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Shobana Dr Nelasco
Shobana Dr Nelasco

Shobana Dr Nelasco

Professor in Economics and Management

Bharathidasan University, Trichy(on depn)


Shobana Dr Nelasco is a member of:

About Me
I am teaching for 25 years. I am an M.B.A and M.A. Economics with doctorate in Economics. I have submitted my D.Litt. I am at present a Post Doctoral fellow of ICSSR in Economics. I am guiding doctoral management scholars in University of Technology Mauritius and doctoral Economics scholars in Madurai Kamaraj University. I am in the final year of M.A. Christian Studies and has completed many diploma courses in Christianity. I have published more than 50 papers and has published eight books, conducted 33 workshops and training programs. I have completed two projects. I love teaching, Research and Learning.
Outlook about increase students’ participation
Only when the teachers are made to participate in nation building, they can motivate the students. Teachers need lot of entry level training by the government just like IAS IPS.
Students organisations should be promoted and they should be permitted to question the capabilities of teachers.
Students are suppressed mainly by teachers in the name of marks and evaluations.
There should be scope for their individual development with their uniqueness.
Campus interviews by MNCs and motivating the students towards slavery private careers should be discouraged.
The prevailing methods of teaching and Learning does not help the individual development of students from the scratch. It does not permit them to develop their uniqueness.
The addiction towards cellphone, chatting,drinks and destructive friendships etc
They have the general feeling only through terrorist activities nation can be developed. Elders have to facilitate a good atmosphere for their future.Democratize expression by youth
Strongest Subject
Economics. I like it.
My Advice
Indian UGC scale is very high salary(equivalent to civil service) for a poor country like India(India stands 136th in HDI ranking). Every teacher should realize this and should make good returns for the country out of the heavy investment made by the government/ institute on them. The nation is badly in need of assistance from teachers, who can motivate the students towards the development of our nation.
My inspiring personality
Jesus Christ is my role model. He was a genuine and dedicated teacher, who continued his teachings without expecting any returns and without bothering about social oppositions on his views. He taught how to love everybody and to be sincere. His teachings are adorned by more than one third of the world population ie 2.3 billion followers and His institution is the one and the only institution which is surviving for 2013 years.
He chose 12 uneducated, ordinary disciples and lived with them. He has never forced his ideas on them. They were with Jesus while he was preaching. After his crucifixion and resurrection, these disciples along with few new disciples changed the world. We need teachers like him.
Outlook about way to raise quality education
The press should start writing about the country and its real economic and social status in the globe and not about the stupidities. They should start writing about the views of experts and not on the views of pure politicians.
Every teachers should be appraised by parents of students and students
Every institution should be given for public discussion.
government institutes should be advertised. Knowledge about best institutes are not known to students.
There is no question of quality when engineering seats sold for 5 to 15 lakhs and medical seats sold for 50 lakhs. M.B.A seats for many lakhs. Such business institutes should be nationalized.
Law exempt even basic discipline for some specialized groups, which are unethical. Basic rules should be applied for everybody equally.
Indian Legal system is corrupt and all academic business people escape from Law.
Vice Chancellors should be civil servants.
The post of professors, vice chancellors, registrars are sold on bargain
Future of Indian Education System
Bright Future for the genuine Challenging Intellectuals. Closure of incompetent money making educational institutes. Bright Future for government educational institutes.
Favorite Non-Academic books
So many. Each one has contributed to my grwoth
Most Rewarding Moment
The students feedbacks that I have filed throughout my service.

It was also a socially rewarding experience, when I was chosen for the 'best teacher in Economics Award' by Malcolm and Adiseshiah and for the 'Young Economist Award' by Association of Economist of Tamilnadu--the two top most award for Economics in Tamilnadu.
Family Background
My husband(a doctorate in management) and two daughters(university students) are the motivating forces behind me to write, speak and live for the students and society.
Important Lesson
I attended a course on ,' Effective Classroom Communication' in Cochin conducted by Dr. Jeyakar Chellaraj in 1990. I learned to communicate effectively. And after attending the course, I have never scolded any of my students. But successfully achieved, whatever I wanted from my students till date.
Most Challenges facing by students
Justification of negative forces like immoral culture, corruption, addiction to alcoholics, addiction to cell phone and electronic gadgets, negative attitude towards politics, supporting incapable teachers who does not teach etc.
Way to motivate Students
Energetic and interesting lectures, Life Oriented Lectures, career Oriented Lectures and by Remaining as an unassuming approachable professor.
Unique way of teaching
Like B.Ed for school teachers,College Teachers should have some basic teacher training courses.
Effective Performance appraisal system
No permanency in teaching. Teachers who are not updated should be thrown out.
My priorities
Policy of 'Work while u work, Play while u play'
Family in its time, work in its time, society in its time, church in its time, self in its time - gets priority.
All are God-Given mission on earth.
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