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Usha Alve
Usha Alve

Usha Alve

Sr Business System Analyst (Lead)



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Family Background
I was born in India, raised in National Defense Academy Khadakwasla Pune. My parents both worked in NDA and hence I had the opportunity to finish my school in KVK, NDA. I was raised with independent thoughts and had opportunities to practice them too.
Contribution to the field
I recently made a move from Cisco to another fast growing company VMware. VMware is all about virtualization which means making things more simplifier and continuously working towards it. I love clouds and my company is all about cloud :)
After few years
In couple of years from now I see myself managing more projects with different flavors to it - cloud computing, Legal projects for within the company and being that key player to bring that change which every user will embrace it with love. It's all about the end product and the end customer!
Role of BI
Business Intelligence group is and should be definitely is an important part of any organization. You have to continuously think about the constant changes and to keep up with your competitors, It brings the value about the technology, processes, skills, right applications so a rt decision is made.
Decision taken
Embrace the change and move along. I was constantly looking for what's new coming up? I wanted to be with the flow and not the residue left over with the flow. I upgraded myself constantly as and when I got an opportunity. If you're passionate then sky is the limit. You will find a way to get it.
Concept of BI
The BI is about taking all of the data in your organization and presenting it in a way that connects various facts to one another. You drill through those facts, constrained by their real-world relationships, so that you can make smarter decisions about how to manage your company. Ex. Amazon's EC2
Personal Information
Besides an analyst and PM- I am a blogger, a poet - have published a hindi poetry book 'khwabon ki zameen' a charity effort. I love music and attend concerts that takes place in the Bay area of CA whether its jazz, rock, metal you name it. Believe in equality and has a religion as Humanity.
Book and websites
Business Intelligence Strategy; A Practical Guide for Achieving BI Excellence
By John Boyer, Bill Frank, Brian Green, Tracy Harris, and Kay Van De Vanter is a good one.
There are many others...and also one can google it a get ample of information as well as there is always something new coming up.
Describe your struggle of achieving success
Basically in my vision there is no ladder. But yes, I love to learn and that learning experience has helped me in taking more responsibilities - thats how I see it. Keep learning and add the value, the results will be at the end customer's feedback which is the biggest reward than being on top.
Role Description
I am in a multiple roles as such a lead PM for different projects and business system analyst for major projects. Many key decisions depends on my analysis and planning. I help cross-functional teams with integration and implementation of the best practices to the current system and processes.
Recommending Specialization
Cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are ubiquitous.
Change is constant and be ready to adapt it and turn the ball around. There is every min a new technology coming up and if we keep with the pace - it will be helpful to be on par with company. Analytics is the key which speaks in numbers and shows the clear picture as what is happening.
Important Decisions
Leaving a comfortable job of HR mgr in Marico I migrated to Canada. Struggled with call center jobs but the passion for project mgt kept me looking for it...entered the financial world and moved along to US with the silicon valley Bay area companies - I embraced change all the way with Tech and pace
Measures to be taken
Understand the biz need and the market before even implementing a project. The needs and benefits of the implementation are sometimes driven by competition and the need to gain an advantage in the market. Analyzing it and bringing it to the Mgt so that rt decisions can be taken.
Different from others
U r able to observe performance, service availability, and expenses in real time, at that level. There's a separation happening at the various layers of the IT stack, and as a result, you need a different management approach and BI helps in all this. one can see the example of Amazon EC2!
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