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Ask Vineet Chidri for Advice
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Advice Request
Vineet Chidri
Vineet Chidri

Vineet Chidri


Plans For The Future:
Looking at a GENERAL MANAGER position down the lane.
Degrees That Matter:
Guess Your smart way of adapting things and making your self feel responsible for a better operations is the major degree any person needs to have in hospitality industry
Contribution to the field
Working for HOTEL KARAN and i am the OPERATIONS MANAGER i guess the word Operations describes the designation and answer the question asked.
Career Profile:
There are no a major change or else no different in my job responsibilities yes but then in BPO was all about handling any customer on call and here it is personal presence in person and make then feel that they are talking to a right person
Role Model:
My role model would always be myself because i don't believe in what others do because everyone has their own ways and vision to achieve what they want to i don't look up at anyone to be my role model
Job Profile:
Well i play a role of Operations manager ...... well i would like to make it in a small statement in a small sentence just making my self available in any manner of department to make the work smoother because manager ios just not known for the designation to just take a seat and look at things.
Advice For New Professionals:
Have Guts to face any challenge and never look up at Timing nor set anytimimgs to close your work because a workaholic needs no time to end but a smart way to achieve the goal.
Working Life Management:
By never looking at time that makes me feel that i am exausted and need to go home ..
Other Thoughts:
Nothing as such just finding to be a cool place to meet up all the professionals hope no fraudster is allowed to be entering a decent circle of professionals and any other website.
Done Differently:
well i don't mind starting over again as EVERYDAY ID A BAND NEW DAY FOR US TO LEARN NEW THINGS
Changes In The Professional Environment:
I am not so sure but all my management says that the things have started coming in a better shape and things are in a more systematic way now as it needs to be and they love the way i design the system and moreover they say i am a major contributor in the organization to make anything to change
Family Background
Well it consists of five people as if now My Father is a business man , Mom is a lovely Home maker , My elder brother he is an Multimedia Animator , and my sister in law is presently working for one of the interior designer company located in Hyderabad and lastly about me i guess you know.
Growth Strategy:
Looking up and having a clear vision on my goal to achieve and gaining focus with the will power needed to achieve it
The Decisions That Matter
As its a very new field to me but getting a break as a manager is a great achievement all i am looking for a great scope of becoming a General Manager of some star catagory property
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