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Suresh Sakthivel
Suresh Sakthivel

Suresh Sakthivel

Head HR

Shiksha Financial Services India Private Limited.


Suresh Sakthivel is a member of:

Professional Strengths:
Being an MSW graduate, I am thoroughly trained in understanding the human nature and responding to them with appropriate channel.In addition I have excellent interpersonal and Management skills. On top, I always treat every one as I wanted to be treated by them, in a way it influences the people around me and makes the job much easier.
Involvement in the Industry
I have been working with Kumaran for last 9 yrs and each year is a different learning curve for me. Few of the accolades as follows
1. Cost Optimization in Recruitment by adopting latest trends.

2. Retaining right talents and growing them to advance talent pool.

3. Implemented excellent employee engagement programmes.

4. Made a difference that HR is not a mere support function but it is also a part of business proportion.

5.Playing a vital role in creating awareness among the college students on the industry and academia gap thorough seminars and Professional forums.
Required Reading:
I do read the books those are read by industry veterans and those suggested by them but ultimately those will help to enhance the skills already within you but cultivating new skills is something you need to have passion and eagerness to learn. I am going through different people and situation on daily basis and most importantly observations on the things happening around me. It will help you to understand the reality vs theory.When you understand the reality you are nothing like anything.

Also like to name a book that helped to bring out the inheritance skills during my college days is "You Can Win" by Shiv Khera.
Role Model:
By referring my education background until UG, I don't know the Role Model Concept as such. Until then I was far away from the reality. When I happened to meet a neighbor,he had suggested me to go for MSW since he knows me from childhood and attitude. And then, I tried for admission but nothing worked out as I was little far away from the real education world. But fortunately, I got admission with one of prestigious colleges in Chennai, then on I decided to work hard and harder with passion and the ultimate result is what I am today. Though I didn't have any role model but there is lot of inspirational people around me, of course all of them are real time examples not from the books. Fortunately my passion and career became same. The journey of success still continues.....
Growth Strategy:
Learning to an extent is possible, irrespective of age and Profession whom I meet on a daily basis. My Strong observation on things that happen around me makes me to learn gradually that helps me to improve my professional skills. To become a leader, I am upgrading my skills as required to be a leader and Networking with HR fraternity and Professional Forums. On top of it, I am always in the real world and experience it.
Family Background
I am married. My wife is an MSW Graduate and was Social worker by profession. Currently in heading home front and taking care after Kids and Parents.I owe my continuous career success to her sacrifices to manage the house in well manner. We have two kids, Pragadeesh and new born baby boy.Prgadeesh is studying UKG.
Plans For The Future:
I have a dream to get on to the highest position in HR. By seeing the track and my family support, hopefully i will reach my destination. People used to say that being in with SME the possibilities are less, even I myself had the same doubt but nevertheless I won't stop trying to reach the destination. With help of friends and grace of God I will reach the destination which will take its own time.
The Journey So Far:
After post graduation,I was appeared for a couple of corporate interviews and one was with consulting company. By grace of God,I got the offer with leading consulting firm and went for job but most fortunately I got the Offer on the same day with Kumaran as a Junior Executive-HR.When I updated the Reporting Manager about my offer,he was happy enough and gave me one day salary without second thought and blessed for bright future. I still remember those words he uttered to me,"Let our salary be the first one in your HR career". Think about the person,no words. After reporting Kumaran I was started with Employee Engagement with complete freedom to learn and grow.From there on, year on year I have grown with excellent track record and now I become Manager-HR with reasonable team size. I had attended excellent training programme to shape my career.Also the Canadian trip all together transformed me in an unbelievable manner.I will never forget each momentum in my professional journey
Other Thoughts:
Life is full of challenges. No one stops trying after attempting anything. If you have a passion on it, don't give up.At the same time you must equip yourself with required and relevant skills. Most importantly, whatever the level you reach never forget to treat other human beings as you wanted to be treated by them and remembering the past. Finally change your attitude towards the problem and approach to it.With this, we can reach to better position in our professional and Personal Life.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Since the business is changing everyday, We are not doing the same what was offered during earlier days. It means that Change is constant. For eg- The growth of mobile application in last few years which was unpredictable. In fact, business seen as a value addition to extent it is possible and those understanding this will rule the market. So I would say it is much more dynamic compared to years ago and will be further more dynamic and competitive in future. So each should think out of the box and run the speed as it is required to run the show or otherwise will disappear in matter of time.
Job Profile:
Being in Kumaran for last 9 Yrs, I am handling end to end hr functions with excellent team support. Recently,I came across an article, which says that "Put The Right person With Right Boss" which is 100% true by seeing my roles and responsibilities I do at Kumaran.
Career Profile:
Being in Kumaran for all these years, I would say that my roles and responsibilities has elevated based on my experience and role that I have been given to do.
Working Life Management:
Everywhere, the work life balance is uphill task but grace of god in my case it is different.I got well supportive life partner who looks after everything at home front. With her support, I am managing my professional life in a well manner. Top of it, Nothing can replace anything when your passion and career is same.
Degrees That Matter:
I have studied MSW-HRM, which is unique in nature compare to other Programmes. I strongly recommend people to go for MSW-HR.
The Decisions That Matter
I have two instance to share-

1. I hail from a middle class family with limited exposure on education and setting career path. My parents was insisting to go for teaching profession, but my interest was to become a HR. I chose, the course and doing well now

2.7 years ago, i have got an opportunity with MNC company but I decided to continue with Kumaran due to some intuition that I will grow within Kumaran. Same is happening till now.I always feel pride on these two decisions irrespective of others claim.
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