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Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma

Sunil Sharma

MBA graduate

Pradanya enterprises


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As a marketing head,you must know your team in the perspective of their common goals towards the company and their own goal to their life, if you don't then try to know about it and get it in your handbook and honestly analysed them. after that you'll be capable to resolve their issues.don't ever try to resolve all issues at the one time.fetch your time from your busy schedule and face one on one. make them comfortable and try to build rappo with them. loosing hope is nothing but a cumulative behavior of our mind when we get the right advise and put that in mind,the hopeless feeling will be gone.try to understand their problems and give the best answer that fulfill their own goals as well as the company's goals . Do it and get the 100%.
as per my opinion marketing is the core stream of a business.all the functions of a business directly connected with the marketing department.
it leads the business,if product or service wouldn't be marketed correctly the results will be burst.because it gives your product's face in the market, and we all know that "jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai".
other functions having the certain goals to do their assignments,but marketing function having no certain and fixed goals because it changes everyday. let us take an example of production line ,they are having predefined assignments to make certain product,question arises who gave that assignment to the production line....... of course marketing dept.,they have surveyed the market,customers requirements,product market,status of previous product in the market they prepares a report according to the requirements and give it to production line.then they would work on that.
so we would say the marketing is different from other streams.
Growth Prospect in marketing
a marketing person having a wide area of showing their talent in the field of an example of a salesperson, if he/she is capable and adoptable to the market conditions,his/her growth rate would be higher than others.because other streams having the limited space to get achievement.
Future trend
As per my opinion nowadays marketing is all about to know the customers actual needs and make them feel better with your product and service.
customization is also a trend to get the better business and a new thing is EMOTIONAL MIX with CUSTOMER.
if you can patch up with customers emotional feelings,sentiments and make them feel warm and safe with your product.
i can guarantee you the every customer will be yours forever.
Future prospect
As an entrepreneur me and my team want to see our self as the leader in our field after few years.and definitely we will do that.
Importance of 4ps
4P's of marketing means Product,place,price and promotion.
for an organisation their are a lot of mean to these 4p's as the product should fulfill the customer needs and make them happy with your product.
as the place the product should be marketed,manufactured,supplied at the right place otherwise it would be meaningless.
as per price concern it should be budgetary for the customer and gives you a handsome profit.
as per promotion concern it should be best promoted in the market otherwise it will loose hope to get in the customers hand.
as per my opinion marketing a key function of any organisation.
marketing means to give best product in customers hand with taking best compliments from customers.
without marketing an organisation couldn't survive.
its a competitive and innovative age, everyday customers see new things in the markets,changes happens everyday.if you want to survive and want to be a leader ,you should be updated and well marketed.
Importance of STP
If you do not segmented your product,nobody can understand the products quality,features and neediness of product.because your competitors having the same products. they will acquire your customers.
so segmentation is very necessary.
making a target market before launching the product is a best practice.
if you don't know who are your customers you are not a marketing person.
and Positioning is also important because if you wouldn't know that where your product stand in the market how would you know the what customers need and what they want in your product and why your product is down the line of other always do the positioning practice.
Importance of On line marketing
This is the age of Information and technology.almost every person is covered with the Networks.internet is a big tool to serve the information about your product to the customers.this tool having the widest area of reaching to the customers.even the customer's hand is loaded with the device called mobile ,that connects him/her to the rest of the world.and this tool of marketing is less expensive.
so we can say that online marketing is important.
Recommended Courses and Certification
That totally depends on the people who are working in which field,for mastering in the field you can go for certain training,workshops or diplomas.
as we can take an example of SAP course ,from my opinion it helps marketing personals to get their right place in the organization.
Motivating Factor
To be true it is all about money and the Dreams that iam having.they always
motivating me to fight,learn and to live.
Brief yourself
Iam a self motivated,easily adopted to the climate person.i am good at to start anything initially and can make team to accomplish my task.
always open to talk on an not want to depend on anybody.
try to get the things by myself.
sometimes i can be restless, but sometimes when i need time.
Importance of sales
this is the key function in any business but only sales is not sufficient
it is always needed in organisation.but without making future strategies sales is meaningless.
a brand is the symbol of achievement and stand of an organisation.
if you marketed the product or service without branding ,you would always be in danger to loose your identity .
"What is in the Name" said by Shakespeare but it looks good in books but not in the market.if you dont promote your name(brand) you will have a less life.
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