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Tanweerul Hoda
Tanweerul Hoda

Tanweerul Hoda

Analyst Human Resources



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Pain Points:
Attracting and Acquiring the right talent remains the biggest pain points of HR professionals across industry verticals and domain. Lack of employable talent makes the above more difficult. The volatile economic environment and increasing aspirations of youth have forced HR hawks to rethink, redraw their people strategy. HR folks who belonged to the school of thought where employees are just considered as physical robotic resources have either vanished away or have reincarnated themselves as modern age employee friendly facilitators.
HR Strategies In Place
'Outstanding People' is our core value and we live it in letter and spirit. We go the extra mile in all possible ways to give a 'wow' feeling to the employees. Benefits and tax friendly salary structure has helped us retain our key talent. We identify and protect our core employees so that they remain loyal to the company. Our employee value proposition has given us a sustainable competitive advantage. This can be clearly seen from the fact that more than 25% of the employees have stayed with us for more than 5+yrs.
Current HR Trends:
Emphasis on benefits which would now act a golden handcuff.

The mad rush in the world today wherein employee has little time left for family or general household chores. So providing work from home, telecommuting, flexi hours are active trends.
HR Challenges:
The biggest challenge is implementing and managing the change. Progressive and relatively new organizations with younger workforce can find it a bit easy to suggest, experiment, execute new ideas/policies and processes. However in labor intensive organizations where still we may find HR folks coming from old school of thought, or British Era [i jokingly refer to] do find it very difficult to manager/implement a change.
New opportunities, aspirations are changing everyday in this fast moving world. What may be fit today may not be fit tomorrow. To keep pace with the employee demand and strike a balance with the business requirements is the biggest challenge.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
People are given opportunities to lead juniors as mentors informally and those prove them are given entry level opportunities at junior people management roles. Coupled with leadership development program and regular managerial skills enhancement coaching young managers are armed with skills to climb the ladder and hence a successful and healthy leadership pipleline is generated.
Recommended Reading
I would not recommend specific journal or website as I am no regular to anyone.

Rather I would suggest to talk to as many employees you can. They are the best pulse of your organization. They can show you the right mirror about what is working and what is not. They are best information givers of what's going around in the larger marketplace.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
Attitude to learn, listen and grasp is on priority. It is followed by being a good team player with culture, gender and geographic sensitivity.
Improving Education system
Education is system overall has been good upto 10+2 level where in theories are better imbibed. However starting from graduation more focus should be given on practical application science.
Over the years we have not seen any new technologiical innovation coming from India. There has been a growing need of pushing people with right incentive and attractions is pursuing science and research. Serious research activities in India has seen a decline in last few dacades which has led India to be dependent on others for innovation and pay for technology transfers.
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
Have an attitude to listen and help.
Strict letters of policy and processes should not come in they way of employee satisfaction always
Sometimes we need to look the other way and a judicious mix of strict letter of policy and spirit of employee satisfaction be applied.
Helping to develop the country
More emphasis on in-house development of technology and encouraging and rewarding folks for technological break throughs.
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
Employees are the ambassodors to speak good of us, so employee referrals are the best way to attract. We promote heavily referrals and approx 30% of our joiners are referrals. This promotes camaderie, one-being and help retain talent too. Top performers are paid better on performance as we have build a pay for performance culture.
Recruiting new generation:
We do mostly lateral hiring using all methods at disposal. We provide relocation incentives and assistance to attract people from diverse geographies. Various employee benefits programs in the company help retain the talent.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
HR department is the eye and ear of CEO. HR serves as a connecting link between employees and CEO. For a CEO to take any people related decision he generally relies on inputs by HR.
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