secured a reputable place in society should support young aspiring professionals and should work for mutual betterment and growth.
Degree that I recommend
Qualification does not guarantee education but still degrees are important.
Yes, I recommend the following courses and degrees for Career:
Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and a post Graduate Degree
Ensuring success
In my views for continuous growth and development one needs to keep himself/herself updated about the changes occurring in the environment, more specifically in the field in which he/she works. For instance, if I take my profession as an example wherein I am working as a Company Secretary and that too in Practice, the Companies Act 1956 has been revoked to an extent and now Companies Act 2013 is in place ( to the extent notified ), so its the need of the hour that if I want development and success in future I need to to keep myself update regarding changes taking place in various corporate laws.
Business Process Re-engineering is a must. I am searching for new innovative ideas for handling work and minting money out of them as well.
I am passionate about working in Education Sector but with all together different approach, beyond just theory. I am looking forward to open an Institute for Professional Studies on the same basis" beyond just theory" hence converting passion into career.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Passion for excellence, hunger for betterment and growth, ability to take decisions in unbiased manner, ability to communicate well and to bring and take people together.
My strongest skill
Communication and Presentation Skills along with ability to learn fast.
I can fit into a group of 10-100 and can also work on individual basis.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Our education system is more into theory and less into practical aspects and this should be balanced at the grass root level by providing space for practical workshops and learning by doing rather than by just grasping what some Mr.X/Y/Z did.
Moreover our school texts still till today sing for the achievements of foreigners for example Newton got to know about gravity or Galileo told the world about earth not being flat etc etc...not giving due credits to our own forefathers who invented these things much much earlier than these renowned people. This should be checked so that our young generation feels pride of being an Indian.
More about myself
Yes, just two things:
1. India will soon become the biggest exporter of "BEEF" which is a shame of infinite magnitude for each and every Indian like you and me because we worship Cow as mother and yet we are dealing in the flesh of our mother.
I shared this thing because I want Indians to drop the dual face culture, either you save your mother or stop regarding Cow as mother.
Couple of years from now
I see myself heading an Institute of Professional Studies having its branches all over in India wherein every student gets chance to learn both theory and practical aspects which is the need of the hour at reasonable fees.
Its a shame for us all that in spite of having around 700 universities not a single is in World's top 100.
Influenced by
This might sound a little wired but I have been influenced by both living and non living entities.
If I talk about living people, my Grandfather, father and mother have inspired me through their noble deeds. I have learnt from them to serve without asking anything in return because to serve others is our duty.
My father even after suffering heavy losses and that too from those he trusted and loved, still believes in good and God....where there is faith there is no fear..
Few non living things have also inspired me like a Dhoop batti, that burns and burns till it becomes ash but provides fragrance to the environment. I learnt to bring happiness in other person's life through the influence of this dhoopbatti.
Important lesson learned
1. When you are young focus on learning and not on earning, the more you learn and gain knowledge in your youth time the better it will pay back in future.
2. Do not pursue any course or any business/service for that matter just because some other person had opted for it and is minting money out of it today, think logically and practically and seek advice from those people who are of that same field and not from just any dic and herry.
3. Always have a plan B.
Brief description about me
People are good in briefing about others but I will TRY my best....
I hail from a small but beautiful and peaceful district of Uttar Pradesh Amroha, which is famous for great variety of mangoes. Born to a business family, I was fortunate to live a good life with all sorts of comforts at my doorstep. I did my schooling from the best school in our vicinity ST.Mary's Convent School, Gajraula and feel proud to be a convent educated person. In year 2006 I came to Delhi for my graduation and joined SGND Khalsa College of University of Delhi in Bachelor of Commerce Honors course,simultaneously got myself enrolled for Company Secretary Professional Course.In year 2009, I graduated in First class and cleared all final papers of Company Secretary Course as well.I have also cleared second stage of Chartered Accountant(CA)Professional Course and one of the two Final groups of Cost Accountant(CMA) Professional course and at present pursuing from IGNOU along with practicing as a CS in Delhi
Important decision
The most important decision which I took recently is to en-cash my passion, that is to mint money out of a business model based on my passion which is to work in Education sector, specifically in professional studies in commerce like CS/CA/CMA by opening an Institute for Professional Studies in Delhi soon namely " VidyaDhan Institute of Professional Studies, VIPs .
My achievements
I am proud of each and every achievement in my life whether it was big or small. I felt proud while taking oath as Vice Captain and then Head Boy of my school, I feel proud to have a joint family even today, I feel proud to be fortunate enough to get educated in the best possible way possible for me.
I am a Practicing Company Secretary at present and I feel proud to be a member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India.
My role model
I have already mentioned in one of the above questions...
My family background
I belong to a typical Hindu joint family and business is our main occupation. Our family business of Khandsari, Gur and Hardware & Plywood is taken care by my Grandfather, uncle and father.
We are open minded people and do not believe in chaining the women of our family,my aunt runs a Boutique successfully and mother is socially very active.
My Elders have always given importance to Education and as a result in-spite of having sound Business by God's Grace I am trying my best to get established in Delhi by pursuing professional studies and my younger brother is pursuing MBA from Symbiosis, Pune.
I feel proud to share that when at the age of 75 many people leave their lives on the mercy of their childeren, my Grandfather heads an old age home at my native place Amroha and is socially very active.
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