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Sudhir Narayan Singh
Sudhir Narayan Singh

Sudhir Narayan Singh

Associate Professor & Head, Humanities & Management Science Department

Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology. Gorakhpur


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Most Challenges facing by students
Students from rural back ground who had there schoolings in vernacular are facing language problems when they are exposed to a non-native language for their higher studies. Somewhere they are also facing a generational mismatch so far as the recent advancements in technology is concerned. Social media and availability of thousands of television channels are playing a key role as major attention-span distractions. In the such a disturbing academic environment the biggest challenge for a student is to remain focussed towards their academic goals and strive untiringly for the same consistently with patience and perseverance. They are thrown in the whirlpool of innumerable on line information, data, resources and e-resources but the authenticity of the data provided is yet to be verified and that is why students of generation Z are over informed and at the same time they are missing concreteness and crispness of the information.
Most Rewarding Moment
At the outset of my teaching career, I worked for a few years as special educator teaching visually challenged students, which in turn, has been a great learning experience for me as a teacher. There, immediately, I started realising the power of speech as initially the same was only possible tool which I could use with the students with visual impairment. Initially, I also felt myself disabled as I was having no exposure to Braille Script and initially it was too tough to learn Braille and master the script even up to the level of my students to whom I was supposed to teach but unconsciously my power of speech was being conditioned while teaching them as I have to conduct English grammar classes without using Chalk and Board for the first time in my life. I also trained them in playing chess. The kind of job satisfaction I received was really invaluable and priceless for me.
My priorities
To be very specific my professional accomplishments have been my foremost concern and prime priority. In extreme cases I keep delaying or postponing the rest of the personal assignments till I get sufficient time for them.
My Advice
The pivotal objective of teaching-learning process is 'modification of human behaviour' and the role that a teacher has to play is to become a catalyst for positive change. But there is always a resistance to change. Sometimes we need to force change and the situation backfires like anything. Earlier teaching has been the most respectable profession but in the light emerging advancements and changing relationship of the teacher and the taught at my work place in particular and India in general where being transparent, fair and just is also a big challenge. Students are changing, teachers are changing, the whole process of teaching learning is in transitional phase one has to be well informed and updated in his area of specialization otherwise technology will through the teacher out of the classrooms. There are potential threats to the teachers who are following their exam duties with honesty and dignity. To combat with the threat of unfair means are also issues with potential threats.
About Me
Born in a small hamlet (Shivpur) of District Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, India, situated at the bank of holy river Ganges. Received graduation, post-graduation and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in English Literature from Department of English, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi; and B. Ed. (Special Education) in the area of Visual Impairment from M. P. Bhoj Open University, Bhopal. Started career by teaching English to visually challenged children at Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar Andha Uchchatar Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Varanasi and also enabled 'first visually challenged student to get admitted to Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social Sciences, B.H.U., Varanasi'. Prior to this B.H.U. has no provision of admitting visually challenged students to B.A. Courses. Presently working as Assistant Professor, Department of English and Communication Skills at The Technological Institute of Textile and Sciences, Bhiwani, Haryana. Dedicatedly rendered services at reputed institutes of Haryana, Punjab & U.P.
Family Background
Born in family of humble background which had a proud and rich past to boast. Family was Robbed and devastated by natural calamities like flood and drought during the 1990's. Mother Smt. Vijay Lakshmi Singh is housewife and father a landless farmer who lost his only possession to holy river Ganges. Needless to say that my parents nurtured me with the least possible resources that they had leftover with them. I had to spent most part of my childhood in the lap of maternal uncle Sh Shyam Kishore Rai. In the year 1992 came to Varanasi and joined Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi for higher education. Fortunate enough to get married to a lady of ethics Dr Padma Singh in the year 2004 who got her post graduation in Sanskrit Literature from University of Allahabad, and Vidya Varidhi (Doctor of Philosophy) in Sanskrit Literature from Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthanam, New Delhi. Had to leave home state in the hope of growing career and ultimately reached Bhiwani (Chhoti Kashi), Haryana.
Important Lesson
My deprived childhood and painful past always made me cry after seeing the pain of others. Even today if I see some scene full of agony in a play or cinema, I couldn't resist my rolling tears on my cheek. Many a times, as a man I have been humbled down by the hands of destiny and so can never be rude even to the person who are rude to me. My life turned me a God fearing man who is afraid of hurting any one emotionally or physically. There had been days when I had to wear the clothes left over by my friends, relatives and even by my classmates at Banaras Hindu University. I am still indebted to my friends and feel that in no way I can repay the help they extended to this poor person in his struggle. Mine had been a very painful life but full of experiences. At early part of my life I have been an atheist but my experiences made me realize that there is GOD. So in a nutshell it has been a journey from innocence to experience, from intellectual bankruptcy to spiritual realization.
My inspiring personality
On the eve of Teachers' Day it is really a thoughtful question but to be very honest I would love to confess that his excellency Professor Doctor A. P. J. Abdul Kalaam is my Role Model. It won't be an exaggeration to say that he inspires not only persons like me rather millions from this nation and even worldwide by his simplicity, sober behaviour, wonderful inspirational speeches and the sense of patriotism he has for the nation. His is a cosmopolitan approach. His books "India-2020" and "The Wings of Fire" can really ignite the imagination of a person and inspire by giving a non-extinguishable spark who are striving hard in their field to excel and set their lives as mile stones. Apart from him, as a language teacher I am inspired by the art of public speaking of Mr Barak Obama, the President of United States of America and Mr Narendra Modi the Chief Minister of Gujrat but as a role model the one and only Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalaam with universal appeal of personality as man & teacher.
Future of Indian Education System
In the coming years education will be more and more complex and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will be playing pivotal role in every professional walk of the life. Being a man of language and literature I also foresee that the very purpose of education will be job centred. Even today parents are over conscious about the placements of their wards and least conscious about the quality of education being imparted to them. Francis Bacon said "Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability". But in present scenario the last part of his statement i.e. studies serve for ability seems to be the most powerful purpose of education. As an academician, sometimes I feel suffocated in the emerging educational environment where the very focus of education has been shifted drastically and life has been subjected to materialistic pursuit. The futuristic indicators are signalling that only professional and technical education are going to grow & classical language study suffer.
Way to motivate Students
A teacher must stay connected to his subject and to his student and strive hard to do justice with both of them. He can manage his core subject skills upgradation by attending training and orientation programmes with regards to harnessing professional skills and at the same time do justice to students by his updated content and classroom delivery. For example, suppose I am teaching interview skills to my students so I must also have a wide exposure of facing interview questions and appearing in interviews. Thus, as a teacher of communication Skills I also attend a lot many interviews to provide them an exposure of real time interview experiences. Not only this, whenever I get a chance to attend a training organised by premier institutes of the nation like NITs, IITs, NITTTRs I readily offer my candidature as a trainee participant and go through the training programme dedicatedly to upgrade my own skills. Inspiring them about bright career opportunities is also my responsibility.
Outlook about increase students’ participation
Youths are the most powerful missiles in the intellectual arsenals of the nation to which they belong to. The only limitation with them is that if unguided they can be self destructive and self damaging too; and so having the inspired youth of the nation is the biggest leverage that any nation can have. There are programs like NSS and NCC and the need to make their implementations more sustainable and more effective. When it comes to value addition a teacher must inspire them to serve the motherland by discussing case studies from their own soil. They should be made aware and reminded time and again the responsibilities they are suppose to shoulder in whatsoever profession they are being trained. They must be made aware of the expectations of the nation entrusted in them. In no case they are promoted to flee to Europe and other rich continents for making money and again come back to the nation as old men and women as liabilities to be taken care of in old age homes.
Unique way of teaching
Gone are the days when classroom activities were restricted only to the eloquent oral deliberations and the use of chalk and talk methods. New teaching methods and techniques came into the fair play towards the dawn of the twenty first century where today’s teaching methods and norms are changing in comparison to ancient and medieval educational system. Every human sphere is being revolutionized with the advent and inclusion of 'ICT' Information and Communication Technology in the twenty first century. Everywhere ICT is revolutionizing the existing patterns day by day. Even educational horizon is not untouched with its widespread applications. The successful use of LCD's, OHP's, Projectors, highly influential communication tools, advanced devices and improvised language labs, digital dictionaries are reshaping the teaching-learning environment. Industrial exposure and real life problem solving situations can make teaching-learning process more effective & intensely practical.
Favorite Non-Academic books
Some of the books like Personal Excellence Through Bhagwad Gita by Swamy Sukhbodhananda, Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghose, The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, The Wings of Fire by A. P.J. Abdul Kalaam, The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga, Communist Manifesto by Friedrich Engles & Karl Marx and also love to read articles related to dalit literature, personality development, women empowerment and promoting egalitarianism. They have enabled me to critique the contemporary Indian society in particular and the global sociological concerns in general. For the enhancement of critical acumen a person should go through such articles and books where he can counter situations dealing with the real life problems and try to come up a bit wiser than he had been before getting across the same situation. Such issues which are confrontational to the day to day human life problems are really invaluable in nature and instil confidence in us to deal with the human conflicts.
Strongest Subject
At the very initial stage, as special educator, while teaching visually impaired students I have to conduct English grammar classes without using Chalk and Board for the first time in my life. Later on I joined a private engineering college started teaching Professional Communication to the students pursuing Bachelor of Technology, at M. Nagar UP., then for a few years I worked in Punjab and Haryana and availed opportunities of teaching students with different potential and varied needs. One may also call me a jack of all trades but at the same time one has to agree that I have exposure of establishing communication with the students of multiple needs and that has been my sole specialization and I feel the same has been the foundational requirement for the Communication Skills and Business Communication teacher where he is supposed to establish the pillars of Business Communications and skills which is all about understanding the costumers' varied needs and requirements.
Outlook about way to raise quality education
Focus shouldn't only be things that India wants to consider rather it should be things that India needs to focus to increase the quality of education imparted in classrooms as the part of the academic process. In present scenario when only one Indian institute can figure out among top five hundred universities of the world, the quality of academic,technological and professional input being offered is definitely going to be matter of great concern as it will restrict the nation's growth and limit the future prospects of all who are involved in teaching-learning process. In the era of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) where competitiveness is at its peak and everywhere it remains an acknowledged fact that only the fittest persons will survive and emerge out as the sustainable competitors. The quality education and training inputs are defining factors based on that one can survive in industry and ensure fruitful career. India must stop treating caste as qualification.
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