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Suryakant Behera
Suryakant Behera

Suryakant Behera

Business Manager

Mindfire Solutions

Brief description about me
I am SuryakantBehera, working as Business Manager with Mindfire Solutions. I have nearly 6yrs of working experience which includes 2yrs of post BE experience. I have been with Mindfire Solutions since 2009.
My role at Mindfire Solutions is to look after the overall branding and promotion of the company through social media sites. I am also responsible for lead generation through these websites. I currently lead 3 people at Mindfire Solutions.

Challenges in job
Social media sites are growing rapidly. As a result people look out for these sites on the web to gather information about a particular company or brand. Hence, the person managing these accounts faces a lot of challenge to monitor all these sites. The world is moving social at the moment and this space would definitely grow over the years which I think would be suitable for my future. Also the fact that one get to know a lot of people hailing from different backgrounds is a bonus for me.

Job made easy
Monitoring and managing social sites is not an easy task. But, if someone is smart enough to understand what is required, the task gets simpler. One social site can be connected with many others which make life simpler. Also the use of social media management tools makes life much easier.

Upcoming Trends
The use of smartphones for accessing social media sites and the entry of big players like Google would definitely change the scenario in a couple of years.

My prospective towards India technical development
Though we have the potential to develop an efficient and robust product, we have no product till date that can rule the market. According to my view, I would say that this may be due to the outsourcing business model. We are so much relied and habituated to the outsourcing model that we never think of anything out of the box apart from doing our regular job of client’s work. This is due to the pressure on techies to complete a project under strict deadlines which makes them very exhausted by working day and night. This does not give them enough time to think and come up with an excellent idea. I understand that outsourcing market has a good share to Indian economy but, until and unless we come out of the model, our geniuses would not be able to concentrate on their capabilities.

My goal
In the next years to come I would like to see myself as a guru in social media. I would like to consult companies to build their social media efforts and increase their revenue.

Family background
My father was a central government employee and my mother a housewife. I have an elder sister and she is a lecturer in an engineering college. My wife is a working lady with a finance background.

Advice to professionals
Whenever you think of using social media for a business, think of the objective first and then decide your steps accordingly. Do not think of getting immediate response. Never ever try and irritate anyone on social media platforms by over promoting your brand.

Advice to students
Books will just help you pass your exams but the real life starts when you enter the practical field of life. So, my advice to students is, think of a way how you can implement theory in real life. It is then when you will get to know the real obstacles and the solutions.
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