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Ask Thirunavukkarasu Asaimuthu for Advice
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Advice Request
Thirunavukkarasu Asaimuthu
Thirunavukkarasu Asaimuthu

Thirunavukkarasu Asaimuthu

VIT University, Vellore-632014

Degree that I recommend
1.B.TECH. Metallurgical Engg. at IIT Madras.
2. MS Mechanical Behaviour from Univ. of Missouri.(It is rigorous in mathematical approach and very focussed and coherent)
3. Materials Science and Ceramics at Univ. of Illinois. advanced in scientific content.
4. A Ph.d in Nanomaterials. (as in IIT Madras)
5. The Cambridge International Certificate for teachers 6. More options in Computing and other skills.
Ensuring success
I am inspired by my goals and more I progress I try hard. Evaluation from others in career and otherwise and also self evaluation are important. A lot of experts and academic, scientific leaders were and are part of my journey. Belief and confidence are part of my life. I am open to improve my knowledge and skills without artificial restrictions. I have been learning in various ways for a long time. Demonstrates integrity and a solid work ethic. I am a dynamic team player with solid communication, motivational, and interpersonal skills. Te learning process is a very strong factor in growth and development.
More about myself
I am a strong learner and believe in continuing the same way. My career is an important aspect of learning and I always belive in going to the next level with confidence and hard work. My activities in Nanotechnology have given me opportunity as well as challenge to look for the next horizon. My efforts in India and USA with inevitable roles of individuals and institutions in both places was a big influence and support in this lifelong process. The support of my spouse and some relatives were vital in the recent past. The few years in VIT University have helped me consolidate and exert my entire learning. My buddhist practice and global support of Sokka Gakkai has given me a soulful life.
My role model
The scientific pursuit and especially the scientific pursuit are a strong influence in my life. The life of Albert Einstein was a big part of my emotional and belief process.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The indian system has a large number of students especially in the technical education system. A large number of undergraduates and also some number of post graduates are emerging. In an institution like VIT which is a premier institute there are a large number of students. There is the prospect of tie-up with foreign universities with the governments in the country and abroad encouraging it. Probably the system is becoming stronger-even beyond the borders.
My family background
I am a middle-upper class denizen from chennai. My father is originally an enginneer in central government undertaking and my mother is a middle school teacher. I have two brothers-one younger and the other elder. My father comes from an agricultural family near arakkonam in vellore district, tamilnadu. My maternal grandfather was a superintendent in southern railway. With a good smattering of graduates in the parental generation- I was in a position to aim for a PhD degree in my education. With an entry into IIT and double master's abroad I was able to complete and engineering doctorate. My elder sibling is a marketing professional and my younger brother is a computing professional in USA. My spouse was a science undergraduate and now holds a master's in business. Slowly a number of people are trying to gravitate towards education beyond a bachelor's. My schooling in one of the best schools in chennai always shows up here and there. I belong to OBC social segment.
Brief description about me
I,Dr.Thirunavukkarasu Asaimuthu, am an academic and scientific professional in Nanomaterials and Materials Science. • I have over ten years of experience spanning research, presentation development/delivery, education and personnel training.
• A Ph.D. in Nano materials/Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, an M.S. in Materials Science Engineering, and an M.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Both MS degrees in Computer Modeling including Research.
• Recognized proficiencies in analyzing tasks and developing effective strategies to resolve issues and improve efficiency.
• Expertise in nanotechnology, software technologies
• Dale Carnegie Certification in “High Impact Teaching Skills”
•• Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers from Cambridge University.
• US Provisional Patent on Unified Process for Nano powders and Nano composites
I have strong abilities in both theoretical and applied aspects of Nanotechnology.
Important decision
With the National Talent Search Scholarship in senior school, I felt motivated to try for IIT education. I was offered admission to IIT as well as medicine and chose IIT partly for quality of higher education abroad and also the decision to put biology as a secondary importance. I had a strength for physics always and in IIT it was more about the future rather than any intensity in B.Tech itself. A few lab projects I was feeling that I had to do a master's in solid mechanics which led me to missouri, USA. My near perfect master's in missouri woke up my interest and made me enter Ilinois almost in an altruistic way. My master's in missouri was of the highest order both in theoretical as well as applied engineering terms. Social compulsions were weighing in on me even by the time I entered Illinois. Financial and personal issues were already dangerous and soon a disaster in personal life made sure I could not do it either in Illinois or even elsewhere in USA.So I got my PhD in IIT 2005
Influenced by
There was always a strong thread of aspiration and identity as in the tamil-dravidian culture emerging in politics. I fully believed education and science was both possible and fully neccessary. Starting from senior school going to USA and doing research seemed to be the biggest but probably practical possibility. A stream of reports in media about Indian academics and scientists in USA, its liberal appeal and in IIT my still relevant strengths in physics slowly made Einstein who was the century's scientist actually a seriously important part of my thinking. The later familiarity with his life history slowly made him more than just reading of history.
Initiative to develop a country
The IT industry has strategic as well as important for economy. But slowly the knowledge economy and innovation revolution are coming up chances of more people going to a higher level of academics and some even taking up entrepreneurial route are happening. Premier institutes such as VIT may see the possibility of their faculty also becoming stronger and better with patents for them. this is already becoming apparent.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Leadership is decidedly complex. But now it is possible that honest hardwork with belief and confidence in the future success can work. Simple basics like we should create genuine value in our endeavours , we should be effective in what we do are slowly becoming simple path to success and achievment. Producing concrete results rather than working into the system , building relationships with people and constantly adjusting our social and economic compass towards sustainable and long term results are a possible path to leadership.
Important lesson learned
Even if most people are just trying to spoil the show, one good honest well-wisher is enough to exorcise all the ghosts of a lifetime. Failure is not the measure of the opposition but actually a pointer to a bigger and worthy solution to problem(s). As every cloud has a silver lining the path to the future is open. Nature has its merits.
Couple of years from now
A possible entrepreneur of global relevance and importance with academic or other efforts to consolidate the prospects and unify various aspects of Nanoscience, Nanotechnology and Nanoengineering.
My strongest skill
I am a lifelong learner. I am a strong scientific researcher, a sound teacher and some amout of administrative success. My leadership credentials are strong and likely to get better.I have advanced strengths in core engineering as well as computing technology domains over the many years. I demonstrate integrity and a solid work ethic. I am a dynamic team player with solid communication, motivational, and interpersonal skills.
My achievements
I have been academically of the highest order both in India and the USA for a long time. I am a lifelong learner and have shown the ability to tune into the system(s). My performance and success are verifiable both across time and space true to quantum reality.
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