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Ask Vallish Kaushik for Advice
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Vallish Kaushik
Vallish Kaushik

Vallish Kaushik

naturalist,environmentalist,founder Watchers India Trust

Eco Brain

Initiative to develop a country
need to attract youths from migrant. the power of development is in the hands of youths and they are the future . it should be like industry to manufacture potential youths . and youths need to focus on withstand on their own without depend on the system to help them.
there are plenty of opportunities in india and many can create opportunities on their own to make country proud , only thing is to have goal and mindset.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Class consistency and capacity , with dream, determination and desire to give up ego and having burning desire to achieve.going behind the success never give up until u achieve something. leader need all this quality with considering all class of people in the society , leader need to show unity in diversity with all community
,religion,and groups ,he should not divide the youths of the country for votes. He need to understand the policy, and take the administration knowledge with experienced officers.
Ensuring success
writing books , presentation , to visiting tribes to educate them about nature and environment. forming group in environment protection, planting trees for future.documenting each things which i come across.writing down the dreams books which will be benefit for the children , and youths to know the importance of the subject for the future
My achievements
successfully stopped ritual hunting sacrifice
successfully stopped many trees been axed in Bangalore
drastically brought down illegal wildlife trade , disguised myself as wildlife trader and counsel buyers from buying these articles.
I am proud to say madaris being rescued and bears are free from madaris which are used for bear dance.
stopped snake charmers being playing on streets
are few which remains in my memory
Important decision
being alone in my life enjoying loneliness . and serving wildlife
Couple of years from now
responsible person in Wildlife Board in India
Thoughts on Education system of our country
earlier teachers and master use to punish the students to improve the quality , we unfortunately teachers afraid themselves to punish our youths , media , politicians , system do not allow punish the children , it will be a great threat to the education , and to produce good students, indirectly india will produce bad politicians.
More about myself
India need good administration , not the politics in every field
sports and education should kept out of the politics , it should be governed by the president or Governor of the state , then only it can have future
Important lesson learned
life itself is a learning process till we die , every mistakes from us and with others is a lesson.
My strongest skill
teaching , inspiration to others to direct them towards the goal
My role model
Mr.Krishna , Acharya chanakya . like to learn strategy of war in life , to stand determined even when the drastic situation arise.
Degree that I recommend
practical field knowledge , with experience and keen interest is enough
i don't think certificates or degree help us .but of course law of nature is required which can be learned in the university of nature
My family background
I am bachelor , living with my parents , father mother,uncle,brother, sister and their siblings , my younger brother is married
Brief description about me
I am environment activist, wildlife conservationist, founder Watchers India Trust. my career in this field started when i was student. passioned about tigers and vanishing wildlife , considering the threat of life on this earth as a serious issue.volunteering few organisation gained experience to tackle man animal conflict , and successfully brought down ritual hunting sacrifice in urban area of Bangalore. I started new trust named Watchers INDIA Trust . with few dedicated and enthusiast friends in the field of conservation. our main objectives is to spread awareness on man animal conflicts , against poaching , and fire during fire season in the forest.competitions , slide shows,workshops , bird watching programs ,educating tribes and urban children about diminishing wildlife . many projects was implemented to habitat management , orientation programs to workers in the forest and so on . funds was generally raised among ourself without begging money from the govt. or individuals
Influenced by
Mr.Krishna (lord ) i like his tactics and strategy to get back in life
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