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Vashi Chandi
Vashi Chandi

Vashi Chandi

Excellence International

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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I have been born in Bangalore, India and blessed to be a part of a wonderful Family comprising of my Mother, my Father, my Sister and Three Brothers respectively

I am married and have a wonderful Daughter who celebrated her 19th birthday two weeks ago and my Wife whose brithday is within 10 days
Plans For The Future:
I perceive myself progessing towards a truer awakening of who I truly am as well as humbly discovering and gratitously acknowledging the grace of all forms of God's creations with appreciation

I peceive myself engaging in platforms that relate to self development characteristically with truth
Growth Strategy:
I seek to meditate on a daily basis at the same time in the morning as well as practice yoga.

I seek to read+engage in as many meaningful conversations while paying careful attention to intuitive conversations that at times unleash the tremendous wealth of Universal goodwil within my true nature
The Decisions That Matter
Taking the opportunity to blog on various intellectual platforms since this has provided me with coming face to phase with another personality that I never knew

At many a times while writing, I am overwhelmeed and profoundly grateful to God for the tremendous realization relating to various aspects
Changes In The Professional Environment:
The professional environment has become more engaged in the need for competing with one another - where each individual is seeking to keep themselves aware of the core competencies around but not realizing that every single step they took within themselves could very well enhance the scope of life
Role Model:
My inspiration is my Mother as well as Lord Krishna.

There is not a few moments that might pass that I do not reflect upon the immense gratitude experienced towards the grace of the priceless moments that have been conferred

Every aspect of life has been evolving precisely as we have beenbehaving
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I am humbly proud to be able to engage in writing numerous articles relating to various subjects about which I have absoutely no prior knowledge at all

Sometimes, I am left wondering since I start and keep going on without having to refer to anything - it is anythink - lots of anythinks that keepon
Other Thoughts:
Yes, I humbly wish to reach across to the Youth all across the World and appeal to them to please kindly engage in your activities with conscious awareness and respnsibility

While by all means enjoying the greatness of this wonderful life kindly do not let your time pass by solely relying uponchats
Done Differently:
I would seek to specifically make note of my objectives and ensure that each and every objective that I attended to was approached with from the mind of my heart and the heart of my mind

This way I would not be taking or making emotional decisions and sentimentally but rather adopting a more mature
Career Profile:
My responsibilities have been trust oriented right from the very beginning of my career. I never realized that the virtues of trust and truth could shine so splendidly

Life and others around us including our true nature trusts us to recognize and experience our true essence - to grow in gracewisdom
Working Life Management:
I seek to work when I work and attend to my priority tasks earlier in the day while allocating time for writing articles or engaging in any discussions that are apart from my responsibilities during the latter part of the day

This was I am able to devote my time towards the tasks that Iamentruested
Required Reading:
The Bhagvad Gita
Job Profile:
My role is relating to sourcing of promotional products and accessories from the Far East. Humbly proud to be contributing towards global trade developments meaningfully, purposefully and responsibly
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